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SliGhtLy ouT of FocUs SnAp OF mY chRIsTmaS dO … MRs ‘K’ dOne RAre Job WitH hoUse – iT lOOks bOOtiFul!!!…


KuDU iZ gEttInG seAsoNAl ZweePz SinGinG … ‘HavE yOUrsELf …’ ANd eVEn THouGHt ABouT a TRiP tO iCelANds OR SOmeWhERe ICy CoLD lIKe … … IcELanD ??? … bUt TheN DecIDed ThEre WerE MaTteRs ReQuIRinG My ATTeNTioN at HOmeS WiTHOut GalAVanTINg Off OvERsEas … ShAMeZ mR bLaiR dIDnT ThInk Ov ThiS DuRING hIS WAnDerInG DaZE, aS wIth MOnSiEUr CAmER-oN wHO dECIdEs tO cLeaR Off oVersEas WhEN thERe wAz TRouBLeS hEre At HomE wHEN tHemz KIdZ WAz RIOutOus … aN ‘IndISciPliNEd …

Our PolITiCIaNZ sHoULd CarE fOR tHEIrZ pEEpZ LikE GreAt stATesMen OF OlD – liKE BenJAmin DiSRaEli, AnEurI BevAN, WiLLiaM GlADStoNe, WinSTon ChuRChiLL, mAYbE JohN sMIth… Dun U thINK zWeEPz? … Well AnYWazE K=DU dECiDEs – HoW Can I DraW atTEnTIon TO SOmeTHinG reLevANt ANd OF sOCIaL ConCERnS … WelL i Waz ThiNKinG I mIGht GET aNImAL pERsPecTIvES on ThiNGS cHRIsTMaSSyLikE MaYBe sPeaKs wITh A dONkEY aNd THeiR vIEw oF thE cHRsTiaN NatIViTY and WhAT iT mEAnS TO AnImaLz liKe oxEN, aSsES & lAMbS  OR mAYbE i SHoUlD VisIt SomE NoRFolK TuRkEReYs aNd gEt TheIR vUes oF ChrIstMas … bUt THENz I waS thINKinS thE  ‘K’  iZz uSuALLy lIKing  ThiNGz A lITTle MorE lEftFieLD, ALtERNAtoiVe, OfF-The-WaLLs zWeePz! bIt COntROveRSiAL … AnD … SoZe I jOurnEYed To mIsTEr MattHEw BerNArdS OsTRICh FARm sOMewhERe nEAr BEAcONsFiELd iN BuckINgHAmShiRE iN LonDOn’s GreeNBelT …  

OsTriCh FaRms woZ ALl thE raGe In BRiTAiN fUe YeaRs BAk bUt JuSS reCEntLy NoT sO sURe – AnYWazE wHilST I wAS vIsiTIng MaTTHeW bERNaRds hOme I hAPPeneD UpoN ‘PaTHfINdeRS’ oSTericH fARm soMewhEre iN CheSHam WhiCh iZZ onLy 7 mile FRoM BeacOnsfIEld – ThiS izZ A real cOin-ciD-EnTal ZweePz ~ tO me ANywAze – LiKe a SigN thaT ‘K’ iS On riGHt trACk … wIth His JOurnAliStiC InVesTigATioNs!

( … OSTRICH FARMING: – A REVIEW AND FEASIBILITY STUDY OF OPPORTUNITIES IN THE EU It is believed that the UK ostrich population currently stands at 10,000-12,000 birds in total, including about 2,000 breeding females. Clearly the introduction of a separate June Agricultural Census category might be helpful in determining numbers of birds on holdings. )

OstEricH mEat iS MenT tO bE oK gUBba – Low In COleSToROl anD bETter FoR YouZe thAN OthER mEAtS lIKE BeeF sTEAks, PorK  aNd SUcHliKe =  WelL  K=DU reMeMBerS thAT iN SOutH AFriCA tHEy hAVe TheSE fARmS … InFActO ZwEEpZ ThAss WheRe OsTeriCh FarMs ALL sTArtEd  oUt – In RSA !!! … aNd nOt ManY pEePs No That ~ BOm BooM ~ CoURse LoTS oF My FRennS LivIng iN RSA toO as K=DU aRe prEtty extENsivE thROughOUt ARF.R.I.K.A.A … bUt U NuE THat NA’ DiN-U ZwEepZ?!?! …

Now If We WERe INto NAmInG aND shaMIng TheN ToDD DuN pREttY GooD jOB FoR hIMseLF As ALL THESE deTAilS fOLLowiNg >>> WerE rECORdeD By TOdd on The WEbS PagE – ‘THe HuntER rEPort’ – A nEWslETTer SERvinG The HUNteR WHO tRAVELSAPPaRANTLY TOdd GEts REAl ExcITed BouT KillING tHINgs … One GOOd THIng THIS O’ sO sAD piCTUre DOEs SHoW ~ IS hOW HuGE uS K=DU’s aRE – uP aGinST Hu=MANs ZweePz – We IZZ nORmALLy PRouD aNd ResPEKtFUl KrEATuRES zWeePErZ ~ WHEn We IZZ nOT dEAd! …

Hunter:Todd Dunaway  Species:Kudu  Date Taken:July 25, 2010  Taken:RSAMeasurement:49 inches  Outfitter   Company:Africa Maximum Safaris  Guide/PH:Jacques SenekalOutfitter Tel:011 27 71 579 4850Outfitter Website : Outfitter E-mail:

ANyWAzE wE weRz TAlKinG HAppIer ThiNGS ZweePz WhaT WIth CHrISSmASS An ALL … An all … WhENz Sum OF uS dO thINkS aBOUt THe ChrISt~MAs SToRY wHicH eWe-z00-a-LLy FeaTUreS aNimALZ WhICh I thINk IsS a REsULt OF thE rePorTOf THE bIRTH oF jESUS As fOUnd IN thE bIbLE BOOk oF LukE – WHo WAs A PHYSICiAn ANd tHerEFoRe PRoNE tO rECoRDiNG iMpoRTAnT dETaiLs … In His GoSPEl He STatES tHAT thE BabY JeSuS wAs LaiD iN a ManGEr – WHiCH iS AniMALz FeEder TraY AnD sO pEEpS hAVe SOrt OF ImaGinEd ThaT aLL thE BriTisH FarM-sTOcK anImaLz WEre LikE GaTheRed ROunD – wHen TheM SHePheRDs aNd WiSE-Men CAMe A’ CallINg .. I’M thINkiN JoSEPh MaY nOt hAVe wANteD smELLy ANimALz hANGinG RouND bAby JeSUS THo zWeePz! … ARe yOU lEaviN yoUR thOUGhtS dOwn BEloW zWeePz ??? plEazE dOO …

~ CouRSe JosEPh, He WOulDN’t HAVe MinDed KuDu’S bEin’ TherE bUt I’m NoT sURe We EVer MadE iT tO bETHlEheM ZweePz – NO, DUn ThaNk WE DuD eVer?!?


When Mary bore Jesus, twas’ in a cow stall,

With wise men and shepherds and animals and all,

And high from God’s heaven a star’s light did fall,

and the promise of ages it then did recall,

(3rd verse – I wonder as I wander … trad.)

Is’POse ToDAzE – K=DU ‘s FeeLinGZ R’ sTRaIGht Up FOr AnIMAlZ ~ wHat WiTH OstERiCH, aN TuRKey KillED fOR thEIr mEAt aNd BuLL KuDu, mY fRENnS JusS kILL’d foR TheIr tROphY hORNs – But the ‘K’ Izz JuST tALkiN REsPEKt … zweepz R.e.Z.Pe.C.T


Iff wE iZZ lIViN in CREatED W0RlD ??? …  thEN aLL LivINg THINGs MuSS DeseRVe @LeaST=thAt YeSSir/Mad-AM ~ DoNE jUSS ‘BAnG IT’MisTa’ ~ U sEEn ‘THe DeeRHunTEr’ ~ Cos ThaT sAYS iT aLL … aNd hE wAZ so bEAUUUTTIFUL ! So WAZ mY fREnN!… B4 Tod hAS hIS pICtuRE TAkEn Wiv’ Im …

Hu’mANs HavE JusT lOST  thEIR sEnsITivITy …

JJ CALE sIngIng ‘The SenSItIVe KInd’ – ThiS a beaUtifUl sOng ` GoTta Look AftER yEr Wo=Man zWeePeRz

AnYWazE I lEArnEd QuITe A lOts BouT oStEricHeS anD dEcIdED tHeY waZ biT pRejUDicEd AgAiNsT & I WoULd LIke To InvIte a FamILy oF oSterICh To mY cHRIstMas Do aLonG WiTh aNothER fRENN WhO iZZ WiLD aSs … So I hAd’Em ovEr aN’ we DuN thIS PHoTo sHooT U cAn sEe At The vEry Top oF tHiS pOst …

NiKolAsS iZZ reAllY a FinE soRta ANImaL …  lIKe NUn iHavE mETZ B4 An He PUt FORwaRd GooD aRguMEnt AS tO th IMpoRTAnCE of THe ChrIStmAsS StOrY … We HAD lIKE qUITe AN iNteLLecTUaL deBATEz – I SAiD ‘HeY, ‘tHis IZz AlMOwST LikE bEinG iN The ChuRCH oF ENgLAND’ – wIth DiFFreNT SoRTs OF aNIMAlZ cHucKinG in THeiR 4 drACmaS WoRTH … BuT NikOLAsS His POinT WEnT SomETHinG likE THIS –  

“EEEeee-HaaaaaaWWWW!!! – WelL, it doesn’t really matter if there were no domestic animals at the Christs birth place or not. What matters is that if Jesus truly was the Son of God, born into a poor family of refugees or immigrants this tells us so much about the true personality, purpose and power of God …” NikOLAsS  SAY mY uNKlE OrYnXus COuLD hAVe HIS nOTes ON thE suBjEKt If He WANteD to DevELOp THem FuRTher FoR a SERmON …  CoS hE saID aLL hIS pOIntS bEGan WIth A ‘P’ AN thAT wAZ GooD He REcKon.  He ALsO rECCo SomEWhERez UnkLE coULd DOWNLoaD ‘4 StePS tO wrITinG a 3-PoinT SERMon’ whIcH waS DecENt OV Him …

You can download free 3 point sermon outlines and how to write a sermon outline with ease by clicking on

Free 3 Point Sermon Outline.

HoW tO mAKe COMPleTE h0RseS Ass oF yOURseLf

I aM LuVVin bRonZEd sCuLPtuREs AnD hEre Izz ONe I’fOunD  WhiCh IZz BeaUtiFUl … THEre IS oneTHIng wRONG witH Itt FOr Me Tho’ An ThaT iZz CasSiUS C…. oOh SOZzO zWeePz ~ MuHammEd ALI … AnD hE DoN’T eVen LoOks BlacK WhiCh IzZ NoT GooD sEEinG aZ ALI cOunT hiMSelF sUCh AN iCOn OF thE ‘FreeDOM of BlaCk pEEps MoVEMenT. ThiS arTIST Dun TuRNEd ALi iNto Sum WHiTE bOY – AHEm

MuhAmmED Ali ...

SuMz PeePz MAy Be ThiNKin – °°°° ° °  °   ° WhEre IzZ aLL tHs GOiN an what izzie like ?? °°° °  °   °   ° YouZe MAy BE bIT lIKE mE zWEEpZ  IN tHIs !!! … BuT sOme Of USs AnTelOPEz Are lIke gOAtS aNd Sum GoAtS aRe lIKe uSs      anTEloPEs … We lIKE tO rUTt … THaSS wOt WE maLe AnTs dOozE … thATs jUst STreEt FIghTIng zWeePz … We iZz pUgiLISTs … BoxERs/ WreSTlErs/ fIghTERs … HarD tO thINK oF uZZ lIKE thIS i KNow … cOs We LOOks So pEACefUl, RegAl & SerENe … BuT iT’S FemALes ThaT DO iT To Us K=DU’s ZwEEpZ .. We fIGht TO wIn The LAdiEs … To BE PoPulAr, To BE thE N0.1 .. In The GRouP … THaSS Y I aInt No ChAUviNistIC bUt LADY fIghTErs DuNN rEAllY hAV IT 4 Me ZweePerZ ~ HOw cAN We evER hAVe LadY fiGHterS wHo iZZ likE rOCky MarCIAn0 … sUgaR RaY LEAnARd … eZZarD cHArlEs … WiLLie Pep … BennY lEoNARd .. ChaRLey BUrlEY … MUhaMMed ALi … RobErto DurAN … suGar Ray RobinSon … ( ‘SlAterS’ 10 gREatESt FighTERs’ ZweePz … ) …

 .. No, NO. SoZ swEEt lADiEZzz = PugIllISts … fIghTErz U iz NOt! … THey Izz Men – EnD oF! … It’s ONly MaLES wHo RUtT ... ConSUlt NAtURe … U wULd No IF yOU RegULAr ReaDEr Of K=DU thAT He aINt No wOMen HatER aNd aS faR aZZ rACiALLy iNTEgrATed … K=DU iZZ HomE rUN, LevEL-HEadED, NEW aGe, UNiveRsaL HiPPy FreEDom RIDer – K=DU sAY thEre IzZ a LOt WE cAn lEArn FROM nATurE = BuT naTurE wiLL noT NecESSarILy  GivE yoU FaitH … FaITh Izz The GifT oF GoD … JeSUs Had FAITh ~ FaiTh THAt wHEn HIs BoDY wAS bEATEn … eVEn cRuCIFiED, THAT JEhoVaH WAs ABLE To RessuRecT hIm Cos He AloNE hAD dUn n0tHinG wRonG … The mAn dIed, BuT GoD rAISEd tHaT mAn fROm The dEAd … I lEArNEd tHIs FroM mY uNKle ORyNXus Who IS a GREat MAn OF F.a.I.T.h … All Mens & Wo-MenS We mIght Say – aRe bORn TO dIe ~ i.e. You are DyINg frOm The DAZe U R BoRN zwEEpz buT FoR JesUS cHRisT so mUch THe More S00oo … ThaTs WhY He wAs A mAN oF SoRROWs … K?

<< Isaiah 53 >>  ~  American King James Version

Who has believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?

For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he has no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

Surely he has borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was on him; and with his stripes we are healed

AlI/FraZiER ~ thE grEATesTAND sO To BOxiNG daY … thEre IS nO dOubT BOxINg IS a NoblE sPort, An ARt !! ~ The SpoRT of gENtlEMEn aNd SomEThinG thAT aNTeLopES lIKe K=DU cAn RElaTe tO moRe thAN sUm HumAN eXCHanGE … Yes, At THe tIMe oF thE ruTT – We aLsOw iZZ pUGGilISTS, aND fIGhtErs … Well ZwEEpZ sUM maY bE wOnDErinG as THey IZz WandERing oUT UndER thE SkY hoW tHIs FiTS wITh OUR cHriStmAsSy tHEMe AN’ CoURSe K=DU iZz nOt GoNNa Say It IZ aLL tO dO wItH ‘BoXinG dAY’ NoSSiR tHo’ THAt WOULD bE quiTE fUnnY ~ It iZ tO dO wITh HOw JeSuS lAId dOWn HIs LifE – SubMittED tO deATh – He APpeARed TO loSE thE fiGHt iN tRUsT… tHIs WAz nOT pACifISm zWeePz – ThiS Waz f.A.i.T.H – You NEEd tO gET IntO cHUrCH tO Get ALL thE FACTS mY loYAL zWEEpZ – ThiS IzZ Not ReliGIouS TraCT oR gOSpEL lEafLEt eITher … IT iZZ K=DU’s iNTREstiNG aRTs PAGe ThaSS ALL ..


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