Posted: September 8, 2011 in RADIO AL-ZEEBRA
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R=DiO Al-ZEeBRA Has Set UP iTS AntLer-ANteNAe to ScAN thE MedIa, InterNEt, MusIC sTORes (nOt mANYExisTIng aT StreeT levEL nOW zWeePs) – ThiS sTatIOn Has ALwaYS Bin COmmITted to FinDinG GOod SOoOUndS For U mY lISTEnERs ZweePZ.

HereS an OLe STrEET gUY – Mr R.L. BurNside – He PlaYin THE BLUUUuEs hUNNy!!!

So KoooooooL BabE of MINE !!!

K=DU has AlWAzE bEEn SouL brOTher – DuNNo WHere I lOST mY BLacK sKIn – NOt SEEinG mANy BLAck KUdU’s Man – WeeZE MOStLY BRuIN – YoooOOOWWW! – WE sUre INt REDkNECks th’ BOYY! – sOmedAY K=DU MagAZinE gOnnA GET ROOUnD tO DiScuSSin THOse BOYZ ZweePz – YESSuM! – ProuD tO bE a REDkNECk BUt THass a NuthER SToRReee hunnee! BtW – This TraCK i’M TALKin Bout? oN SPRANos? …  is CummINg RigHT up  =  nExt LinE zWeePZ >>

‘GoiN DoWN sOUth ………. ‘ – KooooLIo!** 

“everything in its turn and in it’s place …… “

HeARd thIs oN ‘Toothpick’ eDITioN of The SoPRAnO’s

– It waS used AS fADe OUt MUsic fOR SerIes2 EPisODe 10 –

The RoYal K=DU Is coMmITed To BriNGinG thE BesT oF sTreeTWisE muSIc TO YOUr ATTenTION tODAy R=DIO AL=ZEEBRA Has DredGed The DykEs Of ConTEMPorARY muSIC tO FINd You SOMe KooL olE sTUff ZweePZ



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