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Now ThaTs A pRopER bUrGEr
In mORe bEAuTifUl DayS – DonT you Just WannA gO bACk TO 1950′ AMerIcA!


PeoplE is AskiNG Me ‘HAvE K=DU’S thE AbIliTy tO rEMiniSCe?’ … AnD sO TOdAY i ThouGHt I would TakE A StrOLLz dowN thE meMorY laNeS JusT a BIt.

I’M thInkiNG … wiTh MemorIes oF EngLish STreEt ViolENceS StiLL fResH in Our ThinKinG And lIStENinG To TalEs Of How GAngS in britAin are recRuiTInG KidS as youNg As eLevEn YearS olD inTo thEIr nUmbErZ – ThaT tHeRe mUSTaVe Bin BettEr tImes FoR yoUTh ThaN thE hOrsE sWEAt, FroTh ANd SCum wE IZz SeeIng On Our STreEts So FamIliaR aNd HomEy … Can I saY hORse SHiTT zWeePz … WheN ComMunItiES Were Not TerRoriSEd bY IdJit PUnKs And GReeDY lIttLe UnpAreNTed oPpoRtunIstS aND cOwaRDlY thIEVes … To bE hOnesT thOse ReceNT dISTurBancES DiD moRE hARm To THE ‘reVOluTIon’ Than YOu CAn KNow … Give Real RioTerS bAD nAMe thEy WiLLz zWeepz … CouRSe, iTs DAmN sTUpiD to TRY anD imAGinE tIMe WheN THerE was no ThiEVIng DliNquENtz … Or WheN All KidZ oF eLevEn, TwelVE anD nIne WoZ SAfELy AslEEp , TuckED up In TheiR BEdz By 9.00 aFter HomE-BakED CooKIEs n’MIlk SuPPerZ …

I reMemBer As A kId We waZ tREated to slicES oF wiLD waterMeloN And a SOrt Of FruIT saLAD, Not From A tIn, BY gREat KudU BeaTRcE WhO Waz LikE ouR UniVersAL gRAnDMothEr …This HelpS uS gREAter KUDu’S kEEp uP ouR lIQUIDZ ZWEePZ aND mAKe uS Fit ANd HEalTHy …

An AmAZinG PhENomOnUMm - The DRiVe-IN MovIe thEAtre - This Was The HeighT For Me oF thE aMericAN drEAm.

OncE upON a TimE in 50’s AmerICa PeePs Had JusT saId GooDBye To THe 2Nd WORlD war … The AmerICanS eConOmy WAz NEveR STRONGGER aNd AmERicA WAS fEEliNG PRettY Damn GooD abOUt ItsElF ZweePz … HAdnT RooSevELT waIted To See If EurOpe cOuld LooK After ItSelf And NOt gEt inVolvEd? … BUt When AmEricA feLT IT was TimE to Move – after PeaRl HarBor, thE jaPanESe, and WhaT WiV AdolF pronoUNCinG WAr on theM ~ thEY LIKE GOT on ‘SilVer’ aNd rODe oUT to TonTO’S aID … HI HO!


LonE rANgeR, TonTO and SIlvER

PeePs In The U.S. WerE eNjoYIng A GenEroUs FEEliNg oF wEll-BeinG aBouT BeinG thE SOrt oF SavioURS of The FREe woRld – This FEEl GooD fACtor CoNvinCEd THe AMeriCAN pEeps tHEy cOuld Do No Wrong … THay WaZ Safe, SEcurE aNd NeveR hAD it sO GooD … ThiNGs LikE SodA Pop, T.V., RestAurANt DinERs WitH greAt BIg AmerIcan BurGERs, The WOrlD oF HolLywOoD whiCh MENt PeePs CouLd ENjoY thEMseLVes LIkE neVer BEfore … AmerICa wAZ LeaDIng THe WORLd In FreeDOMz … ANd ConSeQuENTlY iT WAZ a GReat tiME To BE A KIDS gRoWinG uP iN  AMERIcA!……

 It WAs DUrINg This tiMe TheY crEATed a sYMBol, aN ICoN EveN, ThaT fOR K=DU iS LikE REpResENtaTioNAl … SorT Of An AllEGoRicAL MonOliTH (thEse ARE biGGesT woRds For A ‘dEEr’ ZweePz) … oF The FreeDOMs That FIfTieS AmerICA Was NOW eNjOyinG – whAt Me ThiNKS WaS a CleAR inDicAToR Of HOW MucH THEIR SoCIETy Was ReLLiSHinG  Its FReeDOM … WHaT dId TheY DreAM UP … ZwEEpz???

The ‘DRivE-In’ mOVie THEATRE’

 tHE AmerIcaNs SAy ‘We nO lonGER juSt hAVe wEalTH, MoviES, HollYWooD, IConS, HerOes of Our OWN cReaTion bUT we WIll WAtcH iT In THe WAy WE chOOOSE, uncONcerNEd ABouT RISk, AccOunTabIlity Or ResPonSibIlity!’ … The DRivE-In MOviE thEatrE waS a STatemENT thaT ameriCANs WERE freE to ENjoy LIfe wiTHOUt govERNMENt INTERventiON … ThaT amerICan kidZ COULd bE TRUSted To hAndLe THeiR oWn INDepENdeNce … AMerIcaNZ pEEps WORkeD hARd aND plAYed HArd ENJoyiNG thEir FREEdomZ in THeir OWN sPacE anD comfoRT …

It waS all A bit LikE uZZ KUDu KidZ aS we stOOd On a LEAFy hILLside iN BotSWanA With OUr fRieNdZ, wATCHinG thE sun set oN A bRoaD PANoRAmiC SKylINe And The SIlhoETTe of A trAIl of NomADic ElEPHANts Was MOvinG on THe hORIzoN B4 oUR moISteNed eYes … BeaUtifUL zWeePZ! MOst BeaUtiFUl!!

So IzZ thIS! …

OriGinAl AmEricAN HaMburGEr

I HAvE LOtSa’ FINe MeMOrIEs Of GRowINg UP I am PrOud Of … We KuDU’S aRe nOT liKING V.i.o>L.e.n.C>E eiThERS …

CerTAInlY in AmerICas In The FiFTieS thE GooD TiMing WAS rOLLinG … AS thE PopULar CuLTurE REflECted wIth mUSicS LIke RoCK N’Roll SAyINg yes … Yes … and YES ! … ShAKE, RatTLe ANd RoLL zWeePz! WhOLe LotTa SHakIng GoinG on … YeS iT sUre Waz A gREat TiME tO bE a KiD iN aMERiCa! …

CouRse YouR StREEt-CrUISER K=DU Izz noT GeTTin TOO miDDle ClaSS ZweePs, cos CorSE noT aLL AmERicANs WERe ENjoYinG thIs UtoPIa – ThinK aBouT the PooR PEEps, TheM iN thE GeTToeS, The BlaCK CoMMunITIEs EspECiaLLy iN thE sOUthERn StaTEs … HAVe YOu WATCheD MiSSiSSiPPi BuRNIng? … PRe-CiVIl RIghTS aND thE SuBseQUenT SemI-EmanCiPatiON Of FemALes anD eThnIC MinORiTIES ThaT oCcuRrEd in The LAtE SIxTiEs … GoTTa Lot a’THem in U.S.  tOO mY deAR ZweePZ … MINORITIES … a LOTs!! irIsH, PUoRto-RicAN, PowLiSh, IN FACT you NAmE iT CoS WHEthER TheY likES iT OR nOT … AmERICA AbOVe ALL iS thE trUE ‘IMMIGRANT NATION’ yESsUM Its A CUltURal mELtinG POt ZwEEpZ, aN aMAlGm, A fUSIon OF pEOplEs iN seARCh oF an IDeaL a DreAM … ThiS iS thE DreaM ZwEEpZ I aM taLKinG aBOut on THIs fResh, CleAr aNd SUnnY sATurDay MOrninG hERe … NesTleD in tHIs vERdaNt, LeaFy LanD oF cOncREtE, tArmAC, eNterPriSE aND SquALOr ThaT we stIll CaLls BriTAin … GivE mE a HOrN tHAt I mAY bLOw iT … GivE me a vOice ThaT i MAy TeLL it … GivE me tHe WInd IN mY hAIR, FooD in MY gUT … A frIENd TO HanG wITh … My wOMan I cAN CudDle AT nIGHt … FrIenDs, FooD aNd LeiSUre …  And I’LL giVE you A smILe, A winK, a FUll DAYS woRK AnD a FUll-WoRks WEEk!

BacK DoWN tO EARTh ... DefENdANts At ThE ReaL MiSSiSSipI BurNInG trIAL

So, nOt TO sPOil The IllUSion WitH thIS DiSgUstIng piCtuRE of MIndLess BiGOtrY anD iNSEnSITiVITy  … We May StIll TraVel DoWN the YeLLow BriCK rOAD FRom KANsaS WITH DoRoTHy aNd tHe Wee ToTo … We Izz TalKINg IdeOLogY hEre ZweEpZ!

In AmERicA aT thIS tIME tHAT wE iZZ conSidERinG zWeePz … No One Was WoRRieD aBouT thE plANEt, No ONe WAS tOO cONcERNEd ABouT thIRD wORlD cUntRiEs – PosT wAR PEEpS WHo wAS LiVIng iN MIddLe AmERicA wAZ ThiNkiNg oNly AbOut EnJoYinG thEmSelVes AnD thEIr FREEdOMz – TheY FelT AmEricA hAD dONe THeiR bIt FoR The FutUre of The wOrLd … Now OR THEN Was A tIMe oF jUBilEe  … CelEbRatIOn …’ lEts hAVe A cLamBAkE!!!’ … CouRSe KuDu’S nOt eATinG cLAMs ZweePZ – UGhh!! UgH! uGhh! …

CarS oF thE 1950's

In 50’S AmERICas The STrEEts OF MiDDlE aMERIca WAs FUll Of THese wee beAUtiES You SEE aBoVE ZWeePZ  –  ShOW mE a MAlE MaN WhO hAS nOT WanTEd A lINcoLN, A poNtiAC, An OldSMOBilE, a ChrYSlEr, and yes a cADIllAc EtC EtC AnD i’LL sHow YOu a WuSSiE wHOse ConFUsed ABouT HiS IdeNTiTY … ON A siXTiES tRIP tO CaNADa IncLudINg BUFFAlO I sAW plENty OF ThESe BeAuTIEs – ENNUf  ZwEEpZ tO SAy  “I waNT ONE” And BoMBAy DUcK tO GloBAl WARMING, AiR pOLLuTIon aNd The DEClININg Oil ReseRVES … zWEEpZ –

Im ORTO-MaTEd   yowwwwWWW!

ALSOW! … EverY nOW aNd THEn SomEtHinG aTTraCts The AttENtioN oF The MinDset Of A tRUe REd BloOdiEd AmerICan BOY – THaT cOMeS  FrOM oUTsIDe ThE U.S. ~ Hey! …  HereS One thAt EMerGEd in THOse FiFteeeeS … aNd HEr nAME – – – BRIGiTTe BarDOt, sHe WAZ FreNch fRom FRanCaIS

– As YEr Dad MighT Say – ooooo La LA!!! –  zwEEpZ?

But K=DU dIgRESS a LIttLe ( mmmmmm … muse … thinks …  K=DU noT oFTen USinG thE iTAliCs mIStER No-SIr!! ) WElL mY loYAL K=Du foLLoWer I MUst RetURn TO thE PreMISe OF thIS liTEraL dIatrIBe! THiZZ aFter all Is SErioUS  MaGAZiNe ARTIKlE aBoUt SerIouS QuESTIon – HoW cAN WE mAKe WORlD bEttER, NicEr PlaCE fOr oUr  YoUTHs WhERe TheY wIll GRoW Up HAPPEEE???! … …  aNd ArE u LIsTEnINg???


We WanTs A sAFe EnViRoNMEnt FoR ouR cHIlDRen To GroW Up In ~ WherE thEY mAY dEVeLop SAFE And SounD!

We WAnT oUR yOutH tO sTRIve For PrOSPecTs, OppPOrtUNitIES, AdvANtaGes ThaT reALLy ARe nOt tHEre At PreSENt!

We HAve DanGLed A sUPEr LArGe cARroT In FROnt Of THeiR eyES FoR all Of THeiR lITTlE LiveS But Not exPlaIned HoW thEY mIGht Get CloSE To It oR gIveN thEM a CHanCE to GrasP hoLd Of IT! …  LiTTle wonDer ThaT whEN aN oPPortUNIty TO GrasP VaLueD, mAterIAl PossESSioNs ArISes TheY MighT FeeL A lITTlE huRt … A biT jUStiFIed in ShoWIng A lITTle ANger … And SomEWhaT reWArDEd in TakiNg A kiND of PaYmeNt! … WhIle MummY aNd DAddY sIt On THeiR ASSeS! … HoW Do U sPeL ARSeS  zWeePz? ~ NeVer  KnOWn! ~ SpELLinGz NeVer Bin MY STRonGEst PoiNT BuT i KNoWs Two IntO fOUr GOeS TwiCE! AnD I aLsOw KnoWs The MoRE PEEpS wORkiNG tIll THeY aRE 100 The Less JoBs, OppORTuNItiES aND hORiZOn thEre WIll BE fOR thESe LiTTlE FellAs’ … It’s A CAse Of  “Gi’ Us a JoB” Yo-SSiR!!!

WhaT BriTIsH  sOCIeTIeZ iS seRViNG Up At mOment MisTErs CamERoN aNd ClEGG iS A cASe Of DonKey Doo!

I’vE hEArd TherE’S PleNTy OF IRoNy iN caRRoTS ….

HoWevER nEVer mAKe thE misTAke oF LabELLinG thE GrEEdy oPPoRtunISM oF A fEW rEbEllIOUs KidS & TeEnAGErs ~ SErioUS CivIl rIOting CoS’ tHat’S wHat It WasN’T & iT AinT!….

just call it  ~  theft noun

1. the act of stealing; the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of another; larceny.

This iS an ISSue THat shOUld haVE bEEn REsolVEd aT hOme With LovINg, ResPonSIbLE ParENTinG!!

TruE, SoCieTY tOdaY zWEEpZ iZZ nOt LOnGEr GOinG To ResOLve ThesE issuEs wiTh a Trip TO BurGER kING ANd A filM At tHe loCAl DriVE-IN moVIe tHEAtre – THis Is AN OLD hAT DuNN u SAy ~  It mAY hAVE WoRkEd BAck in TheM FiFTIes In MIddLe aMericA – BuT CouRse OUr Kids are not So NIEve TOdAy – MoRe strEEtwise!

… We MusT GivE thEM a DreaM FoR T.Od>a.Y TheY CanRealISE nOt a NighTMare They CannOt EXIT!


~ GOOdNIGht mY loYal  ZWeePz! ~ I gIve You sWeeT drEAmZ!

Your RoyaL K=DU

I’M lIkinIg tHe ItAliCs zWeePz …



R=DiO Al-ZEeBRA Has Set UP iTS AntLer-ANteNAe to ScAN thE MedIa, InterNEt, MusIC sTORes (nOt mANYExisTIng aT StreeT levEL nOW zWeePs) – ThiS sTatIOn Has ALwaYS Bin COmmITted to FinDinG GOod SOoOUndS For U mY lISTEnERs ZweePZ.

HereS an OLe STrEET gUY – Mr R.L. BurNside – He PlaYin THE BLUUUuEs hUNNy!!!

So KoooooooL BabE of MINE !!!

K=DU has AlWAzE bEEn SouL brOTher – DuNNo WHere I lOST mY BLacK sKIn – NOt SEEinG mANy BLAck KUdU’s Man – WeeZE MOStLY BRuIN – YoooOOOWWW! – WE sUre INt REDkNECks th’ BOYY! – sOmedAY K=DU MagAZinE gOnnA GET ROOUnD tO DiScuSSin THOse BOYZ ZweePz – YESSuM! – ProuD tO bE a REDkNECk BUt THass a NuthER SToRReee hunnee! BtW – This TraCK i’M TALKin Bout? oN SPRANos? …  is CummINg RigHT up  =  nExt LinE zWeePZ >>

‘GoiN DoWN sOUth ………. ‘ – KooooLIo!** 

“everything in its turn and in it’s place …… “

HeARd thIs oN ‘Toothpick’ eDITioN of The SoPRAnO’s

– It waS used AS fADe OUt MUsic fOR SerIes2 EPisODe 10 –

The RoYal K=DU Is coMmITed To BriNGinG thE BesT oF sTreeTWisE muSIc TO YOUr ATTenTION tODAy R=DIO AL=ZEEBRA Has DredGed The DykEs Of ConTEMPorARY muSIC tO FINd You SOMe KooL olE sTUff ZweePZ


>>>>> R=Dio AL – ZEEBRA <<<<<


<*5 Zeebra5*>






‘ Red is such a hostlie colour – In nature it say WARNING! ‘ ~ K=du