Posted: March 1, 2011 in KU-DOSS
Must remember where to shop next time I need exotic animal

I went to 'Pets At Home' and all I got was one lousy kudu

Every one needs a little retail therapy

and I am no different

Trouble is u gotta know where to shop

I found this excellent bull Kudu antelope here at Pets

At Home – you can imagine my surprise.

They did offer to wrap it but I refused –

‘Hey’ I said ‘Gotta do my bit for the environment, no i’ll

walk it to the car’. I said.

The Kudu did look a little miffed by the size of my

Toyota Yaris but eventually I bribed him with the offer of a lunch at Maccy Dees. After that he was fine,

climbed aboard and I drove him home – Well size isn’t everything after all.

'I bribed him with the offer of a lunch at Maccy Dees, after that he was fine'

Somehow thought they were larger than that - GO LARGE next time!

Must admit I did think they were larger than that.

Its okay I’ll GO LARGE next time!

The thing is I think he might need a friend cos’ the wife

and I both work, meaning we are out of the house quite

a bit and you dont want him to get lonely do you.

Next time I might check out Okapi Ive heard they get on

well with most breeds and that’d be kool – A KUDU



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