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card_fan_1DAMN gAmE oF thRonES – lIKe FINd THe LaDy – ZweePz


ThANKs TO mY INVesTigAtiVe jOURnaLISm CORRespONDenCE cOUrsE zWeePErs … thE  ‘K’  hAs bEEn tRAWliNG thE mEDIa wITH nEW viGOUr anD ImpROVed  SpELLinG alS0!!!  My lATESt PROjEkt HAs bEEn MEdiA bASEd anD yOURs TRUlY  “The CuLtUre VULtUrE”  hAS aNd ‘aS bEEn OverWHElmEd, liKE wE aLL has, By tHE aLArmiNG nUmbEr oF U.S. TV sERIes … TuMBLinG OVer ThE bIG pONd aND wAShiNG uP on OUR sHOreS … a VerITabLe SMorGASBoRD oF DiFFErINg ENterTAInMenT … SUm I ‘AS tO saY ~ THAt ARE dAmN gOOD!!!


The ATlaNTic CHANNel On sKy spORTs is LitERaLLy ovERFloWIng WIV’Em … ( THAtS Not WiTHAm AS iN thE rivER whICh iS whAT i WouLD bE IN If I dRppED oFF a LOcaL BRIDGE roUND HERe wHERe I aM liVING ) BUT WiV’Em As iN wITH THEm.


FamoUS aCTorS, DirECtoRS, pRodUCerS hAVe aLL bEEn dRAWn tO thE poTENtiAL of  THe TV seRIES dUE to THe DroPPing oFF oF thE CiNemA attENdanCEs aND thE onGoiNG reMMunERAtioNs onE geTS frOM thE ViEWING of ‘StaY-At-HomE wiTH a PIzzA anD A bEEEr’ TV viEWErZ … ZwEEpZ !!!


WEll SiTTINg oN thE SOFa wITH thE MiSSuS aS i WAs tHE uTHER KniGHT EnaBLED mE to ConSIdeR THIS nEw sOciaL PHENOMenA AND i sAVed MUNNIes oN hOOf lEATHer AND sTayeD IN thE wARMTH t00


Now I Am APPReciATIng This iZZ noT strICtlY iN liNe wITH thE roYAl K=DU’s mANifESTo tO crUIse THe sTReeTS cATChinG the ‘JiVe’ Of whATs gOINg DOWnS In SoCieTY at THis PreSENt TIme ? ? ?  … BUT … EVEn thE LeaN, GReeN ‘CuLtuRE vULtuRE’ hAZZ gOttA taKE a TimE Out ONCe in A WhilE ANd liVE liKE thE uTHErzz …


SpEAkiNGs of The UTHers … Who ARes THeyZZ   zWeePerz?? –  CoS’ When I MEEts THem thEY  iZZ gonnA Get pIEce O’ mY mINd !!!


WelL pEEpS is WatCHinG thE madMen, thE GaME oF thRoNEs, tHe BoRjAs, tHe S0pRaNOeS … eTCeTEra EtcETerA eTceTEra – “HuLLo YuL BrINNzEr” – U iNdEEd Izz THe kING &  I  .. d0T d0T d0T

~ iZZ n0T !!!


BUTT mY dEleCTAblE rEadEr oF the K=DU ArTs MaGazINe thERE iS OnLY 0Ne seRIeS wE shOUldS ALL bE waTCHinG IMAO  aNd iT iZZ   >>>


… OlIVer STonEs – UntOLD HisTORy oF thE UniTEd StaTEs – eVerYTHINg You WAnTEd To kNoW aBiTe mODern WuRLD hISTORy aND yoU werE aFrAiD tO aSk ….


K=DU Say wATcH It … aND i WAnt THIs f0R a CHRISSMAss PreSSiE …


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K=DU befriender


K=DU brighter than a sailors buttons

Has been stepping out down a Golden Mile

of substance, subterfuge and subtteranean pleasure

where glowworms beckon, windows flicker

the streets wet and the homeless shelter hollow

Fluorescents, Led’s, digital parenthesis and leucotomy

challenge here both the marvellous mind of reason

and the morbid dark honour of thieves

the K=DU’s walk to stalk and scatter any seed of hope 

the terror of emotion set free, such Halcyon daze,

the incongrous made true and ferried, shuttled, herdied, rodeod

I am the antelope, I am the seer, I am the conscience

of an entire generation …..


the bright lights