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Hellmann’s ketchup really is the best available & the innovative release valve is something to be admired.

KuDu has ARRiVed back In BReXIt-Uk BritAin aND hAs A nEW stUdIo – BasED sOMeWHERe IN tHe MidLandS – & IT sEEmS hE hAS a LOt of CAtcH-uP TuDu .. . WHIch wILL sERve bettER THan a lOtta DUdu WHIch IS what mOST poliTICianS ConstANTLy seRVE US PooR COn-stIT-u-ANTs.. . I meTTa poLItiCally aCTIvAted aNT cALLed oBLA dEe bACk iN boTsWanA aNd he WAzzA m0thEr !!! .. . bEcause aNTS ShaRE RESPOnSIBility f0r tHEIR younG wIThin tHEIr cOMMUNIty .. . sPEAKIng of TERmiTE NestS .. . WHy iS thE wEst reCEnTlY So uNMotIvaTed to help thAT pOOr SELf cONFessed mUSLim maN #RaifBadaw (#JeSuisRaif ) ?? – a VIctIM oF tHe sAUdI regimE ?? f0r staTinG onLy WhAt iS jUSt faIr & rEAsOnaBlE !! .. . we WAZ quiCK enoUGH to MarCh InTo pREvIouSly sAUdi-fINAnced IraQ ( t0 tHe TUne of $25 bi££ion ) aT thE bEheST oF a sAUdI gOVernMenT, AfTer iRAq’S iNvaSion Of KuWaiT .. . wHo sAyS thAt oIL DoEsn’t deCIde whO liVes Or Dies? 0R wHo OwnS fOOtbALL tEams ? .. . mAyBE pEtEr 0’ToolE’S T.E.LawrENce of AraBiA cHaraCTer Was cOrreCT ?

  • ‘Sherif Ali, so long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are.’

pearl jam 10

GooD tO reMemBer ThAT g00D tHIngS hAppeNed In 1991 aLs0 .. . in-CludIng oNE oF #RoLLinGBones ToP 100 AlbUms Of thE 20Th ceNtuRy .. . KuDu jUsT haPPenEd t0 StiCk thiS oN thE stacK in my Pad ‘tOthER daY aNd liSteN AgaIn tO thE dUlcIt ToneS oF EddIE vEddEr & c0’s BeaUtiFuL aLBum – TEN – WhEn He waSn’t ITerESTed iN sIngINg ‘SiLLy LovE sONGs’ & BeC0MinG a CELebRiTy sIngEr!

.. .

#Raif Badawi wAS bOrn in 1984 – a WritER, dIdssIdeNt & acTiviSt wH0 cReatED thE weBSitE  Free Saudi Liberals.

Raif Badawi

Badawi was arrested in 2012 on a charge of “insulting Islam through electronic channels” and brought to court on several charges, including apostasy. In 2013 he was convicted on several charges and sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes. In 2014 his sentence was increased to 10 years in prison, 1000 lashes, and a fine. (lifted from Wikipedia)

 .. .

wEAseLs rIppeD mY flesH was THe 


sTUdiO AlbUm reLeaseD by tHe amERIcan RocK bAnd: MothERS of InvenTion

KuDu wAS dEliGHTed to LearN thAt The T.U.C. ( reMEmbER tHem? ) Are n0w JoiNIng thE deBAte oN A.I. aNd urGINg thE goVernMEnt tO eNSurE TecHN0loGcaL innOVatiON bRingS gREAter bENefIts FoR thE WOrkINg mAN & thE retIRed :

Frances O’Grady, the TUC general secretary, said: “Robots and AI could let us produce more for less, boosting national prosperity. But we need a debate about who benefits from this wealth, and how workers get a fair share.”

AlWAyS GreAT to KnoW thAt tHe UnioNs aRe sTIll alivE & kIckiNG .. .

( tHeRe MaY sTIll bE a PUrpLE aGE foR thEm t0 c0mE )

– THaT BEforE thE aGe oF BIg Br0TheR finALLy kICkS iN!!

.. .

GUd NEws!! .. . KuDu 1s BaCK!

& KuDu lOves aLL sMaLL, wo0dLand animalS  &  pUNK-CheW-AziAn

# No aNimAls WeRe HarmED in thE pRodUctI0N oF thIs fUn BloG .. . 


ReGgAE, RoMEo AnD RECoLLeCTIonS of A SKa BoY … Etc. Etc. Etc.

ThE SkA LibRArY – buT wAs IT sKA, RoCksTEadY oR rEGGAE, REggAe, ReggAe ?…

My SkINHeaD BrOguES – CoSt me 3 WeEkS wAGes +++

The BEn SHERrmAN sHOp wAs oPPOsiTE nAtiONal GAllERY

USed To BE iN thE BEN SHERMAN sHop > 10 dOOrS AwaY FrOM WheRE I wORKED in ThE ChaRInG + RoAd

In MY m0D sUIt aT aGe 18 : 1969



i GOt HoLD oF aN eARLy BoB MaRLEy rECOrd wHEN hE wAS oNLY 21!

boUghT iT iN aN aMazINg ReGGaE sHOp nEXt tO bALHam StaTIon

– 7/8 yEArs BefORe hIS fAMe StaRTeD 

“He WHo kNowS it – FEelS iT! ….



SkiNheAD sTreEt CruISerS


Watched BBC FOURS Reggae Special tonight …

and realized again, how good is that SKA beat sound ?…

Reminded me of the old daze

Me, the BOSS and me old mate Scottie …

we toured Croydon in my white convertible Ford Consul

with the Wine Red leather upholstery

picking up the skirt at the old haunts

dressed in my made-to-measure and £70 hand made brogues … This in 1970 ! …

… Or dressed in my Levis, braces, Docs and original Ben Shermans.



the PINEAPPLE at Old Kent Road, the amazing TELEGRAPH at Brixton,

tHe TElEGraPH Inn At BRixTOn

WhoSe iNTerioR wAS mODEllED oN the INsidE of A tRAnSisTOr RAdio – wIth VaLVes As TabLeS aNd oTher COmpONenTS aS chAIRS, thE bAr, dAnCEfLoor ANd oTheR  tHinGsS – All Set On DiffERent LeVEls – WonDerfUL pLAce !!!

There wasThe SHIP at Croydon where I got my nose broken,

Streatham LOCARNO where I took my first real girl friend

and the PURLEY ORCHID which was a bit dated really but had

some very different ladies …



… Shame they couldnt find some of the real

skinhead classics on the Reggae Special ~


Phillis Dyllon, Toots and the Maytals ~ WATER MELON

– my own personal favourite.

Used to play my 7″ Reggae vinyls till they had holes in, 

on a portable slot record player I bought in London  

near Tottenham Court Road … I never ever saw another

one before or since … Used to visit all the reggae record

shops and listen to the soundz in the booths …

…  One next to CROYDON Station and a brilliant

Reggae shop near BALHAM Station which had nothing

but black customers but was owned by an old white guy

… So many great reggae

songs and so many girls in their

cute mohair suits and their cool cropped hair

with the pull over fringe …

… Themz were the dayze ….

I forgive you Theresa Green, I knew that wasn’t really your name

and Stephanie who slapped my face by the main bar at the Suite …

… I wasn’t three-timing you honest, I think it might have been 4! … 

READ >>> Suedehead_(subculture)

PicTurES oF ‘THE ‘b0SS’ anD ‘sCottIe’ iN oUR bACkYarD … mY mAte Ian PeACoCK … Still TryiNg tO fInd thAt lITTle DiaMonD … I trEAteD hiM BaDLy 

“TriButE tO OtIS”

– OriGinAllY PostED on his 70Th BIrtHDAy!

I’ve been loving you, too long … caint stop now…

AnD wE hAVE bEEn mIssInG yOu OTIS …

SUffIcE IT tO saY . . .


~ OTIS REDDING was born 09.09.41

– he DIed 12.12.67

– He was jUSt 26 YeaRS olD

King Of SouL

ToDay OtIs wOUld HAve beeN 73 Years Old


OtiS REddINg Had The MOst nATuRAl AnD DisTIncTIveLy RounDed COnTemPorARy SOul VoiCe Of  THe 20TH CentURy

– SomETHinG liKE waRm MolLASes, DriZzled OVer FinEST BouRBon On THe ROckS !!!!

It Was A trAgedY tO mE WhEn I heaRD oF hIS deATh At The AGe Of Only 26.

–  I waS onLy 16 yEarS oF aGe wHen The NewS broKE – OtIs ReDDinG haD dieD in A pLaNe CraSh

Since ThEn I hAVe CarrIEd A fLame For OTis ReddING In MY HearT as INdEEd dO mAnY mUsIc lOVErs of alL aGes


– GreAT loVe SONgs< gREat JaZz-SouL sOngS – His Voice CausES a ShiVer DoWN mY sPIne – It Is t0TALLy EleCtric – Mr SouL~FUL – TherE arE othEr GreaT sOuL VoiCEs bUt FoR mE aNd MillIonS of otHERs OtiS IS tHE tRuE KinG oF sOul



oN R=Dio Al ZeeBRa

FOR   K♚nG   0Tis

 ………  MorE thAN a LeGEnD!


” … the Night MY World Crumbled,

                                                                 … Doctor Melfi.” 

So funny the way Tony Soprano strikes a chord with many men the world over … who would secretly like to  be able to afford to ‘snook’ away to their personal Lorraine Bracco … very sexy lady … pour out their troubles and return to a life of personal freedom … not freedom persé you understand or even an autonomous freedom … but the raw, brutal, freedom of ‘gangster’ rules …

… As a young teenager I cottoned on to the appeal of the ‘gangster’ no doubt enhanced  by images that I saw when a small group of us fourteen year olds tricked the cashier at the local Odeon Cinema into allowing us to view the XXX rated ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ where Faye Dunnaway became my first erotic daydream and Warren Beatty waved his gun and grinned at all authority much like the James Cagney characters had done in those great black and whiteys I had seen on telly …

Frank Nitti

At sixteen I visited a Newspaper Press – Photo Agency in Curzon Street, off Fleet Street and brought photos of my adolescent heroes – Bugs Moran , Frank Nitti, Legs Diamond, Al Capone – I hung them on my wall much to my mums concern – but she never said a word … (more on that to follow) Gangster life certainly does have an appeal to men of all ages and the cinema box office is testament to that … like it or leave it!

Tony follows a strange moral and even ethical code which sees the ‘family’ apparently centre stage and loyalty, honour and submission to the pyramid order of the ‘chapter’ fundamental and yet he is not above ‘rubbing out’ family members who don’t toe the line or cheating on his wife with the first available, attractive woman who catches his eye or even taking a ‘blow job’ from a member of staff in the back room of his pole dancing bar in downtown New York …

Tony Soprano, despite his many heinous crimes is consistently ‘assertive’, not only in his ruling of the Mafia ‘family’ of which he is the ‘father’ but in his justification of the life, living and decisions he makes. He is self-righteous to a level that would make most right-wing fundamentalists blanch.

Tony would take his ‘shrink’ too if her professional etiquette allowed it and those legs ?!?!? … well their worth the fee on their own to Tony ...

… Nothing shocks Doctor Jennifer Melfi, Lorraine Bracco’s character in the Sopranos – she understands it all, receives it all and consistently reasons with Tony  … all the crap. the violence, the rub-outs, the unfaithfulness, the whole ‘family’ thing,  the passes Tony makes at her, even the enforced embrace that he has tried once or thrice …

 – Jennifer is the ultimate professional and that is why Tony keeps returning to her office and her ‘couch’ despite his many protestations and his sometimes abusive claims that she doesn’t really help him at all …

… To Tony she represents the future ~ the ‘new’ confessional, for a new age … and she duly continues to ‘help’ her client with his traumas, to unearth and ‘heal’ his hurts, rationalize past dilemmas, soothe his latest angst, helps him ‘focus’ on future deliberations … for she gives Tony real, specific and wisdom, mental clarity and freedom to think … his own personal space … which is the new lust of the 21st Century that all any of us understand we need in the hurly-burly of life today … a commodity they would wrap or bottle like water if they could …

… but Tony gets his from his true confidant : the fully beautiful Dr. Jennifer …

In many ways Doctor Jennifer is subliminally – running the whole damn show … she is fueling the general of Tony’s particular chapter, founded on the ancient order of Rome … she becomes in many ways almost a Mafia ‘Godmother’ or perhaps ‘God-Person’ … surely she is at least, a kind of ‘new age’ Sopranos’ consigliere ~ the equivalent of the Tom Hagen character in the Godfather films.


Her Sopranos’ character ~ Doctor Jennifer and her psychoanalytic training give her female mind a rare understanding of the male psyche to which she assents more respect than is usual among her gender and she shows a consistently non-judgmental approach to all of Tony’s fettered attempts to unburden his soul, giving to her character an almost redemptive and spiritual quality which boasts an unstated yet almost saintly, unconditional love … 

… this all presupposes to Tony’s subconscious a possibly latent, sexually charged tension which both fascinates and teases Tony, tempting him to conclude that Doctor Jennifer is not purely following the tracks of her professional integrity but actually is a slave to a more basic and animalistic attraction …. despite consistently rejecting tony’s advances Jennifer herself is forced to question her own libido after an erotic dream where she and Tony finally do ‘get it on’ …

Doctor Melfi, the sexy shrink who helps with Tony’s troubles … is forced to question whether, after all and despite both her higher intellect and education that in fact the ‘gangster’ life and Tony’s ‘ like it, take it ‘ modem is the more desirable life … she hates that she is attracted to Tony … with so many reasons that would reasonably deter her …

… the object of this piece is not to evaluate the beautiful Lorraine Bracco but more the idea of employing such an agreeable therapist … I wonder if I were an ‘Englishman in New York’ where I would seek out the wonderful Doctor Jennifer Melfi to calm my troubled brow and present to her the wounds of my childhood and adolescence … I am indeed forever an angst-ridden ‘ado’, a victim of my sixties trauma and the night my world crumbled …

… that sixties implosion which turned our world upside down … those and ‘us’ children, both ‘refugee’ and ‘adopted’ of the ‘war-generation’ still wearing flannel shorts or navy blue knickers … the adoption of change now glistening … for we in those timeless days, quite literally ‘floated’ above the still blood-brown, stained landscape of post-war Britain and the whole traumatized western world where entrenched values so borrowed and horded from a different day were suddenly atomised by the psychedelic grenade of that ‘moral revolution’, a phrase I now coin …

Lorraine, JENNIFER ~ reminds me of my mother, something I suppose all the women I have been attracted to do … true mothers stabilise you, especially if you are a man … a good mother teaches you respect for women … not by words but by example … how could you not respect this woman … your wife … your girlfriend … all the women you meet … women in general!

My mother put up with so much crap from me and yet remained supportive of me throughout my turbulent adolescence with its many excesses and trauma … she was there ‘the night my world crumbled’ ~ she was the one who was left behind … but she stuck … she stayed and she loved me … cared for me and endured … she instilled in me a ‘feeling’ for what is right … she was a true woman … her beauty was real but more than just ‘skin deep’.

… mmmmmm this is a beautiful woman … this is the scent of the kind of woman I adore … why deny it … why be ashamed or shy away from it … intelligent, assertive but oh so feminine!!! …

Lorraine Bracco at age thirty six! …

Older but nothing has changed … this woman is all woman … and before my honest appreciation of Lorraine Bracco drifts from pure, mere infatuation, futile and bereft to the bottom of another Blog queue I will attempt to wax lyrical and give substance to my bones … the Sopranos is a brilliant piece – no, I am not trying to drive you on to to pick up a bargain box-set and a little backhander for me … I am trying to say that the producers, directors, screenwriters and actors have ‘hit’ on a delicious drama with some superb characterisations that maybe they never even half realised themselves and which despite its already enormous and cult popularity has in many ways still to be really ‘seen’ or recognised by the world who wait and watch  …

… WARNING : that said – SOPRANOS is NOT for the faint hearted nor in any way complimentary of the so called ‘Mafia’ practises and lifestyle which it represents at times as wholly callous, heartless and plainly psychotic ~ it should not be forgotten however that it is only a TV Drama – A Series like ‘Dallas’ or ‘Gunsmoke’ and does not necessarily represent most Italian-Americans fairly or honestly …

… I suppose the Sopranos represents the ultimate male ‘soap’, providing as it does a commentary on the worst side of us all … us men that is … Tony Soprano you are a disgrace but secretly we admire your honesty, your commitment, your resolve to get the job done … even when it’s gruesome … but Tony Soprano, despite having the most amazingly fiery, strong and supportive wife and life partner …  what we most covet are those amazing, soul cleansing trips to see the wonderful Doctor Jennifer Melfi ….

Appendix :

Tom Hagen – Family solicitor and the Corleone concierge




‘I JusT wAnnA maKe LovE tO yOu …’



<<< (aRtiCLE)

PerCEptIVe, iNtELLIgEnt, dISceRNinG, sUbtLe, UndeRStaTed, ImaGiNAtIve.

nOt wOrdS We AttRIbuTe tO wrITerS TOdAY –

HeSSe waS aLL oF tHesE … 

aNd MoRE . . .

HUmANE, PrOpHEtiC, aLtRUisTiC, sPirITuAl

hE cOulD tELL a gOOd StoRY Too …

The GlASS bEAd gAme WouLD mAke a GrEat MovIe …

HerMaNN hEssE  1877 ~ 1962

rEAd thEse ArtIKLeS >>>

HesSe reCoGnisEd tHe POweR oF wOrdS

HerMaNN hEssE mISunDerSTooD bUt LovEd …

BooK LisT

PeTer CarMenZiNd

BenEatH The WhEEl





KlINGsOr’S LaSt SuMMer


In SiGht Of ChaOs



NarCiSSuS aNd GoLdmUNd

TheJouRNEy To The eAst

The GlASS bEad GamE (mAGisTEr LuDi)

If The WaR gOEs oN



StrANge NeWs fRom ANotHEr sTar

HouRS iN thE gARDen

TalEs oF sTuDenT LifE

StoRieS oF 5 DecADes

SouL oF thE AGe

My BeliEf


ThE fAIry taLes oF HerMAnn HessE


aN aLtERNaTiVe  ViEw > > > >

K=DU PowERed By R=DIo AlZeeBRA

bRIngS You The BesT in ENterTAinMENt … ALwaZe

♕    ♕    ♕

K=DU reTUrnS on The DAzE we RecaLL AN eRa wHenZ We WERe YouNG aNd The SkY Waz BluE

PeEPz wERe AloUd tO HavE hEroeS AnD pEEpz wEre STiLL a liTTlE oPen-mIndeD!

The SIxtIes WerENT tHAT grEat bUt thEy dId sTiLL allOw us To WonDer!

K=DU grEW uP hAVin’ moRE tHan A FuE > HEroES!!

♕    ♕    ♕

♕    ♕    ♕

YeS, AlI wAs tHe gREAtEst fIghtEr

~ hE wAz an ARtISt, A mAgiCiaN, aNd a ‘LegENd’

hE cOulD TalK  a LottA bUlL- buT fORGet tHat He HAd pErsONaLiT-EEe!

♕    ♕    ♕

♕    ♕    ♕

PerSonAlIt-eEE aTTraCts!!!!

♕    ♕    ♕

♕    ♕    ♕

MuHaMMaD Ali wAs 70 YeaRs ToDay!

♕    ♕    ♕

♕    ♕    ♕

tHIs iS By Way Of A trIBUtE tO A sIxTieS Hero – MaYBe?

bUT sOMeoNE wHO dEfinEd aN eRa, aLong WiTh a WHolE BunCH of OthERs, aT a REAl TimE of ChanGe …

♕    ♕    ♕


♕    ♕    ♕

PoStSCriPT  tO thIS pOSt – ALi’s ResPonse tO aDVerSItY aNd ILLnESS hAs OnLY dEVelOPeD His stATUs aS a TRUe IcON oF thE lAST 50 YeARS – He iS aLSo a TRUe gEntLEmaN!