it’s a bailey …

Posted: December 2, 2012 in its a bailey ...
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… it is funny but most of my best memories as a child seem to involve my brother martin john parents should never underestimate the importance people place on their older siblings yes it is funny because when you are young somehow you will not admit it and if you are that older brother or sister  you will not easily believe it my emotions toward my brother ranged from a positive and awkward fear bordering on terror to a monstrous respect and an uncanny and awesome allegiance on the one hand i would dread those happy love tumbles and fake fights turning really nasty with my arm forced up my back and the threat that my shoulder might today be finally ripped out of its socket on the other i would go positively gooey at the knees when brother mart offered to pay me 1 bright shilling which is of course the equivalent of a hated 5p in todays economy to cycle down to the village record store and purchase a vinyl recording for him this happened on just a few times but can anyone tell me why those errands have forged such a hallowed place in my long term memory banks today i have decided to release these moments via the wonderful outlet of ta internet in other words i am coming out regarding my childhood devotion to my brother make something of that then todays morbid society of the fallen angels the first time i had to choose a cycle from  my  fleet of two garaged in the garden shed and containing a purple racer with skinny wheels and 5 speed disraeli gears and also a cow horned tracky  decorated in black and chrome with its thick knobbly tracked tyres and skull + cross bones stickers i cycled to the  county radio  store and selected my bruvvers choice which was a bo diddleys album featuring hey bo diddley and then returned home for my one shilling reward the next time i got the call he chose the recently released soul classic which came on the london label featuring the truly marvellous take a piece of my heart  by erma franklin again the reward was 1/20th of an english pound  almost the royal stipend to me but the final commission from his true masters voice was the most sublime and ground breaking of all as far as i am concerned and as i dismounted my tracky choice that day and entered that old electric  appliance and music store in the sleepy londonia suburb of cheam in surrey i struggled to remember its name as i entered the shop and i was doubtful they would have  morrison hotel   by the doors anyway but they did and apart from being filled with a unique and ongoing regard for my brothers choice which will never fade  i had earned another two tanners in my pocket you had to be there to understand the impact the doors made on the young mind of a suburban teenager back in the late sixties but they defined the cultural revolution from an american perspective which described the world in different universal and warmer colours than the who kinks stones small faces or beatles could ever do they were the nirvana of their age  the inxs  the pearl jam   they were radical  poetic  audacious  dangerous  liberal and they were from out of town out of our tidy respectable reserved and village green community  

… its a bailey … december 2 2012


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its a bailey ~ using no traditional punctuation …

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