Posted: February 18, 2011 in KUDU-VUZE

More on rights for PERVS – HEAVY RITE!?

If these same morally confused social troublemakers would use their wasted time to provide training to encourage the sexually perverse to respect the freedom and rights of those they are about to  abuse before exacting their awful attention, then we might all understand what goes through their currently misinformed and corrupted stream of consciousness… for with potentially creative and positive wiring, these same people could promote proactive remedial, redemptive and preventive resources and consequently achieve proper notoriety, respect and purpose within the true social network and habitat….

….and I am talking about the pervs pushing for the right to take sexual offenders off the registry after 15 years.

Disgraceful! – RITE?!

~ DO SOMETHING USEFUL!  i.e. we should care for the offended not the offender. RITE?!

~ EVERYONE KNOWS  ~  the sexual offender should be punished and identified forever!! Castration can be useful. RITE?!

  • KU-DU CAN BE HEAVY, RITE? – You heard it here on the HORNS of the BIG ANTELOPE ~ RADIO KU=DU- RITE?!



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