♕    ♕    ♕

K=DU reTUrnS on The DAzE we RecaLL AN eRa wHenZ We WERe YouNG aNd The SkY Waz BluE

PeEPz wERe AloUd tO HavE hEroeS AnD pEEpz wEre STiLL a liTTlE oPen-mIndeD!

The SIxtIes WerENT tHAT grEat bUt thEy dId sTiLL allOw us To WonDer!

K=DU grEW uP hAVin’ moRE tHan A FuE > HEroES!!

♕    ♕    ♕

♕    ♕    ♕

YeS, AlI wAs tHe gREAtEst fIghtEr

~ hE wAz an ARtISt, A mAgiCiaN, aNd a ‘LegENd’

hE cOulD TalK  a LottA bUlL- buT fORGet tHat He HAd pErsONaLiT-EEe!

♕    ♕    ♕

♕    ♕    ♕

PerSonAlIt-eEE aTTraCts!!!!

♕    ♕    ♕

♕    ♕    ♕

MuHaMMaD Ali wAs 70 YeaRs ToDay!

♕    ♕    ♕

♕    ♕    ♕

tHIs iS By Way Of A trIBUtE tO A sIxTieS Hero – MaYBe?

bUT sOMeoNE wHO dEfinEd aN eRa, aLong WiTh a WHolE BunCH of OthERs, aT a REAl TimE of ChanGe …

♕    ♕    ♕


♕    ♕    ♕

PoStSCriPT  tO thIS pOSt – ALi’s ResPonse tO aDVerSItY aNd ILLnESS hAs OnLY dEVelOPeD His stATUs aS a TRUe IcON oF thE lAST 50 YeARS – He iS aLSo a TRUe gEntLEmaN!

  1. Muhammad Ali is certainly someone to be admired, because he was able to overcome adversity, and as you said, defined a generation.

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