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When K=DU waS yOunG aND gROwinG uP in RSA Of COUrsE i WiTNeSsEd RacIal PreJudICe!

RecENTlY wIthIN thE GamE oF AssOCiATioN FoOTBaLL TherE RAgeS An EMOtioNAL DEbATe!

ThiS fuELed BY AlLEGEd RAciST COMMenTS FroM  tWO HIgh PRoFilE PRoFeSSioNAls EarNIng Big MuNEyZ!

AlL SORtS OF pEEps ChUCkINg iN thEIr PrO-AnTi-RAciST RemARkS ‘An ThiS ‘aN thAT  An TheN SUm!……

Mr BlAtteR – FiFa’s PreSIdenT CLAimS – RAciSm  iS nOT sErioUS iSSuE iN sPOrt oF AssOc Fo)TbAlL? !@ ?

K=DU wATCheD yOUng JoeY baRTOn oN SAT-UR-dAy …. QPR pLAyEd wELL anD woN thE gaME !!

I wATCHed aNd eNJoyED gAME – It Was vIzuALLy ExcITiNg … thE atMOspHEre WAs gOOd!

BuT I LeFT thE GamE EarLY WitH mY fRENNz Az WE hAd 8 Years Old WIth US aNd tHe rEASoN?

We hAD bEen sUBjEkT To A coNTInuOUs DiALoguE oF eXPliCIt SexuAL sWEAr wORds EMiTTed in A ThrEAteNIng MAnnER!

WE hEARD rEPEAteD viOleNT anD dERRoGatoRy RAciST cOMMenTs, JibES anD LAUghTER fRom A gROUp iMMediaTEly B/HinD

We cHallENGeD tHE mAIN pERPEtrAToR aBouT hIS lANguAGe WiTh a 8-YeaR olD chILd iN aTTenDANce!

ThiS CauSEd thE iNdiVidUAlS fREIndS  TO reFRAin FRom The SweARinG anD raCIst aBuSe!

HowEveR tHE mAIn pERpeTRatOr inCReaSEd hIS uSE oF sWear WORDs bOth iN NUmbEr, VoLuMe, FreQUEncY aNd VehEMEncE! HIs RAciSTs VIewS BecAMe eVEN mORE eXpLicIt, OffENsiVE, LOud and ExTREmE

NoONE IN thE sUrrOundINg gRouP cHALLENGed THis IndiVidUAL in Any WAy, ShaPE or FOrm – APaRT From MY SelF AnD My SoN-In-LaW

The GroUND sTEwaRDs sHoweD no INterEST aND coNTInuED tO waTCh The Game ANd nOT thE crOwd!

This INdiVIDuaL ShoULD Have BeeN evICteD FRom THe gROUnd AFteR shOWinG to ME ThreATenIng BEHavIOuRz tOWarD Me INclUDinG PASSinG hiS FiST aCRoSS thE frONt oF mY fAce IN a VeRy inTimIDatINg WAy …

2 COncLUsioNS …

1) The PRobLEM of RACiSm iS dEEp ROOtED in THe eNGliSH gaME – WronG Mr. BlaTTer!!

2) InDiviDUALs arE tOld TO chALLenGE thESe rACiST aSSauLTs bUt CluB stEWArds ARe iNEpT At iDentIFYinG aNd mOnitORinG PotENTiaL CRowD pRobLEMs


‘ColOUr dOesN’T mATTer’ ~ K=DU

FuRTHer PosTScrIPt TO tHIs PosT : wHicH hAS bEEn ADvaNCed FoR mE RecENtlY wIth A sEEmINg WiTCh-HunT DevELopINg oVEr THE ExtREmELY uNWiSe cH0Ice 0F wOrdS uSEd by MisTer JoHn TERRy …

I DO NOT bELIeVE JT iS a RACiSt aLTHouGH i CAn UNDERstANd HOw thAT iS thE CommON perCEpTIOn dEVelOPIng ARouND hIM AftEr tHE F00tAGe rELeaSEd sHOwinG thE WorDS hE UseD aT Q.P.R. lASt sEasoN 2011/12

CerTAiN FooTBallERs ANd FANs USe WorDs lIKE thESe in THEiR EveRYdaY lANGUaGe … iT is HArd To dEFEnd JohN oVer THe wORds hE aDMitS He uSED wHILe ClaImiNG thE CONteXT oF wHIcH waS noT inTEndED pERsoNALLy TOwaRD MR aNTOn FERdINanD

IMAO i ThiNK mAYbE JohN TERRy sHOUld ADMit HE uSED thE worDS … APOLogISE fOR aNy oFFEncE CauSED … PAy THe fINe aND tAKE thE BAn AND thEn h0PEFullY  He mIghT Get tHE cHANce tO eXPLAIN iN a prESS-CoNFerEncE aNd In mITigATIon ~ WhY hE usED th0Se WORDs

thE ConTEXt tHAt Is  :-  iN a STAtEMEnT oF aPOLOgY wITh aN aDDed DEsiRE PerHApS THAT THE CASE MIGHT oPEn UP A cONstRUcTIvE DebATe on The iSSueS Of RAciSM in FoOTBAll  !!! THEn JT  mAy hOPefULLy GEt ON wIth His LifE !!!

I dO nOT pERSoNAllY beLIEve WhAT jOHN dID wAS EVeN As BAD as The vILe aND oBVioUSLY HatEFUll TiRAde I, MY SoN-In-Law ANd MY 8 yEAr oLD gRANdsON hAD tO enDUre REpORteD IN thE aBovE posT – I wAS sUBJeCT tO A ViOLENt aND thREAtENinG RESpoNCE …

… The CLUB WHoSE sTEWArdS dID aBSolUTELY nOTHIng TO AiD mE ThaT dAY aNd  lATEr WOULd nOT reCOgnISe or AckNOwlEDgE  THey MIghT HAVe a RACiST iSSUe wIthIN thEIr sUppoRTers BAse aNd  wiTHIN thEIR cLUB – i HAVE deCIDEd tO NAME anD shAME…..

The CLUb WHo DId NOTHING to SuPPorT mE ThAT DaY oR aCKnoWLeDge A rACisT iSSuE wERe

– StOKe cITY – 

WheN mY dAUGhtER pHONed To EXplAin WhaT hAD HappENeD tHE REpREseNTATivE oF thE ClUB SAiD thEY dID nOT bELIEvE StoKE hAVe A pRobLEm –

I AnD ThoSe fANs ARouND uS thAT dAY wILL recOGniSE THEY DO HaVe a PRoBLEm ~ TheY sHOULd HAvE SAiD thEY wOULd LOOk iNTo THE mATTERm – AS thEY DiD NoT – I aM nAMINg AND sHAMIng THEm – I hOPe THey GET tO SEE thIS POsT !!!!!!! …

SoRt iT oUT sTOke CITy !!! …



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