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LifE iS wHaT HAPPenS t0 YoU wHEn YoUr hAVINg fUn

oR pUT iN anOTHer WaY: WhEN YOu wERE nOT eXpeCTINg iT

THaT IS thE BEst KiD oF f f f Un !!!

aNd So thE RoyAL ‘K’ wAs cHECkIng oUT thE aCTioN on THe sTREEtS AS uSUaL ~ & JusT kInDa’ waNDereD inTO tHe l0caL cinEmaTiC eNDeaVouR,

PurchASEd a tICket anD saT riGHT doWN in THe stALLS witH c0Rn And CoKe, wITh tHIS HugE Guy And hIs liTTle friEnd (thEY wERE TReKKieS I reCKiE)

♫♬♩St★RtrECkiNg  acROss tHE unIVErsE♩♪♫

♪♫  On THe gOOd ShIp EntERPriSE   ♫♬  UNDer cAPtAin KIrK ♬♪

( WhY DoES thAT sOUNd LicK onE of THe oLD rUGby SonGS ???

thESE i HEArd WheN i WAS grOWinG uP bACk iN CapETowN ZwEEpZ

You KnoW…  ‘ tWAS on THE gOOd SHip VeNuS ……… ‘ )

We PLAY loRRA RuGGEr in SOUth AfRicA

UneXPEctEd !!!

boy Were THEsE 2 GUyS sURPrisED 2 sEE a K=DU in THe plUsh SEatS bUT theN i DId NOt plaN thiS aT aLL ANd I dO mAKe A loTTa noisE chEWing My cORn And SucKiNg mY CoKe


i SAt QuiEtLy iN my SEat To waTCH thE mooVee

& yEs zWEEpZ i Waz bLOWn aWay

bY tHE moSt entERtAinINg scI-Fi i HAve SEEn iN 20 YEars

i Was entHRAled By thE sUpERB caSTINg

– eaCH chAraCTer SEEmeD to CAtcH The oRigaNaL pERFecTLy

I waS speLLboUNd bY The cHARacterisaTIOns

– tHEy weRE rouNDed  aNd weLL deveLoped

 the acTINg Was tOp-nOtcH anD ImprESSivE –

aNd thE baDDie(S) ???  werE s0000 B.a.d

i Was enGAgeD by A supERBlY wrITTen scREEnplAY

– DramaTIc, s0 HUMouROus & s0RTa PoeTic

i WAS amAZed BY thE SpecIaL eFFectS

– aNd thIS waS thE 2D verSIOn noT thE 3D – EVeN!

thIS sUrE waS a TRekkY bUt IT madE seNSe – DaMN iT!

eVen The cOstUmeS weRe suBtlE, orIgiNAl aND gREAt


tHe pLOt waS faSt-moVing BUt inTelligEnt AnD nOt oVER-cOmplICateD

thE DireCToR J.J.AbraMs sEEmeD to Say

Let Me eNtertAIn yOU !!!!

… AnD i Was eNTERtaINed ~ lIKe a MoviE oF 30/40 YearS AgO ..

 thE musIC scOre bY mICHaeL GiaCCinO waS cOOl

– EveN thE enD graPhicS wEre sTraiGHt A’s ZweePerZ

tHis fIlm CauGHt thE staRTreK dreAM of GenE RodeNBErry borr0WEd a loAd oF hiSToRy aND trADitIONaL sTARTRek CRAp

 anD IT re-WRotE  thE actIOn on A NEW PaGe

sImoN PeGG waS St0rmINGly Funny as ScoTTiE,

simon pegg

ChrIs PINe a HUnk yOu couLD beLIEVe waS KIRk

aNd desPITE havINg the sTranGesT shOes To fIll – ZacHarY QuiNTo puT in A performaNce aS sPock

– bEnEdicT cUMBERbaTCH wAs beST, nAstiESt viLLain FoR yeArs,

KarL URBan sO kOOl (hE aLWAYs iS) anD … Great And … hUMOURouS aS BonEs,

ZoE sALDANa aS LieUteNanT UhUra lOOked ANd fELt thE paRT


AdmIRaL cHRisTOPhEr pIKe (BruCe GreenWooD) StELLa*****

… BruCe GReenWooD prObabLY tuRNed In the BESt perfOrmANce OF all !!! –


BelieVE me if YOu eveN milDly LIke SCI-Fi THIs IS a GREAT moVIE

anD ProBAblY (sHoCK HOrrOr ! ) beTTer thAN hE OriginALs

ダ LeonARd NimmoY’s aGEinG aPPeaRanCe aS thE oLDEr Mr SPOCK sETS thE seAL on THIs bEINg thE GenuINe tHINg ダ

AND youR RoYAl K=DU waLKed out of THaT CINemA fOYER

… WalKinG oN AiR zWEEpZ

bUt dOEs a££ oF tHi$ oNLy pROve ~

YOu g0TTa BE iN thE m00d

to FeEl THe gROOVE : ~ 

‘LiFe IS wHat HAppENs WheN youR HAvInG fUn’


hAvE tHe f-in FuN LoyAL zWeePERz!!