WENT TO SLIMMING WORLD & IT COST ME 90 -POUNDS ~ WHAT iS YOUR POINT?! http://help.twitter.com/

Posted: October 19, 2011 in KU-DOSS, KUDO'S, KUDU-NEWZ
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it’s an old joke …


ColIN cOrfIELd WHo LOst AN amAZing thE mAn Who loST an AmAZinG 46 sTOne AftER bEinG tolD hE woulD diE If HE DidNt – He wAs fIttED wiTH a GAStrIC bELt

HEARD … heard it B4 … nobody likes a clever dick or a clever Colin!

and nobody really likes a successful slimmer either before or after …

THIs pICTure SHowS YOU don’t HaVe to go To SliMMinG woRld To hAve A bEAutIfuL bOdy! ~ AleSsanDRa oNe HOt CHiC! ~  pHOwA!!

K=DU MaGAzINe liKInG her boTh BeforE AND AftER sHots … sUperMoDEl AlESsaNDra poINts To At LeaST Two REAsonS fOr HEr SUcCEss …

and on that subject how about this cool translation of a piece in Celebrities Trends ……..   

Victoria’s Angel bodied so cunning in this section as brand advertising campaign starring Brazilian Bo.Bo (Bourgeois Boheme). During the photo shoot progresses, the owner’s full name Alessandra Corine Ambrosio was cast sensuality in her collection is chic and modern fashion.

Although his performance this time does not seem glamorous, but still familiar Alessandra Aless-greeting-looking very hot. Decorated attribute short hotpants, mini skirt teasing, jackets, knee-length boots to create an unforgettable impression for his performance.

Not to mention the game of black and white effect makes sexiness Aless increasingly more perfect. This ad campaign is supported by a reliable snapshot photographer Fabio Bartelt, director Matheus Mazzafera style, and makeup Daniel Hernandez.

To show off the collection Bo.Bo, Aless appear with an amazing variety of poses. Starting from standing, sitting, sleeping up to style with a pose on the floor.

Pose the most “hot”, which successfully created Aless is sensual when she appeared in her jacket decorated with shiny hotpants superpendek. Without wearing a bra, poking among Aless breast of his jacket, a little exposed. Plus the face and hair that was neatly increasingly supportive sexy poses.

Boy – This Is K+DU sPEAk As nEVER B4 Or AFter !!!

Ten Out Of TEn !.. BefOre & aFTer …


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