Da' Bear



Never quite realised before, how much MATH are involved in a D**T PLAN – Da’BEAR on reaching his 2nd TARGET was already calculating his 3rd – ( 1 STONE being the 1st TARGET and 1 1/2 STONE being the 2nd TARGET ) – TARGET 3 is just 2 pounds away at 23.3333333 pounds recurring which is 1/3 OF MY TOTAL TARGET FIGURE – After that, there will be TARGET 4 on the horizon – which is 5 pounds further on when REACHING 2 STONE loss and Da’BEAR moves into the SEVENTEEN’S! Phew! That must have burned a few extra calories off!

RESETTING TARGETSThere’s absolutely nothing wrong with setting TARGETS. It’s a bit like eating pepper!

WoW! It’s great when you reach a TARGET and it should drive you on to the NEXT TARGET !!! … EVERYONE’s AGREED…

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Connect the Dots .. .

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Christmas in Paradise



Hellmann’s ketchup really is the best available & the innovative release valve is something to be admired.

KuDu has ARRiVed back In BReXIt-Uk BritAin aND hAs A nEW stUdIo – BasED sOMeWHERe IN tHe MidLandS – & IT sEEmS hE hAS a LOt of CAtcH-uP TuDu .. . WHIch wILL sERve bettER THan a lOtta DUdu WHIch IS what mOST poliTICianS ConstANTLy seRVE US PooR COn-stIT-u-ANTs.. . I meTTa poLItiCally aCTIvAted aNT cALLed oBLA dEe bACk iN boTsWanA aNd he WAzzA m0thEr !!! .. . bEcause aNTS ShaRE RESPOnSIBility f0r tHEIR younG wIThin tHEIr cOMMUNIty .. . sPEAKIng of TERmiTE NestS .. . WHy iS thE wEst reCEnTlY So uNMotIvaTed to help thAT pOOr SELf cONFessed mUSLim maN #RaifBadaw (#JeSuisRaif ) ?? – a VIctIM oF tHe sAUdI regimE ?? f0r staTinG onLy WhAt iS jUSt faIr & rEAsOnaBlE !! .. . we WAZ quiCK enoUGH to MarCh InTo pREvIouSly sAUdi-fINAnced IraQ ( t0 tHe TUne of $25 bi££ion ) aT thE bEheST oF a sAUdI gOVernMenT, AfTer iRAq’S iNvaSion Of KuWaiT .. . wHo sAyS thAt oIL DoEsn’t deCIde whO liVes Or Dies? 0R wHo OwnS fOOtbALL tEams ? .. . mAyBE pEtEr 0’ToolE’S T.E.LawrENce of AraBiA cHaraCTer Was cOrreCT ?

  • ‘Sherif Ali, so long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are.’

pearl jam 10

GooD tO reMemBer ThAT g00D tHIngS hAppeNed In 1991 aLs0 .. . in-CludIng oNE oF #RoLLinGBones ToP 100 AlbUms Of thE 20Th ceNtuRy .. . KuDu jUsT haPPenEd t0 StiCk thiS oN thE stacK in my Pad ‘tOthER daY aNd liSteN AgaIn tO thE dUlcIt ToneS oF EddIE vEddEr & c0’s BeaUtiFuL aLBum – TEN – WhEn He waSn’t ITerESTed iN sIngINg ‘SiLLy LovE sONGs’ & BeC0MinG a CELebRiTy sIngEr!

.. .

#Raif Badawi wAS bOrn in 1984 – a WritER, dIdssIdeNt & acTiviSt wH0 cReatED thE weBSitE Free Saudi Liberals.

Raif Badawi

Badawi was arrested in 2012 on a charge of “insulting Islam through electronic channels” and brought to court on several charges, including apostasy. In 2013 he was convicted on several charges and sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes. In 2014 his sentence was increased to 10 years in prison, 1000 lashes, and a fine. (lifted from Wikipedia)

.. .

wEAseLs rIppeD mY flesH was THe


sTUdiO AlbUm reLeaseD by tHe amERIcan RocK bAnd: MothERS of InvenTion

KuDu wAS dEliGHTed to LearN thAt The T.U.C. ( reMEmbER tHem? ) Are n0w JoiNIng thE deBAte oN A.I. aNd urGINg thE goVernMEnt tO eNSurE TecHN0loGcaL innOVatiON bRingS gREAter bENefIts FoR thE WOrkINg mAN & thE retIRed :

Frances O’Grady, the TUC general secretary, said: “Robots and AI could let us produce more for less, boosting national prosperity. But we need a debate about who benefits from this wealth, and how workers get a fair share.”

AlWAyS GreAT to KnoW thAt tHe UnioNs aRe sTIll alivE & kIckiNG .. .

( tHeRe MaY sTIll bE a PUrpLE aGE foR thEm t0 c0mE )

– THaT BEforE thE aGe oF BIg Br0TheR finALLy kICkS iN!!

.. .

GUd NEws!! .. . KuDu 1s BaCK!

& KuDu lOves aLL sMaLL, wo0dLand animalS & pUNK-CheW-AziAn

# No aNimAls WeRe HarmED in thE pRodUctI0N oF thIs fUn BloG .. .

what is a bailey? .. . memories without punctuation .. .


 introducing bailey

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proud of this one Jessica .. .



> <<

The uncomfortable truth

like a swollen river flooding

carries purpose with waste

and a tune you may only whistle

<<< >>>

No one can hold a soft, black moth

or a paper fly in a calloused hand

without damage or bruising conscience

it’s a deceit you are forced to learn


That face I love has grown older now

innocence creased, wan and leathered

it still holds the memory that burns

worth more now the envelopes open


Things go with you to the grave

not just secrets, lies or murder

words unspoken, silent confessions,

quiet prayers queuing for an answer

<> ><>

In that velvet, purple journal

love’s treasured moments rest

they glisten in their infancy

colours of a pheasants chest

<>< <><

Lives lived with faces to the wall

harsh choices made in haste

loyalty a dark knight, 

filiality a burnished, beaten sword

<<> <>>


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ReGgAE, RoMEo AnD RECoLLeCTIonS of A SKa BoY … Etc. Etc. Etc.

ThE SkA LibRArY – buT wAs IT sKA, RoCksTEadY oR rEGGAE, REggAe, ReggAe ?…

My SkINHeaD BrOguES – CoSt me 3 WeEkS wAGes +++

The BEn SHERrmAN sHOp wAs oPPOsiTE nAtiONal GAllERY

USed To BE iN thE BEN SHERMAN sHop > 10 dOOrS AwaY FrOM WheRE I wORKED in ThE ChaRInG + RoAd

In MY m0D sUIt aT aGe 18 : 1969



i GOt HoLD oF aN eARLy BoB MaRLEy rECOrd wHEN hE wAS oNLY 21!

boUghT iT iN aN aMazINg ReGGaE sHOp nEXt tO bALHam StaTIon

– 7/8 yEArs BefORe hIS fAMe StaRTeD 

“He WHo kNowS it – FEelS iT! ….



SkiNheAD sTreEt CruISerS


Watched BBC FOURS Reggae Special tonight …

and realized again, how good is that SKA beat sound ?…

Reminded me of the old daze

Me, the BOSS and me old mate Scottie …

we toured Croydon in my white convertible Ford Consul

with the Wine Red leather upholstery

picking up the skirt at the old haunts

dressed in my made-to-measure and £70 hand made brogues … This in 1970 ! …

… Or dressed in my Levis, braces, Docs and original Ben Shermans.



the PINEAPPLE at Old Kent Road, the amazing TELEGRAPH at Brixton,

tHe TElEGraPH Inn At BRixTOn

WhoSe iNTerioR wAS mODEllED oN the INsidE of A tRAnSisTOr RAdio – wIth VaLVes As TabLeS aNd oTher COmpONenTS aS chAIRS, thE bAr, dAnCEfLoor ANd oTheR  tHinGsS – All Set On DiffERent LeVEls – WonDerfUL pLAce !!!

There wasThe SHIP at Croydon where I got my nose broken,

Streatham LOCARNO where I took my first real girl friend

and the PURLEY ORCHID which was a bit dated really but had

some very different ladies …



… Shame they couldnt find some of the real

skinhead classics on the Reggae Special ~


Phillis Dyllon, Toots and the Maytals ~ WATER MELON

– my own personal favourite.

Used to play my 7″ Reggae vinyls till they had holes in, 

on a portable slot record player I bought in London  

near Tottenham Court Road … I never ever saw another

one before or since … Used to visit all the reggae record

shops and listen to the soundz in the booths …

…  One next to CROYDON Station and a brilliant

Reggae shop near BALHAM Station which had nothing

but black customers but was owned by an old white guy

… So many great reggae

songs and so many girls in their

cute mohair suits and their cool cropped hair

with the pull over fringe …

… Themz were the dayze ….

I forgive you Theresa Green, I knew that wasn’t really your name

and Stephanie who slapped my face by the main bar at the Suite …

… I wasn’t three-timing you honest, I think it might have been 4! … 

READ >>> Suedehead_(subculture)

PicTurES oF ‘THE ‘b0SS’ anD ‘sCottIe’ iN oUR bACkYarD … mY mAte Ian PeACoCK … Still TryiNg tO fInd thAt lITTle DiaMonD … I trEAteD hiM BaDLy 

“TriButE tO OtIS”

– OriGinAllY PostED on his 70Th BIrtHDAy!

I’ve been loving you, too long … caint stop now…

AnD wE hAVE bEEn mIssInG yOu OTIS …

SUffIcE IT tO saY . . .


~ OTIS REDDING was born 09.09.41

– he DIed 12.12.67

– He was jUSt 26 YeaRS olD

King Of SouL

ToDay OtIs wOUld HAve beeN 73 Years Old


OtiS REddINg Had The MOst nATuRAl AnD DisTIncTIveLy RounDed COnTemPorARy SOul VoiCe Of  THe 20TH CentURy

– SomETHinG liKE waRm MolLASes, DriZzled OVer FinEST BouRBon On THe ROckS !!!!

It Was A trAgedY tO mE WhEn I heaRD oF hIS deATh At The AGe Of Only 26.

–  I waS onLy 16 yEarS oF aGe wHen The NewS broKE – OtIs ReDDinG haD dieD in A pLaNe CraSh

Since ThEn I hAVe CarrIEd A fLame For OTis ReddING In MY HearT as INdEEd dO mAnY mUsIc lOVErs of alL aGes


– GreAT loVe SONgs< gREat JaZz-SouL sOngS – His Voice CausES a ShiVer DoWN mY sPIne – It Is t0TALLy EleCtric – Mr SouL~FUL – TherE arE othEr GreaT sOuL VoiCEs bUt FoR mE aNd MillIonS of otHERs OtiS IS tHE tRuE KinG oF sOul



oN R=Dio Al ZeeBRa

FOR   K♚nG   0Tis

 ………  MorE thAN a LeGEnD!




The mOOn Izz nOT eNNuFF!



'HoWwww! zwEEpZ  Ize A GoNna TRy MooNWAlKIn ... '

My TRiP tO LuNar SuRFAce AlTHouGH eXPenSiVE Was WEry ReVeALinG

An ACcoUNt My LOYAlZ K=DU mAgAzine ReaDerZ oF an UnsCheDUleD tRip to A pLACe wE haVe ALL wONdERed wHat It IZz LIke  …  As A CHilD of The SIXteeZ we were All PRiVEleGEd to EnjOY thE spACe rAce ~ As In THOZe HALCYon DazE thE maIn PlayERs iN The OrIgInaL  StAR wARS CaSt WerE NoT PeEpZ LikE LukE aNd HaN sOlo bUt PEEpZ LIke Uri GaGaRRIn, Buzz ALDriN and StaR OVv The SHoW ~ NeiL ArMSTrOngz


 HerE IZz A rOLE~cALl  ZwEEpZ  OF  thE  Ten  HUMaNZ  PEepZ  WHO  hAVe  WalkED  on  thE  MoooN  ThaTZ INdA HIZtoRy Of THE WorLDD ZwEEpz

~CasT iN oRDer Of ApPeaRance

>>>> 1. NeiL aRmSTroNG : 2.BUzz ALdrIn : 3.PetE cONrAD :4. AlAN bEAN : 5.AlAN sHePArD : 6.EdgAr MitCHeLl : 7.DaVId SCoTt : 8.JiM IRwiN : 9.JoHN YouNg : 10.CHArLie DUkE 11.GenE CEmAn 12.HARRisOn ScHmiTt <<<<

      THE MooN is NOt EnOugh !

A RamBliNG tALe

The MooN cAN dO tHAT To YA’

They usEd To SEnD dOGs IntO sPAce … And Mice < RAts I sPOse’ As Well ~ WhaT We DIdNt reAliSE wAz TheYmuST hAve  eXPoRted A TapIR intO “OUteR” aS WeLL

– A vEry FinE tAPiR aS iT hAPPeNz

– Анастасия ~ a beAUtiFUl MalAyaN tAPir –

RecKOneD She Had BeeN on Moon For At LeaST 40 YeaRs – buT i FouND iT hARd To ImaGinE She WOUlD StILL HavE ANy REAl COncEPt oF eaRth TIme ZweePz ~ Her NamE is PRonOuncEd ,, . ahnahstahSEEya anD thAT iNTresYEd Me HugELy ZweePz Azz  Its WrittEN it l00Kz like iN KudU-SPEAK wRitE ?

~ RiGht?!!!

I waZ tHinKINg iT wOz MayBE A RussIan CodE NamE sOMeHoWWW

– Like OnnA-STar-SeeYa’ oR ANNa-StaR-sEE-Er

bUt thEn IZe RealIZed ITS ANASTAsIYa – WhiCH is LikE JusT A KooL &  A prETTy RUssIAn NamE

~ RiGHT?!!!

So I guESsed ThaT AnASTaSiYa wAS pUt in SpaCE bY thE  rUsKieS bAck WHen THEy WEre HOt INtO  aLL  tHat STuFF .. .

– PuttINg tHings In sPAce ThaT iS zwEEpz !?!

 AnnA, As i SOOn ShoRTenED hER nAMe To – hAD MaDe fRIenDs wIth A FEw FerrEll SUPer RATs That MusT of eSCapEd frOm A p0D anD thEn SorTA mETaMOrpHaSIzEd Up TherE on THe MOOOOn

– HopE I’m SpeLLin All That cOrreCTly LoyaL fOLloWer oF K=DU !?

( cOz SPeLLin NOt MY bESTesT SuBJeKt )

– Jah KnoWS How THEy g0t tHEre bUT thESe rATs HAd pRovED thEMselVES


– One Had WriTteN a NOvel eNTItLed ‘LorD oF thE RatS’ AnD His MorBId StoRY Had StarTED to BEcomE LikE a DejA-Vu .. . WhiCh Was WierD bEcaUse tWo Of thE raTs nAMes WEre RAlPH aNd PiggY (piGGy HAd losT his CoAt iN a Lab ExPerImeNT And WAs LikE PinKS ALL oVErr!) .. . i ThoUGht He sHouLD hUve BEEn cHarACtER in GRaHaM GrEEne nOVel oR SummAST .. . TwO mOre Of The RAtS Were NAmEd CorLEoNE aNd CagNEy AnD thE oTHERs .. . HunDredS Of Em .. . All WEnT inTO bANkiNG AnD cLeaREd Off WIth ALL tHE SupplIEs ThaT  tHe OthEr RATs HAd SAVEd uP ovER yEArs IN pENSion FUndS & INvESTmENTZZ For WHEN thEY weRE dUe tO rETirE .. . TheY wAz ReaL RATTs I reCkonED!

– CoRlEONe anD CagnEY bECamE KnoWN aS ‘CC’ AnD alTHouGH tHey WEre ExtOrtIOnerS, StiLL PeoPLe PrEfferEd thEmz WhENz TheYZ wEre ImpERiaL (GuARDs) But ActUAllY i THInk THAts WArHammmEr nOt STArWArS! ~  AnyHoo CagNEy WouLD jOkE sAYinG to CorLEoNe – ‘You DirtY Rat YouR thE raT wHo ShoT youR BroTHEr’ … AnAsTAsiYa WenT oFF wiTh thE  onE RAt Who TReaTed HEr LIke A rEAl TApiR AnD aanD nOt lIKe a HOokEr oR a WooKie AnD bEcaUse HIs NAme Waz Oleg Gazenko whIch Was aCtuAllY thE samE nAmE As The guY wHo TRainEd hEr fOr .. . LIFE in SpacE .. . AloNG wIth A StrAy mONgrEL BitCh CAllED – LaiKA – thAt GazENkO hAD founD  waNderINg The StrEEts oF MosKoW, BIT likE AnAstAsIYa WhO Had BEen WanDERinG AlL oVEr thE LunAR PlaTeaU.

LAiKa wHosE rUssIan NamE acTuaLLy mEAnS ‘BarKer’ was fRieD withIN hOUrs of TakE oFF on NovEMbEr 3 1957.

It TOOk The RuSkiEs 51 years But THey FinAllY erECted a StaTue iN mEmorY oF LaiKa (eng. bARKer) on ApRIl 11 2008 just outSIde THe fAcility WherE GazENkO trAINed tHEm. It Is A Dog SittINg ATop A rockEt .. . whICh SEEmZ bIT lIKe BLACkk HumOUr to mE zWEEpZ!  

TheRE dOes NOt SEEm To bE aNy REcoRd of a TapIr bEinG loST in SPace Bot OleG knEW An AWfULL Lot ABouT it ALL wHich WAs BIt SpOOky. He AlsO kEpT caLLinG AnASTasIya, ‘My DeaR’ wHicH i FounD trIFlE diSconCertINg. I mEAn She IZZ mOSt DefINitELy nOt A dEer AnD i ShoULd KnoW … aLthOUgh. GaZenKo’s LovE foR AnAsTaSiYA, I CoulD nOT Call InTo QuEstION!?! … No WAy OleG !!!

The ECoNOmy iS rEEliNG SO BAdz ThaT pEopLE LikE ObAMa NoW SayiNg – ‘We GIve All That SPACe ShITt Up For A bIT’ BecAUse ZwEEpZz – No WhATT ?Q? – We CAN’T aFFoRd ItT!! … NoW K=DU NoT sTuPid ZwEEpZ! He KnoW pEEps BeEn SayIng ThaT fOr YEarS WE SHoulD be CarIng FoR ouR plANet AnD PooR, STarVIng PEEpS on ThiS eaRTh ( anD cOUrsE THAtZ ALL TruE ZwEEpZ ) AnD We SHoULd nOt BE WAStINg MUniEs UP THEre On RocKetS IN SPacE – La lA LA … buT ARE We ReaDiNg BEtWEen The LinES hEre ?Q? …

PolITiCiANs NEVer TELL yoU thE WHOle TruTHs NOw DO tHEY zweepz?? SO How BadLy OFF R WEEE Mr OBaMa? … sPilLL thE MooN BEanS aNd LETS mAKe SOme CHop SuEY HEre !!!

AlSoW WhEn JFK waZ aRouND hERe ON ThiS eaRTh, He SPokE ABoUT ~ BeiNG thE BesSt WE cAN bE !

tUsH tUsH tUsH

… ‘John F.Kennedy’s eyes spangled and striped, sparkled wet when he told us going to the moon ‘was a challenge we choose to accept, not because it was easy but because it was hard’  

MaRMitE EXtrAct fRoM >> ~ WHY CAN\’T WE AFFORD THE MOON ?!…. << Pls. CLICK ON THERE and REAd ThiS AtRIclE By a CLoSE  FRIEnn a’ miNE BiT LaTeR zwEEpz …

I WAnt To HEAr SomEThiNG inSPIRinG – DuNN U ZwEEpZ ?Q? – I sAYze BrINg BACk JFK – WarTS aND aLL ?!? …. ZWat I SAYzE … AnYdaZe …

CouRSe SUm PEopLE gOnnA saY thIS TalK oF TapIR aND sUpER RAtS Up On LUnaR sUrfaCE iS HoaKus PoKus! – I kNow That!!! – SoME pEOplE wOnn BeLIeVE thE cOLouR oF thEIr OWN eYEZZZ! – SuMZZ pEEpS sAYinG noOne REaLLy WALKed ON MOON aNyWayZe – It WAZ aLL eLLabOraTE PloT FiLmeD iN MovIe STuDIo SOmEWHerE ??? ThaTs JUSS RiKKiDiKu-dU-LouS !! ??? wHAt ?Q?

The 70’s film CAPRICORN ONE – imagined the ultimate ‘conspiracy’ film?

CoNSpIRaCy TheOrIES ~ SHeeeeSSHH!! KeBAb (: enTER RabbI BliTZkReIg carrying a hUgE pORk dONnA – tHASS nEVer GONna HAPPEN zWeePERz  ) – My AnTy fANNy – and B.T.W. NiXon ReaLLy WaS A gOOd GUY aFTEr aLL ???

Rabbi Blittzkreig ?!


AnAsTaSIyA wAS sO SWeeT – So STarVEd oF AnIMAL KoMPAnY – We HAd LONG TAlKS – BuT bY thIS TimE Her FRiENd RaTTs, Her SupER lARge BUt STiLL lITTlE frIEnd, STarted TO fEEl BAd aNd COffinG – SaiD hE’D aLWayZe waNted To LiVe iN FloRIDa – ‘neAR CapE CAnnAVaREL?’ I AskEd – ‘NoWay – MaYBe KeY lARgO wITh SomEONE lIKE NoRA tEmpLE oR JusT iN aN aPPaRTmENt iN UpTOWn MIaMi’ he RePLied’ – ‘SurE’ I saID, WasnT goINg TO aRguE wITh The SUpERRAt, hIm LookINg SO OUt Of SorTs ANd ALL. At THis POinT AnnA begaN tO siNG NilSSonS sONg “EverYBoDyS TAlKIng AT mE ..” aND RATTs0 He wAs JusT sMilINg …

The MooN wAS PReTTy KooL acTCHeWErLy And I Had A GooD lOOk ARounD – Saw SeA oF tRAnQuILitY, CateNA, RimA  … Ya De yA …All THe USuAL sTuFF – I’m Not BorINg YOu WIth My PHoTIes ZweePZz ~ WhY dO fRIenDs AlWAyS ThiNK YOu WIll Be iNTereSTEd BY pLACes – YoU’Ve BEEn To … And TheY hAVE’Nt??!!

A Lunar Globe – I’m putting one on my Christmas list …

As I lOOkeD baCK, googling THE mOOn I DiD nOT wANt TO LEgO oF thE imAGES bEFORE my K=DU EyES WhiCH WHiLE WELLinG Up WErE FiLLed WiTH STarLIghT, hOpe ANd IdEOLOgY – AlL kinDS oF OloGiEs WerE sPINNinG THroUGH mY SPACe FIllEd BRaIn AS I cOnSiDEReD hOW mUCh Has HuMANiTY LOst In SUcH a ShoRT BrIEF TimE … SinCE tHOse heADy DAyS oF sPacE trAVel ThaT i RemEMbeR aS YouNG K=DU zWeePZz!

… I wAs theREFoRE heARteNEd And EntHUseD on RetURniNG tO tHIs amAzIng LIL’ PlaNet we WalK On and jUst CAll EArTH – WhEN I LEARNED oF IniTIatIVes MadE By GooGLe, LeGo ANd OTHErs to DEvELop CreATIVe iNTereST AnD SciENTifIc StuDY  On ThaT biG olE BunDle of gREEn CHeeSE tHAt IZZ oUR niEGHboor, FloATinG ARouNd in SpaCE aND we CAll iTT … THE MooooN !

>>> CLIX HERE ZWEEPZ >>> GreAT nEWZ fOr LunAr EXpLOrATIon – google/LeGO >>> PRIZE NEWZ

Premier Inn were they planning yet another Motel built on the Lunar surface … ???

– ShOUlD be FuN!….


TalKInG bOUt ‘WanTinG tO hEar SOmmAt InsPiRiNgfOr ToDay – ( WHiCH We WERe eARliER ZweePz ) – So GOoD to HEar THis QUotE frOM SToNE rOSEs VoCaliSt IaN BrOWN oN TheIr PRopOSEd REUnioN, New ALbUM, WoRLdWIdE ToUR >>>

The band admitted they each had personal reasons for the reunion, while Brown criticised the current music scene, saying it was “boring, bland and corporate with nobody saying anything” and that people “needed uplifting in times like this”.

HerE HerE – K=DU is lIKIng Ian BRoWN aLWAZeANYwAzE BuT sPecIALLY For THAT!….

AnD NoW FoLKS – fOR tHOSe WhO doNT rEMemBER – JoNAThaN KIng STartED oUT WIth A hiT REcoRD B4 hE wAS pERViCIOuS …

ThaT wAS – NINETEEN SIXTY FIVE aNd i Was JusT a YOUNg K=DU of 14 Or So!!!


sAYiNG ITT lIKe It IZz!! AnD NoT As IT IsNt!

MoOn ON!….

I SEE a Bad MooN RiSinG ….

dOnt coME rOunD tONIGht …

…aAAAAAAaAAAAAo0000OOOooooWW !!!

Me and Cornellius Sanker III – Famed head of Finlay Financial Institute, Hudson Bay

 TONIGht  I am RepOrtIng on My mOst DiffI~cuLT aSsIgnMent to-DatE zWeePz!

I hAve JourneYed to the boTtOm oF thE HudSon River

to interview sOmeOnE i HopE will thrOw new lighT On a fAscInatiNG subJect ThaT i BEliEVE sHoulD StiLL cONCerN Us A loT mORE thAN it DOes’

It hAs beEn VarioUSly calLed the CreDIt crUNch

Or pLainLY : thE gLobaL fiNanCiaL crISes

And Yet i bElievE The laTe 2000’s fInanCiaL crIses HAs brOughT untOld MiseRy to


fOrgEt thAt >>>> BilLionS of PeePs

BillIonS oF pEEps ZweePz!

You ANd ME boTH inCLuded

anD yEs tHE bUtchEr, The BakeR, The CandLesticK mAKer!!

The FIsHermAN …The BarTenDEr AND …  thE thIefs

IndeeD it is My pRognOsiS DeaR zWeePz We hAVe ALL been solD a Giant Fraud On a sCAle Far gReater than WatErgaTe ANd The assAssInatioN of KennEdy’

We hAve BeeN soLD doWn The River ANd nOt thE riVer HudSon Or eVeN tHe HudSon RiVEr NEitHer

~ a SALE so immEnse That The WestErn WorLd wIll Be paYinG foR it the Rest of Our LifetImeS aNd mAybE moSt oF ouR cHlLRenZ Too ZweePz

– K=DU feeLIng VerY StrOnglY bOut This ZweePz As you May Tell !!!

Is WALL sTReeT aS CoRRupT as ShOWn IN thE MovIes …


MoNEy NEveR sLeePS ~ Wall StrEET pOSTer

ALrEadY mANy EconOmists fEEl This financial DisAster is cErtAinlY thE wuRst the WestErn WorLd Has KnoWN sInce thE greaT dEpresSION of THe 1930’s!

HoW iT aLL hAppENeD – GraPH – INtrEStING!!!

pOp, PoP, POP!!!

LooKinG For aN iNteLLigEnt eXPlaNaTioN as TO hoW thIS aLL hAPpENed Is LikE loOKinG foR aN aNNeNomE iN The EnGliSH ChaNnEL – K=DU’s InvEstIGatIOns HIt A waLL evEN wIth MY SAM sPADE HAT fIRmlY PullED onto My HEAd (I mADe SPecIAl HolES foR mY AntLERS bUt this WAs easiER thAN mY pARty SHop SheRLocK hOLMes DeeRSTalKEr WHiCH JuSS diDNt WorK ZwEEpZ.) FirMLy WEArinG my FedORa AND lOoKINg PRItttY  KOooOl ZweEpZ I caMe UP AGainST a WAll THAt SMeLLt oF ‘ConSPirACy’ zWeePz – WhaT dOEs CONsPirACy SmELl LIke ZweEPZ

It aLL SMeLLz A Bit fiShy!!



~ aT leAst iTS noT KuDuStalKEr ZwEEpZ

No doUBt AbOut iT – THe HaT AbOVE Izz a LoT … LOt C00Ler!!! tHan The 0Ne BeLow

– HoW KooL is thaT FedOrA BTW ??? — sO K.0.0.L !!! 

My FreNN CoRnELliUS SanKEr III Is nOt ReallY suCH a GreaT MatEZ to Be HHHonESt

– LIKe A LoTTa ShaRks I tHINX hE thOUghT hE mIGht NOt GEt So Much JuicY-bOOty if PeePz LIke ME ROck HIz BoaT tOO mUch – NevEr SeeN FiNLay FinANciAL InsTitUTe DOwn On Its LuCK MatEz – Not maNy SkiNNy ShaRKs Eh?

No, CorNeLLiuS Did NoWT’ to ALLay My fEARs Juss saiD’ i SHoulD havE moRe fAitH in HUMAN nATUre’

– Got To BE BusTinG mY gENiTallIA … RighT !!!

– K=DU sPeaK trUth Kemo Sabe – THaSS Y U liKEs mE rIGHt ?!?! -zWeePz!

The financial crisis was triggered by a liquidity shortfall in the United States banking system in 2008.[3] The collapse of the U.S. housing bubble, which peaked in 2007, caused the values of securities tied to U.S. real estate pricing to plummet, damaging financial institutions globally.[4] Questions regarding bank solvency, declines in credit availability and damaged investor confidence had an impact on global stock markets, where securities suffered large losses during 2008 and early 2009. Economies worldwide slowed during this period, as credit tightened and international trade declined.[5] Governments and central banks responded with unprecedented fiscal stimulusmonetary policy expansion and institutional bailouts. Although there have been aftershocks, the financial crisis itself ended sometime between late-2008 and mid-2009 

<< ThiS Is HoW WiKipaEdIa RepORTs tHe FinANciaL cRiSiS !!

~ WhiCh SeeMz As Good a DIscRipTIon AZZ aNy On M0ST ThiS PaiNFul TIMe AnD sUBjECt

THE MosT sERioUS fInaNciaL CriSes oF mOst Of oUR lIVeS

K=DU hAz aLwaZe haD hiS own UnsTRIppED, StrEEt-LEVeL vieW oF thINGs wIth no GNu-ShITT ZweePz!

 The TroUblE IzZ No One Is PrePareD TO AccEPt ResPonSiBIliTy AnD wIThiN the FinANciAL mARKetS aREna In tHe PasT TherE CertAINLy HAvE Not BEEn SUffICIent ‘CHeCKS aNd BalAnCEs’.

TheSe STocKbrOkerZ, FinANcIERs, … *aNKers hAVe BeeN aLlOWed To PlaY WitH ouR MonEYZ LikE kiDDz pLAYin WIth LEGO … They biN aLLoweD to LenD tO pEEpeRz Who DonT unDERstaND tOO mUCh abOWT MOniEs aND whEn It All goES wRONg You GEt iN dEBTs aNd YOur PenSIon FUNdZZ aND yO’ saVIngS Go WEst YouNG mAn!

and If THe eCOnOMy gOes BellY-UP iN thEse ShARk InVesTed WatERS thESE sAme *anKers, sMeLLinG ya’ Bl00D aRe waItiNg to FiniSh yOu oFF = tHey pUT yoU anD ouR ecOnoMY in THE DU=DU aNd tHen Who StiLL waLks aWay wiTh THEir PockETS linEd wIth THEiR UsuAl BonUsEs (sTuFFEd wIth NOTes)

cOs’ wHo Picks Up tHE taB … ?

moStLy The COMMON tAXPaYerS zWeePz !!!

iTzz tHE uZZ ~ tHe CommON pEEpS – UzE anD meeZ – wHo sEE ouR haRd-eARNed SavingS DeSSimATED pEEpZ

The CaPiTaliSt eConOMy AnD iT’S GovERNMenTs Are Sooo AfrAid tO sinGLe ouT coRRuptioN iN iT’S raNKs .. as iT tHrOwS a QuesTIon Mark upon The Very bEdrOcK oF ouR socieTy  … iT roCKs THE bOAt thOSE saME sHarKS arE cIRclINg …

– so it’s ….. The sCAbS WhO wALK aWay FREE

TheSe pEEps aRe aLLoweD to Play gAMes WitH ouR moNEy ZwEEpZ ANd wheRE iS thE aCCounTAbiliTY ?? A GooD gOVErnMenT shOUld … WouLD  … CouLd … StEp In – eNSurE RULes AnD LawS arE adHereD To – nEW onES iNStiTUTeD ~ sTUff THe sTUpID, THEiVINg RioTERS >>>

IT’s tHE REal CoMMon hArd-WorKing pEEpZ gOttA finD NeW waYs tO pRoTesT ~

BOY THATS a load OFF MY CHESt ZweePERz ~ i BIn joKINg foR agES saYinG ~ 0Ne dAy I aM g0iNG to cOllECT aLL my HARd eaRneD MoniES oUt of THe sLeaZY, CoRRupT bAnKs aND pUT it IN a BIg K=DU piLLow CAse ~ yoU knoW thE 0NE witH a niCE piCturE oF a K=DU on ItT aNd thEN stiCK it IN thE aTTic – WhicH is A bit LIKe A haYlOft ZwEEpS !!!




Has You NOtiCEd – No fiLM maDE REpReseNtIng WaLL  STRreeT oR tHe SToCk mArKet Or ANy AreA OF thAT sTUff HAs Ever PreSENtEd ThE wORlD oF hIGH FInANcE In aNy OThER WAy thAn AS :~

A NesT of VIperS,

A pIT oF bEARs,

A seA of SHarKS


‘For just one day I would like to ‘swim with the sharks’, be just a ‘spry’ in the wall street tank’


ANd SeE WhAT THey GetS up T0 ~ PlaYinG witH Our “£sd and E$o”

But ShoCK hOrrOr – SHoCK HOrrOR – Ya-De-Ya – Ya-De-YA!!

Its NOt RoCkET SCiENCE – JeePerZ cReePErz – U CaIn’T pULl THe FuR OVer The PeePerZ oF thE cOmmON WoRKinG mANs And WorKinG woManS aNY moRe CoZ I thInKS TheyS KnoWS ~ wE aLL kNOWZ!!!

WE HAve bIn SHafTEd ZweePerZ

ToTAllY sHAFteD!!!!

AnD thE cONsCIeNCE LAcKInG ShaRkS In OUR POol?!?

The No GOOd FinANciERs, The StoCKbROkERs, ThE s0-CaLLed fInaNcIAL WiZZ kiDZZ … Yes and THe WanKEr BanKerS ………… ?!?

ThaNX tO tHEM AmERiCA Has Had To DItCH ItS SPAce ProGRammE … sHame & PEePZ ALL oVEr The WoRLd IS tIGhTENinG thEiR beLtz, CanCeLLinG hOLiDazEAnd TheIr IzZ plENtY oF PeEPZ LosINg JoBS AnD SuMZZ WHo Are StrUGglING tO pAY THEiR biLLs. Not MAnY Of THoZe FInANcIal GuYZZ sTruGGliNg AnD thOsE BiG FiSh Who Eatz The LittLE fISh aNd hAVe tHe fAt BiG SalARy’S  > Yes FoR tHOse GuYZZ AnD i SUpPOSe LAdEEz >






All Around The World Lyrics

(l. stansfield/i. devaney/a. morris) 

I don’t know where my baby is 
But I’ll find him, somewhere, somehow 
I’ve got to let him know how much I care 
I’ll never give up looking for my baby 

Been around the world and i, i, i 
I can’t find my baby 
I don’t know when, I don’t know why 
Why he’s gone away 
And I don’t know where he can be, my baby 
But I’m gonna find him 

We had a quarrel and I let myself go 
I said so many things, things he didn’t know 
And I was oh oh so bad 
And I don’t think he’s comin’ back, mm mm 

He gave the reason, the reasons he should go 
And he said so many things he never said before 
And he was oh oh so mad 
And I don’t think he’s comin’, comin’ back 

I did too much lyin’, wasted too much time, 
Now I’m here a’cryin’, i, i, i 


So open hearted, he never did me wrong 
I was the one, the weakest one of all 
And now I’m oh oh so sad 
And I don’t think he’s comin’ back, comin’ back 

I did too much lyin’, wasted too much time, 
Now I’m here a’cryin’, i, i, i 

Chorus x 2 

I’m gonna find him, my baby 

I did too much lyin’, wasted too much time, 
Now I’m here a’cryin’, i, i, i 


I’ve been around the world, lookin’ from my baby 
Been around the world, and I’m gonna 
I’m gonna find him