Posted: March 12, 2011 in KUDU-VUZE

Just looking at the pictures and hearing the stories of the latest global tragedy makes you think

what right have I to add one soya bean of social comment to the awful muddied waters of terror that

those of us lucky enough, I suppose, to never have experienced first hand such awful human tragedy

may think or feel or imagine as we sit or cry on our soft sofas, adjacent and seemingly disconnected,

afraid to eat or speak on the certain grounds that whatever we might do would seem crass, flippant,

insensitive, irrelevant, disrespectful even inhuman.

Close Facebook down for the day, silence Twitter,  cancel all small talk, this tsunami is bigger than God,

larger than my morning breakfast, more important than my red nose day collection clowns outfit.

To un-react so would be ‘gifting’ to the fellar in the long white dress and folding on a royal flush.

We do not have the right to ‘pass’ on life’s tragedies and responsibilities and consider ourselves

unworthy of ‘action’ even if that ‘action’ is less meaningful than making everyone a cup of tea,

trying to tell a funny or bowing to the earth and crying to the great God for mercy, wisdom

and succour for those suffering or grieving.


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