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>>>>> R=Dio AL – ZEEBRA <<<<<


<*5 ZeebraS*inc.>



AnD a TRAcK FroM thE NIghTFlY


 ‘ The GoODbYE LooK … ‘

from a deFiNInG AlBum

>>>>> R=Dio=ALZ≡≡BRA <<<<<


<*5 ZeebraS*inc.>

For YouR deLECtioN anD dELighT …

ZweePZ We iZZ goIN tO ThE MovIEs ~ AN’SOME

COS FEELING p0me In Me WAtErs ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

ThiS sIte Has ALWazE SoUGHt TO BrIng ClaSS cREatIVe mOMenTS aND pERFoRManCEs

To tHE aTTentIOn Of The RoYaL K=DU’s LoyAL fOlloWerS

At THE bEHESt OF thE ‘K’ HimSelf who likES tO pROmoTE QuAL-ItY oVER QuAN-TiTy (noT meaNing TO bE RuDE ZwEeepZ! cOs’ eVEn Fe-mALes K=DU hAViNg tHEm5 )

tHe QuAl-ITy we ARe taLKin IS thIS moST X-cellENt FillUM by ToM pIEtrASIk


wHicH teLLS iTs oWN TalE, WriTes iTS oWn scRipT aND tELLS uS A stREEt-LEveL VieW On thESE sMarT, ProuD gENtlEMenS aT thEIr SalON, SALooN ?? ... I dUNNo!

BraVO toM – DeceNT fILLUm! 

AND weLl DonE to ViRGin MedIA sHORts TOO zWeepZ!


SWInG bACk tH0Se WooDen dOoRs,

ClicK thOse SPuRS an’ SHuFFlE mR. DepUTee Man,

FliCk A sILveR dOLLar CoS’ thE K=DU iS iN tOwn 2-NITe’n,

DoWn oN The STrEEt WHerE U-LIVE!,

On tHe sTReeT,

On His K=DU fEEt,

fEEliNG rE-PLetE, inDIScReeT

tHE k=DU RenEgADe MasTer

SeeKinG to HelP THIS t0Wn aVoiD

aN0TheR MajoR dISAstEr

AmerICa’s TravAil, wHere The WilD wESt

mEEts ShaNTY tOWn an’ wHere THEy GET iT dOwn

No RoyAl CroWn oR dICtaTOrs FroWn

c0s’ tHe cUBan DisASteR iS oVEr

JfK anD g0rBAchEv’s BonES

lIE a MOUldRIng IN thE GraVE

aLonG wiTH MAuW tSe TUNG! …

… theY hAD tHEiR DaZE,

aS dId GhenGIs, AriSTOtlE anD kEatS

wHo wEre NEitHER thE ShEEp WitH thEIr bLEatS

nOr sILLy, nOR sOFt nor thE dOWn On tHe sHeeTs

WhO f0LLow ‘thE RAbbLe’ aNd pAUse

WhiLE tHe gUns Of nAvARoNe blAze

aNd tHe PosTMen sTOp cOUntINg tHeiR PaYs

juST hAPPy NOw

tO0-Cee oWt’ tHeiR DazE

In A jOB tHATs SecuRe

wITh a PenSIOn tHat$ PuRE

Not FEEdiNg a CasTRo, AmIN oR BlaIR

bUt iNvEstIng fOr thE g0lDen pEar.

HiGh sTEp THe TauPe K=Du

sO pR0Ud of The bAdgE he haTH earnt

tHe WATCHman, p0liCeMan, fEllOwMan, THiEF

wHo woRkS uNDerGRouND wIthIn thE FiLTh

wHerE r0Am R0Bin Tell aND WillIAm h00d,

WhYaTT EaRp aNd thE mAn WaTT TyLEr

bR0TheRS oF 10 mEN gOOd ANd TRue

wHo sTEp on The NeCK 0F grEEd

aS tHe r0yAl ‘K’ whO wALks The K=DU mILe

aNd eVer wEArs His K=DU SmiLE ..

REMemBER The TOlpuddLE martYRS – K=DU dId