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..Romeo & Juliet


f0R IT tWAs In 1996

ThaT aNuTHER AussIe eX-PorT > BaZ LuHrMaNN

uNvEilEd a lITTlE pIeCe oF cInnEmaTiC sPLEndOuR

It tWAS a PiZZa-sLIce 0F a MOVe – EEEE

sEVeNtEEN YeaRs LatER ………



WhEn WE wUz YunG gROwinG up in CApEToWN

( WheRE aLL gUd sUpER-HerOEs ComE froM zWEEpeRz )

wE dIDNt eVEN kNOw ABouT wiLHelM ShaKEspER SO whEN i CAuGHT siGHT of THIsS HerE mUTheR – I waZ likE BloWn aWAy aNd loSSa mY K=DU frENNs t00!


As A brANd iS TruCKInG … ReD H0T !!!

ANd RECenTLy reALisEd A rANGe oF hIGH fASHIOn TeeS, jEAnS aNd BrAS



rooty tooty dumDUM …






‘thE ONlY ONe’ wAS cliMBinG hIGh in The PoP cHASRtS …

iT’S A aLL tOO bEauTifUl

sO I hEeARD AnYH00 …


RomEo eT jUlIeT


arE thE KINdA moVieS hE haS maDE sO hE haS a CERtAin FlaRE

N0 d0UBt BOrrOWed oR gATHEreD fRom ExperIencEs anD mEMoriEs stOREd GroWinG uP aND viSITIng

HiS fATHers m0VIe h0UsE

oN thIS dAY wHEN m0RRiSSey’s aUTo-BioGRapHy IS UnvEILed sTRAIGHT tO a PEngUIN cLaSSic

Morrissey-AutobiographyI sAy LuHRMaNn mAde A ClASSiC out-oF-A ClASSIc

LeNArDo Di CapRio

ClAiRE dAneS


HarOLd PeRRineAU

PeTe p0StlETHwaITe

pAuL sERVino


and the InCoMpArAbLe

MIrIAm mAGoLyEs _ori

MiRiAm MarGoLYes

AnD WhILe yEt aNothEr vErsIoN iS rELEaSEd

dIREcTed By CarLo cARLei




LifE iS wHaT HAPPenS t0 YoU wHEn YoUr hAVINg fUn

oR pUT iN anOTHer WaY: WhEN YOu wERE nOT eXpeCTINg iT

THaT IS thE BEst KiD oF f f f Un !!!

aNd So thE RoyAL ‘K’ wAs cHECkIng oUT thE aCTioN on THe sTREEtS AS uSUaL ~ & JusT kInDa’ waNDereD inTO tHe l0caL cinEmaTiC eNDeaVouR,

PurchASEd a tICket anD saT riGHT doWN in THe stALLS witH c0Rn And CoKe, wITh tHIS HugE Guy And hIs liTTle friEnd (thEY wERE TReKKieS I reCKiE)

♫♬♩St★RtrECkiNg  acROss tHE unIVErsE♩♪♫

♪♫  On THe gOOd ShIp EntERPriSE   ♫♬  UNDer cAPtAin KIrK ♬♪

( WhY DoES thAT sOUNd LicK onE of THe oLD rUGby SonGS ???

thESE i HEArd WheN i WAS grOWinG uP bACk iN CapETowN ZwEEpZ

You KnoW…  ‘ tWAS on THE gOOd SHip VeNuS ……… ‘ )

We PLAY loRRA RuGGEr in SOUth AfRicA

UneXPEctEd !!!

boy Were THEsE 2 GUyS sURPrisED 2 sEE a K=DU in THe plUsh SEatS bUT theN i DId NOt plaN thiS aT aLL ANd I dO mAKe A loTTa noisE chEWing My cORn And SucKiNg mY CoKe


i SAt QuiEtLy iN my SEat To waTCH thE mooVee

& yEs zWEEpZ i Waz bLOWn aWay

bY tHE moSt entERtAinINg scI-Fi i HAve SEEn iN 20 YEars

i Was entHRAled By thE sUpERB caSTINg

– eaCH chAraCTer SEEmeD to CAtcH The oRigaNaL pERFecTLy

I waS speLLboUNd bY The cHARacterisaTIOns

– tHEy weRE rouNDed  aNd weLL deveLoped

 the acTINg Was tOp-nOtcH anD ImprESSivE –

aNd thE baDDie(S) ???  werE s0000 B.a.d

i Was enGAgeD by A supERBlY wrITTen scREEnplAY

– DramaTIc, s0 HUMouROus & s0RTa PoeTic

i WAS amAZed BY thE SpecIaL eFFectS

– aNd thIS waS thE 2D verSIOn noT thE 3D – EVeN!

thIS sUrE waS a TRekkY bUt IT madE seNSe – DaMN iT!

eVen The cOstUmeS weRe suBtlE, orIgiNAl aND gREAt


tHe pLOt waS faSt-moVing BUt inTelligEnt AnD nOt oVER-cOmplICateD

thE DireCToR J.J.AbraMs sEEmeD to Say

Let Me eNtertAIn yOU !!!!

… AnD i Was eNTERtaINed ~ lIKe a MoviE oF 30/40 YearS AgO ..

 thE musIC scOre bY mICHaeL GiaCCinO waS cOOl

– EveN thE enD graPhicS wEre sTraiGHt A’s ZweePerZ

tHis fIlm CauGHt thE staRTreK dreAM of GenE RodeNBErry borr0WEd a loAd oF hiSToRy aND trADitIONaL sTARTRek CRAp

 anD IT re-WRotE  thE actIOn on A NEW PaGe

sImoN PeGG waS St0rmINGly Funny as ScoTTiE,

simon pegg

ChrIs PINe a HUnk yOu couLD beLIEVe waS KIRk

aNd desPITE havINg the sTranGesT shOes To fIll – ZacHarY QuiNTo puT in A performaNce aS sPock

– bEnEdicT cUMBERbaTCH wAs beST, nAstiESt viLLain FoR yeArs,

KarL URBan sO kOOl (hE aLWAYs iS) anD … Great And … hUMOURouS aS BonEs,

ZoE sALDANa aS LieUteNanT UhUra lOOked ANd fELt thE paRT


AdmIRaL cHRisTOPhEr pIKe (BruCe GreenWooD) StELLa*****

… BruCe GReenWooD prObabLY tuRNed In the BESt perfOrmANce OF all !!! –


BelieVE me if YOu eveN milDly LIke SCI-Fi THIs IS a GREAT moVIE

anD ProBAblY (sHoCK HOrrOr ! ) beTTer thAN hE OriginALs

ダ LeonARd NimmoY’s aGEinG aPPeaRanCe aS thE oLDEr Mr SPOCK sETS thE seAL on THIs bEINg thE GenuINe tHINg ダ

AND youR RoYAl K=DU waLKed out of THaT CINemA fOYER

… WalKinG oN AiR zWEEpZ

bUt dOEs a££ oF tHi$ oNLy pROve ~

YOu g0TTa BE iN thE m00d

to FeEl THe gROOVE : ~ 

‘LiFe IS wHat HAppENs WheN youR HAvInG fUn’


hAvE tHe f-in FuN LoyAL zWeePERz!!




I’m NoT sURE iF iT WerE A drEAm Or JUst A maGicAL mOMenT BuT tHe ‘K’ FouND hIMSElf WAndERinG aROUnD iN aN aLaN LaDD mOViE aNd ENJoYINg iT t000 zwEEpErz ~ ThE ‘K’ WAs eNjOyiNg a tiME wHen THinGS wErE AUThENtiC :~

 au·thenti·cal·ly adv.

Synonyms: authentic, bona fide, genuine, real1, true, undoubted, unquestionable

These adjectives mean not counterfeit or copied: an authentic painting by Corot; a bona fide transfer of property; genuine crabmeat; a real diamond; true courage; undoubted evidence; an unquestionable antique.

Antonym: counterfeit

If sOMetHinG Is To bE coNSidERed ‘NoT cOUNtERfeit’ TheN thAT iS thEREfoRe to BE cONsIDEReD gEnUinE ~ yES, aLaN LaDD wAS tHE gENUInE ArTicLe – 100% anD bONa-fIde ~ AlThouGh hE wAS oF aN ActORIaL pERsuASIon, WhiCH bY deFiniTIon WouLd mAKe hIM inGEnuiNe – i.e. An ACt0r oR p0SSiBLY – a FaKe pLAYinG a ‘ParT’ …

” … the Night MY World Crumbled,

                                                                 … Doctor Melfi.” 

So funny the way Tony Soprano strikes a chord with many men the world over … who would secretly like to  be able to afford to ‘snook’ away to their personal Lorraine Bracco … very sexy lady … pour out their troubles and return to a life of personal freedom … not freedom persé you understand or even an autonomous freedom … but the raw, brutal, freedom of ‘gangster’ rules …

… As a young teenager I cottoned on to the appeal of the ‘gangster’ no doubt enhanced  by images that I saw when a small group of us fourteen year olds tricked the cashier at the local Odeon Cinema into allowing us to view the XXX rated ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ where Faye Dunnaway became my first erotic daydream and Warren Beatty waved his gun and grinned at all authority much like the James Cagney characters had done in those great black and whiteys I had seen on telly …

Frank Nitti

At sixteen I visited a Newspaper Press – Photo Agency in Curzon Street, off Fleet Street and brought photos of my adolescent heroes – Bugs Moran , Frank Nitti, Legs Diamond, Al Capone – I hung them on my wall much to my mums concern – but she never said a word … (more on that to follow) Gangster life certainly does have an appeal to men of all ages and the cinema box office is testament to that … like it or leave it!

Tony follows a strange moral and even ethical code which sees the ‘family’ apparently centre stage and loyalty, honour and submission to the pyramid order of the ‘chapter’ fundamental and yet he is not above ‘rubbing out’ family members who don’t toe the line or cheating on his wife with the first available, attractive woman who catches his eye or even taking a ‘blow job’ from a member of staff in the back room of his pole dancing bar in downtown New York …

Tony Soprano, despite his many heinous crimes is consistently ‘assertive’, not only in his ruling of the Mafia ‘family’ of which he is the ‘father’ but in his justification of the life, living and decisions he makes. He is self-righteous to a level that would make most right-wing fundamentalists blanch.

Tony would take his ‘shrink’ too if her professional etiquette allowed it and those legs ?!?!? … well their worth the fee on their own to Tony ...

… Nothing shocks Doctor Jennifer Melfi, Lorraine Bracco’s character in the Sopranos – she understands it all, receives it all and consistently reasons with Tony  … all the crap. the violence, the rub-outs, the unfaithfulness, the whole ‘family’ thing,  the passes Tony makes at her, even the enforced embrace that he has tried once or thrice …

 – Jennifer is the ultimate professional and that is why Tony keeps returning to her office and her ‘couch’ despite his many protestations and his sometimes abusive claims that she doesn’t really help him at all …

… To Tony she represents the future ~ the ‘new’ confessional, for a new age … and she duly continues to ‘help’ her client with his traumas, to unearth and ‘heal’ his hurts, rationalize past dilemmas, soothe his latest angst, helps him ‘focus’ on future deliberations … for she gives Tony real, specific and wisdom, mental clarity and freedom to think … his own personal space … which is the new lust of the 21st Century that all any of us understand we need in the hurly-burly of life today … a commodity they would wrap or bottle like water if they could …

… but Tony gets his from his true confidant : the fully beautiful Dr. Jennifer …

In many ways Doctor Jennifer is subliminally – running the whole damn show … she is fueling the general of Tony’s particular chapter, founded on the ancient order of Rome … she becomes in many ways almost a Mafia ‘Godmother’ or perhaps ‘God-Person’ … surely she is at least, a kind of ‘new age’ Sopranos’ consigliere ~ the equivalent of the Tom Hagen character in the Godfather films.


Her Sopranos’ character ~ Doctor Jennifer and her psychoanalytic training give her female mind a rare understanding of the male psyche to which she assents more respect than is usual among her gender and she shows a consistently non-judgmental approach to all of Tony’s fettered attempts to unburden his soul, giving to her character an almost redemptive and spiritual quality which boasts an unstated yet almost saintly, unconditional love … 

… this all presupposes to Tony’s subconscious a possibly latent, sexually charged tension which both fascinates and teases Tony, tempting him to conclude that Doctor Jennifer is not purely following the tracks of her professional integrity but actually is a slave to a more basic and animalistic attraction …. despite consistently rejecting tony’s advances Jennifer herself is forced to question her own libido after an erotic dream where she and Tony finally do ‘get it on’ …

Doctor Melfi, the sexy shrink who helps with Tony’s troubles … is forced to question whether, after all and despite both her higher intellect and education that in fact the ‘gangster’ life and Tony’s ‘ like it, take it ‘ modem is the more desirable life … she hates that she is attracted to Tony … with so many reasons that would reasonably deter her …

… the object of this piece is not to evaluate the beautiful Lorraine Bracco but more the idea of employing such an agreeable therapist … I wonder if I were an ‘Englishman in New York’ where I would seek out the wonderful Doctor Jennifer Melfi to calm my troubled brow and present to her the wounds of my childhood and adolescence … I am indeed forever an angst-ridden ‘ado’, a victim of my sixties trauma and the night my world crumbled …

… that sixties implosion which turned our world upside down … those and ‘us’ children, both ‘refugee’ and ‘adopted’ of the ‘war-generation’ still wearing flannel shorts or navy blue knickers … the adoption of change now glistening … for we in those timeless days, quite literally ‘floated’ above the still blood-brown, stained landscape of post-war Britain and the whole traumatized western world where entrenched values so borrowed and horded from a different day were suddenly atomised by the psychedelic grenade of that ‘moral revolution’, a phrase I now coin …

Lorraine, JENNIFER ~ reminds me of my mother, something I suppose all the women I have been attracted to do … true mothers stabilise you, especially if you are a man … a good mother teaches you respect for women … not by words but by example … how could you not respect this woman … your wife … your girlfriend … all the women you meet … women in general!

My mother put up with so much crap from me and yet remained supportive of me throughout my turbulent adolescence with its many excesses and trauma … she was there ‘the night my world crumbled’ ~ she was the one who was left behind … but she stuck … she stayed and she loved me … cared for me and endured … she instilled in me a ‘feeling’ for what is right … she was a true woman … her beauty was real but more than just ‘skin deep’.

… mmmmmm this is a beautiful woman … this is the scent of the kind of woman I adore … why deny it … why be ashamed or shy away from it … intelligent, assertive but oh so feminine!!! …

Lorraine Bracco at age thirty six! …

Older but nothing has changed … this woman is all woman … and before my honest appreciation of Lorraine Bracco drifts from pure, mere infatuation, futile and bereft to the bottom of another Blog queue I will attempt to wax lyrical and give substance to my bones … the Sopranos is a brilliant piece – no, I am not trying to drive you on to to pick up a bargain box-set and a little backhander for me … I am trying to say that the producers, directors, screenwriters and actors have ‘hit’ on a delicious drama with some superb characterisations that maybe they never even half realised themselves and which despite its already enormous and cult popularity has in many ways still to be really ‘seen’ or recognised by the world who wait and watch  …

… WARNING : that said – SOPRANOS is NOT for the faint hearted nor in any way complimentary of the so called ‘Mafia’ practises and lifestyle which it represents at times as wholly callous, heartless and plainly psychotic ~ it should not be forgotten however that it is only a TV Drama – A Series like ‘Dallas’ or ‘Gunsmoke’ and does not necessarily represent most Italian-Americans fairly or honestly …

… I suppose the Sopranos represents the ultimate male ‘soap’, providing as it does a commentary on the worst side of us all … us men that is … Tony Soprano you are a disgrace but secretly we admire your honesty, your commitment, your resolve to get the job done … even when it’s gruesome … but Tony Soprano, despite having the most amazingly fiery, strong and supportive wife and life partner …  what we most covet are those amazing, soul cleansing trips to see the wonderful Doctor Jennifer Melfi ….

Appendix :

Tom Hagen – Family solicitor and the Corleone concierge


The ‘K’  iZZ t0-DaY  X-pLORIng  tHE  WuRLd  Of … AcaDEEmIa .. HE  – AlIAS ‘I’ izz WEAring HIS (My) morTArbOArd ~  WoT  You  MIte  PARapHRAse ~ tHE iNTellIgENtSIa zWeepZ ~ AnD tO PROviDe BacKgROunD iNFOrmATioN I wENt AloNE  tO  thE  WiLdeSt  Of  PlacES  –  iN  tHe  DeePEst  tROpiCal  JunGLes  Of BoRNeO  tO  dISCUss  the  ProBluM  wITh  A  gUy  nAmeD  gOrgEOus  GEorg-iOUs … No WelL  rEAllY  tHE  gUY’S  NamE  IS  gEOrgE …  gEOrgE RiZLa wHiCh Can Be sHorTeneD oF cOUrSE tO ‘GORriLla’.

… GeORgIus fUll nAmE aCTChEWerLy  rEMIndEd Me  oF  a  PreVIouS  lIFe

tHe RiZlA gIrLIeS …

No NOt tHE gIRLs SiLLY !!!

HavE You NevEr Had THE cAusE tO pUrcHAsE thEsE sORta pApErs ZwEEPz : RIZLA PAPERS that iZZ … ThiS ComPanY hAve MAde A tOn oF mONeyS oN thE bACk OF a Big ChUNk OF pROHibItiON aND thEY aRe oF CouRSe aS SquEEkY cLEAn aS a KudU’S TOngUE!!!

CouLd Not FinD pICtuRE oF K=DU’s TonguE so DownlOAded THis sPecTacUlaR PicTurE oF a MalAYaN sUn BeaRs ImmENsE tHINg … wow … w0w and WOW!!!

AnyWAZe bEloVEd ZweePerZ …

WheN i FInAllY gOt tO mEEt GorGIous GEorgiOus  I reALIsed WhaT thEY SayZe ABouT thESE gUyS iS M0rE thAn tRUe – cOs tHEy IZZ p.R.E.E.t.t.y dAMn cLevER ZwEEpZ 

AND it Is PRetTY cLeaR thAT DamoN AlBArN Is A PrEttY cLevER cHAPPiE tOO ~ He StaRTeD HiS cAREER WiTH The PoP gROup “BLuRR” bUtT bItT lATer He uSED hIs FamE aND sUCCess To HuGe eFFecT bY eNDulGinG in A raNGe Of X-PerimENTaL PRo-jEX ~ 1STlY … & seConDLy hE hAS pRodUCed AnD cONtrIBuTed tO a VisuAL aNd mUSiCal PrOjeCt eNTitLED ‘GoRIllAz’ – THE braiNChIld oF dAMon aNd JamiE HoWleTT In WhiCH A ‘vIrtUal’ bANd were DevELopeD anD creAted tO fROnt a fUsiOn of aLteRNatIVe, r0cK, Hip hOp, ElEctROnicA, DuB aNd p0p mUsiC crEAteD by AlBarN, tHE oNly cONsiSteNt PerFormEr anD a sELecTioN oF oTHer MusIciANs … tHe pRojEKt wHicH inCLudEs thE GoRillAZ oWN wEBsiTe hAs bEEn a huGe sUcceSS bRinGinG reCoRD sALes anD seVEral AwarDs to The oRIgInaTorS!!!

 DaMoN AlBarN  AnD jAMie HewLeTt sTarTed iT uP !!!

FiTTinGly GoRiLLaS thEMseLveS eNjoY mOre thaN thEir FaiR sHare Of CreATIVe inTELLIgENce

… AnD wiT !

~ mY iNterVieW wiTH gEoRGioUS bRouGHt sOme SpecTacUlaR iDeaS fOrtH cAusing Me to NEEd rEStS aT frEQuEnt IntERvAls Cos mY bRAin wAs HurT-iNg – WaZ FUn tHO … !

GEoRgIaS hAD thAt TellIng eCcENtrICiTy tHat Is CommUn’ wIth thE MoRe iNTeLLEctUaL AmOngSt uS ~ He tOOk To ScrAtchIng His BrOw aNd tHEn fuRRowIng iT … whICH iZZ a WUrD I Do NoT uSE 2 OffEN …

CouRse qUitE a Lot of pEEpS aRe SayINg tHAt ApEs aNd GorILLaz Are IN fACT mAns CLosESt RElATiVes UpoN tHE pLANeT eArtH BuT tHey CErtAInLy AiNT lIKE mAn’s mAteS Or ANyThiNg arE ThEy? …n0T liKe tHE DoGS famiLY WhO tHey u$eD tO saY Waz MaNs BesT fRIenD … So You ThiNk hUMaNs cLosESt RelAtIVes WoULd ALsOw Be THEiR bESTESt fRieNDz … PerSonALLy I sMeLL a rAt on THe wHolE shEBanG … I mEAn iM tHinKing N0W tHe AntELopE iZZ reALLy mANs cLosEst RelAtiVe An’ WoMAnKinDs FreNN – ThaTs WOt I RecKon AnYHoo … But THEN NobODiES tOld MAnKinD yEt hAvE tHey !!! …

And On A reCEnT vIsit to THe HistORic CiTy oF liNCoLn

I waNderED aImleSSLy (aS K=DUs aRE pROne To Do …) IntO a UniVerSIty GraDUaTIon DaY RECepTIon MarQuEE teNt….

It Was BuIlt In tHE gRounDS of LInCOln CATHEdrAl aND Its LigHT, aIRy aNd CanVAs wALLS Were FiLlED wITh  ……….. ‘LIghT ?…’ AnD thE aiR waS FillEd wITh enTHusIASmS and JoY anD LauGHTer … AS thE yoUNG, oPTimIStiC gRADuaTES, SpoRTiNg tHeiR GraDUatIOn GowNs, hIReD MorTar BOArdS aNd wEarIng GAilY cOLOuRED sASHeS All RepRESENtinG dIFFErinG FaCulTieS SucH as HumANitIes, ScieNCe, ArtS, LaW aND TeaChiNGs eTc. eTc. eTc. reCeiVed tHEiR dIpLOMmaS aNd rEcoGniTioNs …

… I’MsE StiLL uNCerTAin HowS I Was AbLE tO gAIN aDMittANce To tHIs OPTimISTIc EveNT ~ I wAs OffERed eITher A gLasS of rED Or A gLAss Of WHitE Or A gLass OF oRangE JuiCes PluS a VoL aU vENt oR tWo. AParT frOm tANgLINg oNE Ov MY ‘ORNs iN A TRaiLINg WIRe wHIch HuNg FROM thE ceILing I wAS sO enTHUSed BY thE SMIlinG FaceS ANd HAppY BanTEr of ThesE youNG pEOPles THeRe wiTh thEIr pARentS An FreNNs For A spECialS dAY … I waS bUt heARteNed By tHIs ScenE of enTHusiASMs anD freSH spUnk ..

iNNaGaDDaDaViDa oR ‘In Da TENt DriNkinG wIneS wIth EntHUSiaSMs’

… on LeaVinG thE mARquEE The COrnERs oF my EyeS daMP, I wAs aCCosTED by A yOUng MAn wIth A caRriEr Bag aNd A bLacK aNd WHitE ‘One-Of-A-kiNd’ BitCh cAllEd CinDy … He AskEd iF i Had 50p For A cOffEE aNd oF coUrse i tOld Him Us K=DuS dOnt ACtCHewERly DrinK caFFeinE baSed dRinkS aLthOUGh we DO eAt it iN sUm oF thE faUna anD vEgeTAtioN bacK in mY nAtIVe SoUth AFriCa!!!

And SO iF a MalE iS in NeeD Of A gOOd MeaL …

… dOEs thIS maKes-Im a gO0d HUNgARIaN zWeePZ ???

aND if ThiSS iZ irONy tHeN Do stEEl wOrkerS cONstItuTE a DEaD LooooooNg                                 wAiT??? … w.a.i.t ? …

I NoW hAd cUriOUs fEEliNgs Of iNADEQuECY aNd dISorIEntAtiON ~ My EmoTioNs pOLarEyEsEd bY aCadeMia, iNteLLigEnSe, yOUths DediCatiON aNd ALs0 tHe dIsALLusIOnMenT Of THaT yOUng Ex-GraDUaTe wHo Had askEd Me fOr m0Ney fOr a cuPPa’ … iN thIs 21sT CeNTuRY, I thOUght,  hOW cAN wE sTiLl bE sO UnoRgaNisEd aNd pROFFliGAtE wIth The DreaMs aNd aSPIraTIonS oF 0uR yOUTh … I amS MoRe thAn a LITTle ConCERneD aBouT my OWn OffSPrinG, KeDe’S, fUtUre ProSpECTuS …

GeOrGiAs Had reSOrtEd n0W to pIckING b0tH hIs NoStrILLuS ANd sEEmED sOmeWHat DisTracTEd wHich NEver gavE me COMplEte aSSuraNce In thE DaRWinISTic ViEw tHat GoRILLaZ  ARe  lIke MaN’s HalF bRoTHERs oR SOmMAT LiKe tHAt .. SuRelY cHARlES D. wAs kiddINg uS aFtER aLLs bUT fOR aLL thAt GiOrgIus wAs HavinG DamN gOOD brAIN zWEEPz aNd mAkiN tHeee mOst DeliCioUS coNVerSatIon …

‘… I mEAn iM tHinKing tHe AntELopE iZZ reALLy mANs cLosEst RelAtiVe …’

So thE ‘K’ iZZ SpEAkIng to HIm Of His ViEW oN DesCarTE, R.D.LaINg, VoLTaIRe aNd JeAN pAUL sArtRe aNd ALL GeORgiUS CouLD cOME uP wIth Waz ThiS fAIrLy aMusING lITTLE dItty … YeS GiORgiOuS i HeARd ThaTT !!! …

‘To be is to do’ – Socrates, ‘To do is to be’ – Jean Paul Satre, ‘Do be do be do’ – Frank Sinatre


aKaDemIa GivEs Us A rOyAl FeeLinG lIKes WatCHinG BamBer gasCoiNe ON uNIveRsiTy ChaLLenGe Or LisTenng To PatRicK mOOre TALkiNG aBouT thE uNivErse oR sTEPheN hAWkiN reADing EXtrACts FroM hIS BooK oR lISteNinG tO mELVyN BraGG oN sOUThbANk SHoW Or tHaT SkOTTiSh LaydEE WHo TalKs ABoUT bOOKs An No I dUnn MeaN aNN rOBinSOn – STuCK uP bInt! … d0 U nO tHE 1 i mEaN ZweePz ?!

I DECiDre tO eMbArK oN a coNvErsaTion wItH GeOrgIus d’Ans La FRAnCaiS aS thIS sEEmeD a LittLe mORe inTellEctuAl But GeoRgiUS reSpoNdes VoUs dANs La LanGUaGE dE iDiOcY mAkiNG oNLy VoWEL sOUnDs aNd GruNTiNg LiKe aN aPe Or  gOrILLa …

mAn’S bEst FreNNd oR iS iT aPe’S BeSt fRenn AfTer ALL  …

an SO As I cOnClUDEd My InVesTIGaTIon IntO tHe MeriTs oF InTELLIgENse I c0ncLUdE  in The arEnA oF tHe bRaiN thERe Is No sIMpliSTiC oVerViEw aNd tHERe ArE aS mAnY tHinGs tO ?uEstIon aS tHAt mAy uLtiMAtELy sAtIsFy oUr ResTlESS cUriOSiTy … One ThiNg FoR CerTAiNs tHOUgH zWEEpERZ tHEM GoRIllAZ aND aPeS aRe nO HUmANs wHAtEVer Mr ChALES dARwIn SAYzzzzzzzzz

d0N’t bELIEve eVerYthAnG yOU reAd b0y … gal !!


– K=DUMAgAzINe inVesTigAtES tHe eXciTIng WuRLd OF MURDER BALL anD tHe ‘K’ gETs IN a WHEElCHaIr FOr THe 1sT tIme

AnD neXT mONth : ~ the’K’ GOeS dEEp IntO thE mYstERIouS wUrlD oF HyBRiD AuTOmoBIleS

tHe ‘K’ DEciDes




“In THe LanD oF gREEn And PinK”

On An EArlY TRIp to Can-ADA BaCK in THe dAYze WHen AerOPlanes Had pROpeLLERs My MutTer ANd I, We FLEw on a B0aC BriTaNnIa AeroPLaNe anD TOUchED doWN in The LanD oF GreeNLaND + In ThosE DAyZE K=DU wAS nOT ALTogEthEr Az GUd AS hE iZZ nOw aNd hE sNUkkED OFF foR a SHort TOUr OF THe NorTHErn TunDRa !!!

Fly me to the moon and let me swing among those ☆ stars ☆

AS a YOUNG K=DU i HAD hEARd Of A STraNGE CreaTURe i wiShED tO InvESTIgATE – IT waS thIs GeniUs oF InveStiGATioN  tHAT eVentCHEweRLy LED mE inTO thE WUndERFULl WuRLd oF inVesTigAtiVe JouRnOliSM…. I hAD viSitED tHe TUNDRa WhiLSt My mUTtER wHO nEVer Wurried ABout Me aT AlL – JourNEYed ON 0n TO Ca-Na-Da aNd i WAz LEft to TAke A trIp UP nOrtH To LooK foR the Future oF mY aNimALz IntEREstS aND yES I fOUNd THeSe sTRAngESt 0F CreaTUreS Do sTill LIVe in The LANd oF GreeN aND GreY & sNOw oF cOURse!! ZweePz 

Wild musk ox in Greenland, in defense formation

TheSE IZz CReaTUreS whICh ARe ALMoWSt pREhiSToriC wITH MattED wOOleN coaTS thAT reACheS d0Wn To THe fLOOr ~ tHEy L00k LikEs  NU-AgE HIppoS  – KINDa’? ~  The TUndRA whERE thESe BabiES aRe LlVIn IS moWSt UN-hosPItAL ‘aN VerY, vERy COLd = tHEY iZZ likIN to STICK toGethER lIKE in CLumpS cOs THey Izz WHat Is KnoWN aZZ GRigARioUS – ‘An One MalE GETS to Do ALL THe bREEdin WIth THe lAdieS – He hAZ to FEnd OFF the attENTIon OF othER wOulD-Be SuiTers Who CUmZ A caLlin’ aND thEY hAVe thE BiggESt fIGHts oN thiS PlaneT thAT is CaLLed ‘EartH”.

♘  ♞  ♘

Funny thing IZZ THe ‘GlasGow KISS’ iS sort Of aFFEctionate

~I  hAd Wun ONce – Kid BRowkE my K=DU SnOZZer in A puB in CRoydON ‘An I was Just bEing FrienDliES  – I BeeN a SnouTZer EvEr SincE  ZweePz – iT’S MURder finDing GlaSSes THat FIt –

 I haZz lOTSA StoriES likE thaT Wun >> gO to >>


PugiLLisM iZZ aFTer All  A DanGerouS BuZZIneSS !!!

ANYWazE thESe MusK oX thEY go HEAd<To>hEAd – To thE FiniSH  somETIme ANd I was SOrt OF imPResseD – SOrta’ SHocked – sORt oF SurPRiseD thAt THEy WOULd tAKE iT thAT faR … But thEN PeePs THe wORld OVer WIll Die FOr A cauSE … AN’ Well YOu gOttA beLIEve IN soMEthinG ZwEEpZ  dUn U ThanK …

WheN you FIghT Wiv Ya hEAd yOU are REallY RiskiNG it ALL, hoWEver STRong The HEAD pRo-TEKt-IOn You IZZ weARIng !!!…

Well WE hAZZ gOt 2 fACe uP to THe reAliTIes oF 2-DaY anD noT Be PRudilliSTs ZweepZ


aN’ tALKIn oF hELMet SAFety … You GOttA keEp IT on All THe TIMe ...

WheN My EARLieST cHILds Were GRowIN uP –  i’M wiSHin I haD taKen THem TO pUgIllISm CLassES – LiKE BoxINg 0R wREStliNGs ~ Cos I noW REaliSE hoW impORTanT THat STuff IZZ  ~ Not THat I wANteD theM to TUrn OUT liKE rOCKy MArcIAno, AtTilA thE Hun or SUgaY Ray RobINson You’LL uNDersTanD … O’ No … No wAY JosÉ … An’ No WAy BarrY McGUIgAn eIthER  …

But As MeaNS tO teACH pERSonALS dISCiPLINeS, SelF DefENcE aND PHySIcaL fItnESSeS tOO ~ aPParANtlY thERE iS nuTHin Better … BettER watCH thE BraIN boX thOUGh CoS’ ProFessioNAl BOXErS aRe HaviNG hABit oF loSIng EmoTionAL aN’ MEntAL eQUllIBriUM

~ NO whAT i MEan HArrY?!?! …

aN LarrY … cOs hE waZ a BOxER tOO – LArrY HolMES WAz!!… MikE tYSon BIT oF a LOONey TunE Too – EH? aND nOW evEN THE nICE Mr dAViD HAye doIn The FUNNIes aN 0vER reACtiN’ lIKe … AW WellS I’M taLKin ABout PERsonAL dIscIPlinE anD FItnESS wHICH uZZ K=DU’S aRE wELL in TO ZweePz !!

MIghT get YOU a PREttY GIRL Too!!!

Now JAkE LaMOTTa He cAME frOM thE wrONg SIDE oF the TRACks … DinnEE zWEEpZ …

An’ thAT nICe Mr ScorCesE MadE a X-PRo ClaSSic F>I>L>M ABout HiS LifE

sAYIn tHis U hAZ gOTTa SAy wHERe dId the REAl RobERt dENiro go? BaNaNaRaaMa CallED It …

BUt WHat Izz He waItiN  foR ??? – You OnlY GetS oNE stAB at This MelON oF lIFE …

WheN yOU iZZ looKin aT hiZ eaRLier FILMs ~ He  wAZ  REAL  KlaSS aCt – GoDFAthER II ◩ tAXi DrivEr ◧ An THIzz Wun >>>


JusT of LatE Mr MarTIn hAS bIn MakiNg loTSa D0cc-U’ s AboUT sUM inTEresTIng PEEps likE DylAN, RoLliNG sTonES aNd GeorGE hARRisON AnD 0tHerS – But – His lATest cONTRIbutioN IZz moWSt X-CellenT  ChiLDreNs FILLuM ~ ‘HuGo’ ~ Jam PacKed WitH greAT ☆★☆’S ~ thE lIkeS OF :~  Asa ButterfieldChloë Grace MoretzBen KingsleySacha Baron CohenHelen McCroryRay WinstoneEmily MortimerJude Law aND Christopher Lee.

M.S. hAD reALIzeD he HAD noT wUN sINGle FiLLuM hIS wEE GranDaUghTEr CoULd wAtCh anD so THis CREatIVE gEniUS WeNt ouT    …  AND HE mADe a KIds FliCK – aN’ itS SumpTouS ZweePz! ~ e-spECiaLLY iF You CAn WATch IT in THe BLU-RAy …  

JaKe LaMottA Was ONly FiGHter WhO ManAGed TO bEAt SugAR rAY r0bInsOn aN’ THat Was in HiZ  mOwST PuRPle PeriOD –

 SuGAr RaY – MANy Izz  SayIn hE Was THe BEst BOxER-Man EVer!!!

I juSt reCKon HE waZ pREtty KooL …

JakE LaMoTTa ~ thE ReaL thINg

PuGillISTs ArE vEry ResPeKtFul Of EAch oTher … AnD TalKINg oF DOccUMeNTAriES WhiCh We WAz – wEll It WAS ReaL gOod TO sEE La MottA speAkinG iN 0nE AbOut SUGaR-Ray So ResPeKtFul aN nICE liKE – An’ tHAT aFTer LaMottA hAd loST 4 TimES to SuGar wHich sOUNds FUnnIEst tHINg tO saY ZweePs … KinDA wIEEEErd!!!


Wept for me for thee for all,

When he was an infant small.

Thou his image ever see.

Heavenly face that smiles on thee.

Smiles on thee on me on all,

Who became an infant small,

Infant smiles are his own smiles,

Heaven and earth to peace beguiles

William Blake

Songs Of Innocence and Experience No.17

▦ ▥ ▣

S’FunnY zWeePz But WHen U-Izz LooKin at THe sMAll CHidrEN – SofT, innOcenT aNd sO gENtilE You Izz SAyin How Can WE bECOME ‘MasTerS of WAr’ And ConSidER tO TraiN OUr cHilDreNz in the MarShaLL aRTs bUt wE iZZ FigHTinG zWeepZ fROm THe Day We iZZ boRn UntiL thE daYz We arE dYIn

… BUT INNOCENCE Is nEVer ignorance zwEEpZ …

ThaTs wHY yoU TeaCH yOUr LittLe cHILdrEN thE GREEn CroSS CoDe – assenti!

… Soo00000 We K=DU’s is THinKIn’ BettER tO tRAin Our younG-FoLk On How TO dEal WiTh eneMieS thAN Let TheM falL eaSY pRey TO HuntERs, RoBBerS anD 0PPorTunISts WHo pLUndER uS aN’ eXPloIT Us  

~  Not ThaT Uzz AnTElOPEs Are DoiN loTSa FigHTin’ oR aNYthINg mY loYAl FoLLOweRS oF thE RoyAL K=DU – We iZZ aFter All PRettY muCh pEACe LuvvIN BrUTherZ…

( thIS  Izz  tARgeT sH0T areA FoR  K=DU  hUNterS  From HuntERS HoLIDayS BRo-ChuRE – I’m thNKin thiZ iZZ mOst c-R-U-eL )

NO, I I aMz Not ErnESt HemiNGwaY


>>>>> R=Dio AL – ZEEBRA <<<<<



You that fasten all the triggers
For the others to fire
Then you sit back and watch
While the death count gets higher
You hide in your mansions
While young peoples blood
Flows out of their bodies and is buried in the mud

You’ve thrown the worst fear
That could ever be hurled
The fear to bring children
Into this world
For threatening my baby
Unborn and unnamed
You ain’t worth the blood that runs in your veins

How much do I know
To talk out of turn?
You might say that I’m young
You might say I’m unlearned
But there’s one thing I know
Though I’m younger than you
Even Jesus would never forgive what you do

‘Masters Of War’ ~ Bob Dylan lyrics

So TO fiGHT oR nOT tO fiGHt IzZ noT reALLY a QueSTIon

COs WheN you iZz sTReet CruiSER lIKe tHe ‘K’ IzZ – You Izz traVELLin MucH woRN pATh

wheRe LUrkS thE FOes Of THis civIliSAtioN

BoTH bAD anD the GOOd wHO liVE iN THe NIGHt wINd

ThaT trAveLz DowN thIS sTOn-COld ALLEy

A RaW wIND thAt BitES, CuTS aND bURNs

wHERe wE fIGHt tO dreAM ouR drEAMs Or PrO-tEKT oUR fAMiLee

We cURSe thE hunTEr aND sTAnd 2-gEthER eYe tO EyE !!! 

I wIll FigHT thEE oNly IF yOu wRonG Me O’ sIr gALahAD

 The Royal Kudu 

ThesE Izz CUzZiNz Of mIne HAVin A wEE TéTe á TÉte oF thEIr OWNN!

An thiS? … SugAR rAY RoBInSOn anD La MottA gO HEad To HeaD






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'... WhAtS ReaLLy GOnnA baKe YOUr NOOdLe'






MIcKy RourkE aS thE WreSTlEr … diffreNT cLAsS!

ThiS Is An osCAr wiNNing PerfOrmANce FroM a Guy Who TurNed His LIfe ArounD fROm SEMi-ObsCUriTy To pRoDuCE tHe ActIng PerfOrmaNce Of HiS lIfEtimE ~ K=DU Is gIvinG hIM a K*SCAR ZwEEpZ BeCAUse The NumTIes WhO DecIDe WhO Get THe AcADemY aWARd iN 2009 ‘GavE iT to The WronG GuY’ (ApoLS tO sEAn PEnN …) + iF yOU aGREes WitH The ‘K’ plEase LEave cOMMentS aT bASe OF thIS poST : tHANks FOr LIstENIng …


I am just a poor boy
Thoughmy story’s seldom told
I have squandered my resistance
For a pocket full of mumbles such are promises
All lies and jests
Still a man hears what he wants to hear
And disregards the rest

When I left my home and my family
I was no more than a boy
In the company of strangers
In the quiet of the railway station running scared
Laying low, seeking out the poorer quarters
Where the ragged people go
Looking for the places only they would know

Lie la lie …

Asking only workman’s wages

I come looking for a job
But I get no offers,
Just a come-on from the whores on Seventh Avenue
I do declare, there were times when I was so lonesome
I took some comfort there

Lie la lie …

Then I’m laying out my winter clothes
And wishing I was gone
Going home
Where the New York City winters aren’t bleeding me
Bleeding me, going home

In the clearing stands a boxer
And a fighter by his trade
And he carries the reminders
Of ev’ry glove that layed him down
Or cut him till he cried out
In his anger and his shame
“I am leaving, I am leaving”
But the fighter still remains

Lie la lie …

sung by Simon and Garfunkel

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

… the inTResTinG conCLusiON to ThiS poST IZz thAT mIcKey ROurKe ActUaLLy gAVe Up ActINg tO reTUrn TO hIS fIRst CarEEr As A …BOxEr … bECauSE he Had FelT aT tHe TimE hE was iN daNGer OF sElf DesTRuctINg In THe LIfe oF an actoR .. AFteR RetiRIng From BOxinG UndEfeATed .. . s0rTa .. .  He Then CAme Back TO acTinG …

SeeN The WrESTlER oR nOt? … WhaT dO yOu tHInk, –  LeaVe A coMMenT bEloW.. .