f◑r WeAtHer tIS ⓔḁ5iḘR fʘr a 5tUPiD mAⓝ to SlⅰP thrOUgh thE EYes of a ɠ❼veRNⓜenT eMPloYmenT ⏎ X-cHanGe tHan FOr a CleVEr mAn to FINd thE JoB ŢⓗE desERVes ..

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The ‘K’  iZZ t0-DaY  X-pLORIng  tHE  WuRLd  Of … AcaDEEmIa .. HE  – AlIAS ‘I’ izz WEAring HIS (My) morTArbOArd ~  WoT  You  MIte  PARapHRAse ~ tHE iNTellIgENtSIa zWeepZ ~ AnD tO PROviDe BacKgROunD iNFOrmATioN I wENt AloNE  tO  thE  WiLdeSt  Of  PlacES  –  iN  tHe  DeePEst  tROpiCal  JunGLes  Of BoRNeO  tO  dISCUss  the  ProBluM  wITh  A  gUy  nAmeD  gOrgEOus  GEorg-iOUs … No WelL  rEAllY  tHE  gUY’S  NamE  IS  gEOrgE …  gEOrgE RiZLa wHiCh Can Be sHorTeneD oF cOUrSE tO ‘GORriLla’.

… GeORgIus fUll nAmE aCTChEWerLy  rEMIndEd Me  oF  a  PreVIouS  lIFe

tHe RiZlA gIrLIeS …

No NOt tHE gIRLs SiLLY !!!

HavE You NevEr Had THE cAusE tO pUrcHAsE thEsE sORta pApErs ZwEEPz : RIZLA PAPERS that iZZ … ThiS ComPanY hAve MAde A tOn oF mONeyS oN thE bACk OF a Big ChUNk OF pROHibItiON aND thEY aRe oF CouRSe aS SquEEkY cLEAn aS a KudU’S TOngUE!!!

CouLd Not FinD pICtuRE oF K=DU’s TonguE so DownlOAded THis sPecTacUlaR PicTurE oF a MalAYaN sUn BeaRs ImmENsE tHINg … wow … w0w and WOW!!!

AnyWAZe bEloVEd ZweePerZ …

WheN i FInAllY gOt tO mEEt GorGIous GEorgiOus  I reALIsed WhaT thEY SayZe ABouT thESE gUyS iS M0rE thAn tRUe – cOs tHEy IZZ p.R.E.E.t.t.y dAMn cLevER ZwEEpZ 

AND it Is PRetTY cLeaR thAT DamoN AlBArN Is A PrEttY cLevER cHAPPiE tOO ~ He StaRTeD HiS cAREER WiTH The PoP gROup “BLuRR” bUtT bItT lATer He uSED hIs FamE aND sUCCess To HuGe eFFecT bY eNDulGinG in A raNGe Of X-PerimENTaL PRo-jEX ~ 1STlY … & seConDLy hE hAS pRodUCed AnD cONtrIBuTed tO a VisuAL aNd mUSiCal PrOjeCt eNTitLED ‘GoRIllAz’ – THE braiNChIld oF dAMon aNd JamiE HoWleTT In WhiCH A ‘vIrtUal’ bANd were DevELopeD anD creAted tO fROnt a fUsiOn of aLteRNatIVe, r0cK, Hip hOp, ElEctROnicA, DuB aNd p0p mUsiC crEAteD by AlBarN, tHE oNly cONsiSteNt PerFormEr anD a sELecTioN oF oTHer MusIciANs … tHe pRojEKt wHicH inCLudEs thE GoRillAZ oWN wEBsiTe hAs bEEn a huGe sUcceSS bRinGinG reCoRD sALes anD seVEral AwarDs to The oRIgInaTorS!!!

 DaMoN AlBarN  AnD jAMie HewLeTt sTarTed iT uP !!!

FiTTinGly GoRiLLaS thEMseLveS eNjoY mOre thaN thEir FaiR sHare Of CreATIVe inTELLIgENce

… AnD wiT !

~ mY iNterVieW wiTH gEoRGioUS bRouGHt sOme SpecTacUlaR iDeaS fOrtH cAusing Me to NEEd rEStS aT frEQuEnt IntERvAls Cos mY bRAin wAs HurT-iNg – WaZ FUn tHO … !

GEoRgIaS hAD thAt TellIng eCcENtrICiTy tHat Is CommUn’ wIth thE MoRe iNTeLLEctUaL AmOngSt uS ~ He tOOk To ScrAtchIng His BrOw aNd tHEn fuRRowIng iT … whICH iZZ a WUrD I Do NoT uSE 2 OffEN …

CouRse qUitE a Lot of pEEpS aRe SayINg tHAt ApEs aNd GorILLaz Are IN fACT mAns CLosESt RElATiVes UpoN tHE pLANeT eArtH BuT tHey CErtAInLy AiNT lIKE mAn’s mAteS Or ANyThiNg arE ThEy? …n0T liKe tHE DoGS famiLY WhO tHey u$eD tO saY Waz MaNs BesT fRIenD … So You ThiNk hUMaNs cLosESt RelAtIVes WoULd ALsOw Be THEiR bESTESt fRieNDz … PerSonALLy I sMeLL a rAt on THe wHolE shEBanG … I mEAn iM tHinKing N0W tHe AntELopE iZZ reALLy mANs cLosEst RelAtiVe An’ WoMAnKinDs FreNN – ThaTs WOt I RecKon AnYHoo … But THEN NobODiES tOld MAnKinD yEt hAvE tHey !!! …

And On A reCEnT vIsit to THe HistORic CiTy oF liNCoLn

I waNderED aImleSSLy (aS K=DUs aRE pROne To Do …) IntO a UniVerSIty GraDUaTIon DaY RECepTIon MarQuEE teNt….

It Was BuIlt In tHE gRounDS of LInCOln CATHEdrAl aND Its LigHT, aIRy aNd CanVAs wALLS Were FiLlED wITh  ……….. ‘LIghT ?…’ AnD thE aiR waS FillEd wITh enTHusIASmS and JoY anD LauGHTer … AS thE yoUNG, oPTimIStiC gRADuaTES, SpoRTiNg tHeiR GraDUatIOn GowNs, hIReD MorTar BOArdS aNd wEarIng GAilY cOLOuRED sASHeS All RepRESENtinG dIFFErinG FaCulTieS SucH as HumANitIes, ScieNCe, ArtS, LaW aND TeaChiNGs eTc. eTc. eTc. reCeiVed tHEiR dIpLOMmaS aNd rEcoGniTioNs …

… I’MsE StiLL uNCerTAin HowS I Was AbLE tO gAIN aDMittANce To tHIs OPTimISTIc EveNT ~ I wAs OffERed eITher A gLasS of rED Or A gLAss Of WHitE Or A gLass OF oRangE JuiCes PluS a VoL aU vENt oR tWo. AParT frOm tANgLINg oNE Ov MY ‘ORNs iN A TRaiLINg WIRe wHIch HuNg FROM thE ceILing I wAS sO enTHUSed BY thE SMIlinG FaceS ANd HAppY BanTEr of ThesE youNG pEOPles THeRe wiTh thEIr pARentS An FreNNs For A spECialS dAY … I waS bUt heARteNed By tHIs ScenE of enTHusiASMs anD freSH spUnk ..

iNNaGaDDaDaViDa oR ‘In Da TENt DriNkinG wIneS wIth EntHUSiaSMs’

… on LeaVinG thE mARquEE The COrnERs oF my EyeS daMP, I wAs aCCosTED by A yOUng MAn wIth A caRriEr Bag aNd A bLacK aNd WHitE ‘One-Of-A-kiNd’ BitCh cAllEd CinDy … He AskEd iF i Had 50p For A cOffEE aNd oF coUrse i tOld Him Us K=DuS dOnt ACtCHewERly DrinK caFFeinE baSed dRinkS aLthOUGh we DO eAt it iN sUm oF thE faUna anD vEgeTAtioN bacK in mY nAtIVe SoUth AFriCa!!!

And SO iF a MalE iS in NeeD Of A gOOd MeaL …

… dOEs thIS maKes-Im a gO0d HUNgARIaN zWeePZ ???

aND if ThiSS iZ irONy tHeN Do stEEl wOrkerS cONstItuTE a DEaD LooooooNg                                 wAiT??? … w.a.i.t ? …

I NoW hAd cUriOUs fEEliNgs Of iNADEQuECY aNd dISorIEntAtiON ~ My EmoTioNs pOLarEyEsEd bY aCadeMia, iNteLLigEnSe, yOUths DediCatiON aNd ALs0 tHe dIsALLusIOnMenT Of THaT yOUng Ex-GraDUaTe wHo Had askEd Me fOr m0Ney fOr a cuPPa’ … iN thIs 21sT CeNTuRY, I thOUght,  hOW cAN wE sTiLl bE sO UnoRgaNisEd aNd pROFFliGAtE wIth The DreaMs aNd aSPIraTIonS oF 0uR yOUTh … I amS MoRe thAn a LITTle ConCERneD aBouT my OWn OffSPrinG, KeDe’S, fUtUre ProSpECTuS …

GeOrGiAs Had reSOrtEd n0W to pIckING b0tH hIs NoStrILLuS ANd sEEmED sOmeWHat DisTracTEd wHich NEver gavE me COMplEte aSSuraNce In thE DaRWinISTic ViEw tHat GoRILLaZ  ARe  lIke MaN’s HalF bRoTHERs oR SOmMAT LiKe tHAt .. SuRelY cHARlES D. wAs kiddINg uS aFtER aLLs bUT fOR aLL thAt GiOrgIus wAs HavinG DamN gOOD brAIN zWEEPz aNd mAkiN tHeee mOst DeliCioUS coNVerSatIon …

‘… I mEAn iM tHinKing tHe AntELopE iZZ reALLy mANs cLosEst RelAtiVe …’

So thE ‘K’ iZZ SpEAkIng to HIm Of His ViEW oN DesCarTE, R.D.LaINg, VoLTaIRe aNd JeAN pAUL sArtRe aNd ALL GeORgiUS CouLD cOME uP wIth Waz ThiS fAIrLy aMusING lITTLE dItty … YeS GiORgiOuS i HeARd ThaTT !!! …

‘To be is to do’ – Socrates, ‘To do is to be’ – Jean Paul Satre, ‘Do be do be do’ – Frank Sinatre


aKaDemIa GivEs Us A rOyAl FeeLinG lIKes WatCHinG BamBer gasCoiNe ON uNIveRsiTy ChaLLenGe Or LisTenng To PatRicK mOOre TALkiNG aBouT thE uNivErse oR sTEPheN hAWkiN reADing EXtrACts FroM hIS BooK oR lISteNinG tO mELVyN BraGG oN sOUThbANk SHoW Or tHaT SkOTTiSh LaydEE WHo TalKs ABoUT bOOKs An No I dUnn MeaN aNN rOBinSOn – STuCK uP bInt! … d0 U nO tHE 1 i mEaN ZweePz ?!

I DECiDre tO eMbArK oN a coNvErsaTion wItH GeOrgIus d’Ans La FRAnCaiS aS thIS sEEmeD a LittLe mORe inTellEctuAl But GeoRgiUS reSpoNdes VoUs dANs La LanGUaGE dE iDiOcY mAkiNG oNLy VoWEL sOUnDs aNd GruNTiNg LiKe aN aPe Or  gOrILLa …

mAn’S bEst FreNNd oR iS iT aPe’S BeSt fRenn AfTer ALL  …

an SO As I cOnClUDEd My InVesTIGaTIon IntO tHe MeriTs oF InTELLIgENse I c0ncLUdE  in The arEnA oF tHe bRaiN thERe Is No sIMpliSTiC oVerViEw aNd tHERe ArE aS mAnY tHinGs tO ?uEstIon aS tHAt mAy uLtiMAtELy sAtIsFy oUr ResTlESS cUriOSiTy … One ThiNg FoR CerTAiNs tHOUgH zWEEpERZ tHEM GoRIllAZ aND aPeS aRe nO HUmANs wHAtEVer Mr ChALES dARwIn SAYzzzzzzzzz

d0N’t bELIEve eVerYthAnG yOU reAd b0y … gal !!


– K=DUMAgAzINe inVesTigAtES tHe eXciTIng WuRLd OF MURDER BALL anD tHe ‘K’ gETs IN a WHEElCHaIr FOr THe 1sT tIme

AnD neXT mONth : ~ the’K’ GOeS dEEp IntO thE mYstERIouS wUrlD oF HyBRiD AuTOmoBIleS

tHe ‘K’ DEciDes


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