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Me and Cornellius Sanker III – Famed head of Finlay Financial Institute, Hudson Bay

 TONIGht  I am RepOrtIng on My mOst DiffI~cuLT aSsIgnMent to-DatE zWeePz!

I hAve JourneYed to the boTtOm oF thE HudSon River

to interview sOmeOnE i HopE will thrOw new lighT On a fAscInatiNG subJect ThaT i BEliEVE sHoulD StiLL cONCerN Us A loT mORE thAN it DOes’

It hAs beEn VarioUSly calLed the CreDIt crUNch

Or pLainLY : thE gLobaL fiNanCiaL crISes

And Yet i bElievE The laTe 2000’s fInanCiaL crIses HAs brOughT untOld MiseRy to


fOrgEt thAt >>>> BilLionS of PeePs

BillIonS oF pEEps ZweePz!

You ANd ME boTH inCLuded

anD yEs tHE bUtchEr, The BakeR, The CandLesticK mAKer!!

The FIsHermAN …The BarTenDEr AND …  thE thIefs

IndeeD it is My pRognOsiS DeaR zWeePz We hAVe ALL been solD a Giant Fraud On a sCAle Far gReater than WatErgaTe ANd The assAssInatioN of KennEdy’

We hAve BeeN soLD doWn The River ANd nOt thE riVer HudSon Or eVeN tHe HudSon RiVEr NEitHer

~ a SALE so immEnse That The WestErn WorLd wIll Be paYinG foR it the Rest of Our LifetImeS aNd mAybE moSt oF ouR cHlLRenZ Too ZweePz

– K=DU feeLIng VerY StrOnglY bOut This ZweePz As you May Tell !!!

Is WALL sTReeT aS CoRRupT as ShOWn IN thE MovIes …


MoNEy NEveR sLeePS ~ Wall StrEET pOSTer

ALrEadY mANy EconOmists fEEl This financial DisAster is cErtAinlY thE wuRst the WestErn WorLd Has KnoWN sInce thE greaT dEpresSION of THe 1930’s!

HoW iT aLL hAppENeD – GraPH – INtrEStING!!!

pOp, PoP, POP!!!

LooKinG For aN iNteLLigEnt eXPlaNaTioN as TO hoW thIS aLL hAPpENed Is LikE loOKinG foR aN aNNeNomE iN The EnGliSH ChaNnEL – K=DU’s InvEstIGatIOns HIt A waLL evEN wIth MY SAM sPADE HAT fIRmlY PullED onto My HEAd (I mADe SPecIAl HolES foR mY AntLERS bUt this WAs easiER thAN mY pARty SHop SheRLocK hOLMes DeeRSTalKEr WHiCH JuSS diDNt WorK ZwEEpZ.) FirMLy WEArinG my FedORa AND lOoKINg PRItttY  KOooOl ZweEpZ I caMe UP AGainST a WAll THAt SMeLLt oF ‘ConSPirACy’ zWeePz – WhaT dOEs CONsPirACy SmELl LIke ZweEPZ

It aLL SMeLLz A Bit fiShy!!



~ aT leAst iTS noT KuDuStalKEr ZwEEpZ

No doUBt AbOut iT – THe HaT AbOVE Izz a LoT … LOt C00Ler!!! tHan The 0Ne BeLow

– HoW KooL is thaT FedOrA BTW ??? — sO K.0.0.L !!! 

My FreNN CoRnELliUS SanKEr III Is nOt ReallY suCH a GreaT MatEZ to Be HHHonESt

– LIKe A LoTTa ShaRks I tHINX hE thOUghT hE mIGht NOt GEt So Much JuicY-bOOty if PeePz LIke ME ROck HIz BoaT tOO mUch – NevEr SeeN FiNLay FinANciAL InsTitUTe DOwn On Its LuCK MatEz – Not maNy SkiNNy ShaRKs Eh?

No, CorNeLLiuS Did NoWT’ to ALLay My fEARs Juss saiD’ i SHoulD havE moRe fAitH in HUMAN nATUre’

– Got To BE BusTinG mY gENiTallIA … RighT !!!

– K=DU sPeaK trUth Kemo Sabe – THaSS Y U liKEs mE rIGHt ?!?! -zWeePz!

The financial crisis was triggered by a liquidity shortfall in the United States banking system in 2008.[3] The collapse of the U.S. housing bubble, which peaked in 2007, caused the values of securities tied to U.S. real estate pricing to plummet, damaging financial institutions globally.[4] Questions regarding bank solvency, declines in credit availability and damaged investor confidence had an impact on global stock markets, where securities suffered large losses during 2008 and early 2009. Economies worldwide slowed during this period, as credit tightened and international trade declined.[5] Governments and central banks responded with unprecedented fiscal stimulusmonetary policy expansion and institutional bailouts. Although there have been aftershocks, the financial crisis itself ended sometime between late-2008 and mid-2009 

<< ThiS Is HoW WiKipaEdIa RepORTs tHe FinANciaL cRiSiS !!

~ WhiCh SeeMz As Good a DIscRipTIon AZZ aNy On M0ST ThiS PaiNFul TIMe AnD sUBjECt

THE MosT sERioUS fInaNciaL CriSes oF mOst Of oUR lIVeS

K=DU hAz aLwaZe haD hiS own UnsTRIppED, StrEEt-LEVeL vieW oF thINGs wIth no GNu-ShITT ZweePz!

 The TroUblE IzZ No One Is PrePareD TO AccEPt ResPonSiBIliTy AnD wIThiN the FinANciAL mARKetS aREna In tHe PasT TherE CertAINLy HAvE Not BEEn SUffICIent ‘CHeCKS aNd BalAnCEs’.

TheSe STocKbrOkerZ, FinANcIERs, … *aNKers hAVe BeeN aLlOWed To PlaY WitH ouR MonEYZ LikE kiDDz pLAYin WIth LEGO … They biN aLLoweD to LenD tO pEEpeRz Who DonT unDERstaND tOO mUCh abOWT MOniEs aND whEn It All goES wRONg You GEt iN dEBTs aNd YOur PenSIon FUNdZZ aND yO’ saVIngS Go WEst YouNG mAn!

and If THe eCOnOMy gOes BellY-UP iN thEse ShARk InVesTed WatERS thESE sAme *anKers, sMeLLinG ya’ Bl00D aRe waItiNg to FiniSh yOu oFF = tHey pUT yoU anD ouR ecOnoMY in THE DU=DU aNd tHen Who StiLL waLks aWay wiTh THEir PockETS linEd wIth THEiR UsuAl BonUsEs (sTuFFEd wIth NOTes)

cOs’ wHo Picks Up tHE taB … ?

moStLy The COMMON tAXPaYerS zWeePz !!!

iTzz tHE uZZ ~ tHe CommON pEEpS – UzE anD meeZ – wHo sEE ouR haRd-eARNed SavingS DeSSimATED pEEpZ

The CaPiTaliSt eConOMy AnD iT’S GovERNMenTs Are Sooo AfrAid tO sinGLe ouT coRRuptioN iN iT’S raNKs .. as iT tHrOwS a QuesTIon Mark upon The Very bEdrOcK oF ouR socieTy  … iT roCKs THE bOAt thOSE saME sHarKS arE cIRclINg …

– so it’s ….. The sCAbS WhO wALK aWay FREE

TheSe pEEps aRe aLLoweD to Play gAMes WitH ouR moNEy ZwEEpZ ANd wheRE iS thE aCCounTAbiliTY ?? A GooD gOVErnMenT shOUld … WouLD  … CouLd … StEp In – eNSurE RULes AnD LawS arE adHereD To – nEW onES iNStiTUTeD ~ sTUff THe sTUpID, THEiVINg RioTERS >>>

IT’s tHE REal CoMMon hArd-WorKing pEEpZ gOttA finD NeW waYs tO pRoTesT ~

BOY THATS a load OFF MY CHESt ZweePERz ~ i BIn joKINg foR agES saYinG ~ 0Ne dAy I aM g0iNG to cOllECT aLL my HARd eaRneD MoniES oUt of THe sLeaZY, CoRRupT bAnKs aND pUT it IN a BIg K=DU piLLow CAse ~ yoU knoW thE 0NE witH a niCE piCturE oF a K=DU on ItT aNd thEN stiCK it IN thE aTTic – WhicH is A bit LIKe A haYlOft ZwEEpS !!!




Has You NOtiCEd – No fiLM maDE REpReseNtIng WaLL  STRreeT oR tHe SToCk mArKet Or ANy AreA OF thAT sTUff HAs Ever PreSENtEd ThE wORlD oF hIGH FInANcE In aNy OThER WAy thAn AS :~

A NesT of VIperS,

A pIT oF bEARs,

A seA of SHarKS


‘For just one day I would like to ‘swim with the sharks’, be just a ‘spry’ in the wall street tank’


ANd SeE WhAT THey GetS up T0 ~ PlaYinG witH Our “£sd and E$o”

But ShoCK hOrrOr – SHoCK HOrrOR – Ya-De-Ya – Ya-De-YA!!

Its NOt RoCkET SCiENCE – JeePerZ cReePErz – U CaIn’T pULl THe FuR OVer The PeePerZ oF thE cOmmON WoRKinG mANs And WorKinG woManS aNY moRe CoZ I thInKS TheyS KnoWS ~ wE aLL kNOWZ!!!

WE HAve bIn SHafTEd ZweePerZ

ToTAllY sHAFteD!!!!

AnD thE cONsCIeNCE LAcKInG ShaRkS In OUR POol?!?

The No GOOd FinANciERs, The StoCKbROkERs, ThE s0-CaLLed fInaNcIAL WiZZ kiDZZ … Yes and THe WanKEr BanKerS ………… ?!?

ThaNX tO tHEM AmERiCA Has Had To DItCH ItS SPAce ProGRammE … sHame & PEePZ ALL oVEr The WoRLd IS tIGhTENinG thEiR beLtz, CanCeLLinG hOLiDazEAnd TheIr IzZ plENtY oF PeEPZ LosINg JoBS AnD SuMZZ WHo Are StrUGglING tO pAY THEiR biLLs. Not MAnY Of THoZe FInANcIal GuYZZ sTruGGliNg AnD thOsE BiG FiSh Who Eatz The LittLE fISh aNd hAVe tHe fAt BiG SalARy’S  > Yes FoR tHOse GuYZZ AnD i SUpPOSe LAdEEz >