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“TriButE tO OtIS”

– OriGinAllY PostED on his 70Th BIrtHDAy!

I’ve been loving you, too long … caint stop now…

AnD wE hAVE bEEn mIssInG yOu OTIS …

SUffIcE IT tO saY . . .


~ OTIS REDDING was born 09.09.41

– he DIed 12.12.67

– He was jUSt 26 YeaRS olD

King Of SouL

ToDay OtIs wOUld HAve beeN 73 Years Old


OtiS REddINg Had The MOst nATuRAl AnD DisTIncTIveLy RounDed COnTemPorARy SOul VoiCe Of  THe 20TH CentURy

– SomETHinG liKE waRm MolLASes, DriZzled OVer FinEST BouRBon On THe ROckS !!!!

It Was A trAgedY tO mE WhEn I heaRD oF hIS deATh At The AGe Of Only 26.

–  I waS onLy 16 yEarS oF aGe wHen The NewS broKE – OtIs ReDDinG haD dieD in A pLaNe CraSh

Since ThEn I hAVe CarrIEd A fLame For OTis ReddING In MY HearT as INdEEd dO mAnY mUsIc lOVErs of alL aGes


– GreAT loVe SONgs< gREat JaZz-SouL sOngS – His Voice CausES a ShiVer DoWN mY sPIne – It Is t0TALLy EleCtric – Mr SouL~FUL – TherE arE othEr GreaT sOuL VoiCEs bUt FoR mE aNd MillIonS of otHERs OtiS IS tHE tRuE KinG oF sOul



oN R=Dio Al ZeeBRa

FOR   K♚nG   0Tis

 ………  MorE thAN a LeGEnD!





The mOOn Izz nOT eNNuFF!



'HoWwww! zwEEpZ  Ize A GoNna TRy MooNWAlKIn ... '

My TRiP tO LuNar SuRFAce AlTHouGH eXPenSiVE Was WEry ReVeALinG

An ACcoUNt My LOYAlZ K=DU mAgAzine ReaDerZ oF an UnsCheDUleD tRip to A pLACe wE haVe ALL wONdERed wHat It IZz LIke  …  As A CHilD of The SIXteeZ we were All PRiVEleGEd to EnjOY thE spACe rAce ~ As In THOZe HALCYon DazE thE maIn PlayERs iN The OrIgInaL  StAR wARS CaSt WerE NoT PeEpZ LikE LukE aNd HaN sOlo bUt PEEpZ LIke Uri GaGaRRIn, Buzz ALDriN and StaR OVv The SHoW ~ NeiL ArMSTrOngz


 HerE IZz A rOLE~cALl  ZwEEpZ  OF  thE  Ten  HUMaNZ  PEepZ  WHO  hAVe  WalkED  on  thE  MoooN  ThaTZ INdA HIZtoRy Of THE WorLDD ZwEEpz

~CasT iN oRDer Of ApPeaRance

>>>> 1. NeiL aRmSTroNG : 2.BUzz ALdrIn : 3.PetE cONrAD :4. AlAN bEAN : 5.AlAN sHePArD : 6.EdgAr MitCHeLl : 7.DaVId SCoTt : 8.JiM IRwiN : 9.JoHN YouNg : 10.CHArLie DUkE 11.GenE CEmAn 12.HARRisOn ScHmiTt <<<<

      THE MooN is NOt EnOugh !

A RamBliNG tALe

The MooN cAN dO tHAT To YA’

They usEd To SEnD dOGs IntO sPAce … And Mice < RAts I sPOse’ As Well ~ WhaT We DIdNt reAliSE wAz TheYmuST hAve  eXPoRted A TapIR intO “OUteR” aS WeLL

– A vEry FinE tAPiR aS iT hAPPeNz

– Анастасия ~ a beAUtiFUl MalAyaN tAPir –

RecKOneD She Had BeeN on Moon For At LeaST 40 YeaRs – buT i FouND iT hARd To ImaGinE She WOUlD StILL HavE ANy REAl COncEPt oF eaRth TIme ZweePz ~ Her NamE is PRonOuncEd ,, . ahnahstahSEEya anD thAT iNTresYEd Me HugELy ZweePz Azz  Its WrittEN it l00Kz like iN KudU-SPEAK wRitE ?

~ RiGht?!!!

I waZ tHinKINg iT wOz MayBE A RussIan CodE NamE sOMeHoWWW

– Like OnnA-STar-SeeYa’ oR ANNa-StaR-sEE-Er

bUt thEn IZe RealIZed ITS ANASTAsIYa – WhiCH is LikE JusT A KooL &  A prETTy RUssIAn NamE

~ RiGHT?!!!

So I guESsed ThaT AnASTaSiYa wAS pUt in SpaCE bY thE  rUsKieS bAck WHen THEy WEre HOt INtO  aLL  tHat STuFF .. .

– PuttINg tHings In sPAce ThaT iS zwEEpz !?!

 AnnA, As i SOOn ShoRTenED hER nAMe To – hAD MaDe fRIenDs wIth A FEw FerrEll SUPer RATs That MusT of eSCapEd frOm A p0D anD thEn SorTA mETaMOrpHaSIzEd Up TherE on THe MOOOOn

– HopE I’m SpeLLin All That cOrreCTly LoyaL fOLloWer oF K=DU !?

( cOz SPeLLin NOt MY bESTesT SuBJeKt )

– Jah KnoWS How THEy g0t tHEre bUT thESe rATs HAd pRovED thEMselVES


– One Had WriTteN a NOvel eNTItLed ‘LorD oF thE RatS’ AnD His MorBId StoRY Had StarTED to BEcomE LikE a DejA-Vu .. . WhiCh Was WierD bEcaUse tWo Of thE raTs nAMes WEre RAlPH aNd PiggY (piGGy HAd losT his CoAt iN a Lab ExPerImeNT And WAs LikE PinKS ALL oVErr!) .. . i ThoUGht He sHouLD hUve BEEn cHarACtER in GRaHaM GrEEne nOVel oR SummAST .. . TwO mOre Of The RAtS Were NAmEd CorLEoNE aNd CagNEy AnD thE oTHERs .. . HunDredS Of Em .. . All WEnT inTO bANkiNG AnD cLeaREd Off WIth ALL tHE SupplIEs ThaT  tHe OthEr RATs HAd SAVEd uP ovER yEArs IN pENSion FUndS & INvESTmENTZZ For WHEN thEY weRE dUe tO rETirE .. . TheY wAz ReaL RATTs I reCkonED!

– CoRlEONe anD CagnEY bECamE KnoWN aS ‘CC’ AnD alTHouGH tHey WEre ExtOrtIOnerS, StiLL PeoPLe PrEfferEd thEmz WhENz TheYZ wEre ImpERiaL (GuARDs) But ActUAllY i THInk THAts WArHammmEr nOt STArWArS! ~  AnyHoo CagNEy WouLD jOkE sAYinG to CorLEoNe – ‘You DirtY Rat YouR thE raT wHo ShoT youR BroTHEr’ … AnAsTAsiYa WenT oFF wiTh thE  onE RAt Who TReaTed HEr LIke A rEAl TApiR AnD aanD nOt lIKe a HOokEr oR a WooKie AnD bEcaUse HIs NAme Waz Oleg Gazenko whIch Was aCtuAllY thE samE nAmE As The guY wHo TRainEd hEr fOr .. . LIFE in SpacE .. . AloNG wIth A StrAy mONgrEL BitCh CAllED – LaiKA – thAt GazENkO hAD founD  waNderINg The StrEEts oF MosKoW, BIT likE AnAstAsIYa WhO Had BEen WanDERinG AlL oVEr thE LunAR PlaTeaU.

LAiKa wHosE rUssIan NamE acTuaLLy mEAnS ‘BarKer’ was fRieD withIN hOUrs of TakE oFF on NovEMbEr 3 1957.

It TOOk The RuSkiEs 51 years But THey FinAllY erECted a StaTue iN mEmorY oF LaiKa (eng. bARKer) on ApRIl 11 2008 just outSIde THe fAcility WherE GazENkO trAINed tHEm. It Is A Dog SittINg ATop A rockEt .. . whICh SEEmZ bIT lIKe BLACkk HumOUr to mE zWEEpZ!  

TheRE dOes NOt SEEm To bE aNy REcoRd of a TapIr bEinG loST in SPace Bot OleG knEW An AWfULL Lot ABouT it ALL wHich WAs BIt SpOOky. He AlsO kEpT caLLinG AnASTasIya, ‘My DeaR’ wHicH i FounD trIFlE diSconCertINg. I mEAn She IZZ mOSt DefINitELy nOt A dEer AnD i ShoULd KnoW … aLthOUgh. GaZenKo’s LovE foR AnAsTaSiYA, I CoulD nOT Call InTo QuEstION!?! … No WAy OleG !!!

The ECoNOmy iS rEEliNG SO BAdz ThaT pEopLE LikE ObAMa NoW SayiNg – ‘We GIve All That SPACe ShITt Up For A bIT’ BecAUse ZwEEpZz – No WhATT ?Q? – We CAN’T aFFoRd ItT!! … NoW K=DU NoT sTuPid ZwEEpZ! He KnoW pEEps BeEn SayIng ThaT fOr YEarS WE SHoulD be CarIng FoR ouR plANet AnD PooR, STarVIng PEEpS on ThiS eaRTh ( anD cOUrsE THAtZ ALL TruE ZwEEpZ ) AnD We SHoULd nOt BE WAStINg MUniEs UP THEre On RocKetS IN SPacE – La lA LA … buT ARE We ReaDiNg BEtWEen The LinES hEre ?Q? …

PolITiCiANs NEVer TELL yoU thE WHOle TruTHs NOw DO tHEY zweepz?? SO How BadLy OFF R WEEE Mr OBaMa? … sPilLL thE MooN BEanS aNd LETS mAKe SOme CHop SuEY HEre !!!

AlSoW WhEn JFK waZ aRouND hERe ON ThiS eaRTh, He SPokE ABoUT ~ BeiNG thE BesSt WE cAN bE !

tUsH tUsH tUsH

… ‘John F.Kennedy’s eyes spangled and striped, sparkled wet when he told us going to the moon ‘was a challenge we choose to accept, not because it was easy but because it was hard’  

MaRMitE EXtrAct fRoM >> ~ WHY CAN\’T WE AFFORD THE MOON ?!…. << Pls. CLICK ON THERE and REAd ThiS AtRIclE By a CLoSE  FRIEnn a’ miNE BiT LaTeR zwEEpz …

I WAnt To HEAr SomEThiNG inSPIRinG – DuNN U ZwEEpZ ?Q? – I sAYze BrINg BACk JFK – WarTS aND aLL ?!? …. ZWat I SAYzE … AnYdaZe …

CouRSe SUm PEopLE gOnnA saY thIS TalK oF TapIR aND sUpER RAtS Up On LUnaR sUrfaCE iS HoaKus PoKus! – I kNow That!!! – SoME pEOplE wOnn BeLIeVE thE cOLouR oF thEIr OWN eYEZZZ! – SuMZZ pEEpS sAYinG noOne REaLLy WALKed ON MOON aNyWayZe – It WAZ aLL eLLabOraTE PloT FiLmeD iN MovIe STuDIo SOmEWHerE ??? ThaTs JUSS RiKKiDiKu-dU-LouS !! ??? wHAt ?Q?

The 70’s film CAPRICORN ONE – imagined the ultimate ‘conspiracy’ film?

CoNSpIRaCy TheOrIES ~ SHeeeeSSHH!! KeBAb (: enTER RabbI BliTZkReIg carrying a hUgE pORk dONnA – tHASS nEVer GONna HAPPEN zWeePERz  ) – My AnTy fANNy – and B.T.W. NiXon ReaLLy WaS A gOOd GUY aFTEr aLL ???

Rabbi Blittzkreig ?!


AnAsTaSIyA wAS sO SWeeT – So STarVEd oF AnIMAL KoMPAnY – We HAd LONG TAlKS – BuT bY thIS TimE Her FRiENd RaTTs, Her SupER lARge BUt STiLL lITTlE frIEnd, STarted TO fEEl BAd aNd COffinG – SaiD hE’D aLWayZe waNted To LiVe iN FloRIDa – ‘neAR CapE CAnnAVaREL?’ I AskEd – ‘NoWay – MaYBe KeY lARgO wITh SomEONE lIKE NoRA tEmpLE oR JusT iN aN aPPaRTmENt iN UpTOWn MIaMi’ he RePLied’ – ‘SurE’ I saID, WasnT goINg TO aRguE wITh The SUpERRAt, hIm LookINg SO OUt Of SorTs ANd ALL. At THis POinT AnnA begaN tO siNG NilSSonS sONg “EverYBoDyS TAlKIng AT mE ..” aND RATTs0 He wAs JusT sMilINg …

The MooN wAS PReTTy KooL acTCHeWErLy And I Had A GooD lOOk ARounD – Saw SeA oF tRAnQuILitY, CateNA, RimA  … Ya De yA …All THe USuAL sTuFF – I’m Not BorINg YOu WIth My PHoTIes ZweePZz ~ WhY dO fRIenDs AlWAyS ThiNK YOu WIll Be iNTereSTEd BY pLACes – YoU’Ve BEEn To … And TheY hAVE’Nt??!!

A Lunar Globe – I’m putting one on my Christmas list …

As I lOOkeD baCK, googling THE mOOn I DiD nOT wANt TO LEgO oF thE imAGES bEFORE my K=DU EyES WhiCH WHiLE WELLinG Up WErE FiLLed WiTH STarLIghT, hOpe ANd IdEOLOgY – AlL kinDS oF OloGiEs WerE sPINNinG THroUGH mY SPACe FIllEd BRaIn AS I cOnSiDEReD hOW mUCh Has HuMANiTY LOst In SUcH a ShoRT BrIEF TimE … SinCE tHOse heADy DAyS oF sPacE trAVel ThaT i RemEMbeR aS YouNG K=DU zWeePZz!

… I wAs theREFoRE heARteNEd And EntHUseD on RetURniNG tO tHIs amAzIng LIL’ PlaNet we WalK On and jUst CAll EArTH – WhEN I LEARNED oF IniTIatIVes MadE By GooGLe, LeGo ANd OTHErs to DEvELop CreATIVe iNTereST AnD SciENTifIc StuDY  On ThaT biG olE BunDle of gREEn CHeeSE tHAt IZZ oUR niEGHboor, FloATinG ARouNd in SpaCE aND we CAll iTT … THE MooooN !

>>> CLIX HERE ZWEEPZ >>> GreAT nEWZ fOr LunAr EXpLOrATIon – google/LeGO >>> PRIZE NEWZ

Premier Inn were they planning yet another Motel built on the Lunar surface … ???

– ShOUlD be FuN!….


TalKInG bOUt ‘WanTinG tO hEar SOmmAt InsPiRiNgfOr ToDay – ( WHiCH We WERe eARliER ZweePz ) – So GOoD to HEar THis QUotE frOM SToNE rOSEs VoCaliSt IaN BrOWN oN TheIr PRopOSEd REUnioN, New ALbUM, WoRLdWIdE ToUR >>>

The band admitted they each had personal reasons for the reunion, while Brown criticised the current music scene, saying it was “boring, bland and corporate with nobody saying anything” and that people “needed uplifting in times like this”.

HerE HerE – K=DU is lIKIng Ian BRoWN aLWAZeANYwAzE BuT sPecIALLY For THAT!….

AnD NoW FoLKS – fOR tHOSe WhO doNT rEMemBER – JoNAThaN KIng STartED oUT WIth A hiT REcoRD B4 hE wAS pERViCIOuS …

ThaT wAS – NINETEEN SIXTY FIVE aNd i Was JusT a YOUNg K=DU of 14 Or So!!!


sAYiNG ITT lIKe It IZz!! AnD NoT As IT IsNt!

MoOn ON!….

I SEE a Bad MooN RiSinG ….

dOnt coME rOunD tONIGht …

…aAAAAAAaAAAAAo0000OOOooooWW !!!

Me and Cornellius Sanker III – Famed head of Finlay Financial Institute, Hudson Bay

 TONIGht  I am RepOrtIng on My mOst DiffI~cuLT aSsIgnMent to-DatE zWeePz!

I hAve JourneYed to the boTtOm oF thE HudSon River

to interview sOmeOnE i HopE will thrOw new lighT On a fAscInatiNG subJect ThaT i BEliEVE sHoulD StiLL cONCerN Us A loT mORE thAN it DOes’

It hAs beEn VarioUSly calLed the CreDIt crUNch

Or pLainLY : thE gLobaL fiNanCiaL crISes

And Yet i bElievE The laTe 2000’s fInanCiaL crIses HAs brOughT untOld MiseRy to


fOrgEt thAt >>>> BilLionS of PeePs

BillIonS oF pEEps ZweePz!

You ANd ME boTH inCLuded

anD yEs tHE bUtchEr, The BakeR, The CandLesticK mAKer!!

The FIsHermAN …The BarTenDEr AND …  thE thIefs

IndeeD it is My pRognOsiS DeaR zWeePz We hAVe ALL been solD a Giant Fraud On a sCAle Far gReater than WatErgaTe ANd The assAssInatioN of KennEdy’

We hAve BeeN soLD doWn The River ANd nOt thE riVer HudSon Or eVeN tHe HudSon RiVEr NEitHer

~ a SALE so immEnse That The WestErn WorLd wIll Be paYinG foR it the Rest of Our LifetImeS aNd mAybE moSt oF ouR cHlLRenZ Too ZweePz

– K=DU feeLIng VerY StrOnglY bOut This ZweePz As you May Tell !!!

Is WALL sTReeT aS CoRRupT as ShOWn IN thE MovIes …


MoNEy NEveR sLeePS ~ Wall StrEET pOSTer

ALrEadY mANy EconOmists fEEl This financial DisAster is cErtAinlY thE wuRst the WestErn WorLd Has KnoWN sInce thE greaT dEpresSION of THe 1930’s!

HoW iT aLL hAppENeD – GraPH – INtrEStING!!!

pOp, PoP, POP!!!

LooKinG For aN iNteLLigEnt eXPlaNaTioN as TO hoW thIS aLL hAPpENed Is LikE loOKinG foR aN aNNeNomE iN The EnGliSH ChaNnEL – K=DU’s InvEstIGatIOns HIt A waLL evEN wIth MY SAM sPADE HAT fIRmlY PullED onto My HEAd (I mADe SPecIAl HolES foR mY AntLERS bUt this WAs easiER thAN mY pARty SHop SheRLocK hOLMes DeeRSTalKEr WHiCH JuSS diDNt WorK ZwEEpZ.) FirMLy WEArinG my FedORa AND lOoKINg PRItttY  KOooOl ZweEpZ I caMe UP AGainST a WAll THAt SMeLLt oF ‘ConSPirACy’ zWeePz – WhaT dOEs CONsPirACy SmELl LIke ZweEPZ

It aLL SMeLLz A Bit fiShy!!



~ aT leAst iTS noT KuDuStalKEr ZwEEpZ

No doUBt AbOut iT – THe HaT AbOVE Izz a LoT … LOt C00Ler!!! tHan The 0Ne BeLow

– HoW KooL is thaT FedOrA BTW ??? — sO K.0.0.L !!! 

My FreNN CoRnELliUS SanKEr III Is nOt ReallY suCH a GreaT MatEZ to Be HHHonESt

– LIKe A LoTTa ShaRks I tHINX hE thOUghT hE mIGht NOt GEt So Much JuicY-bOOty if PeePz LIke ME ROck HIz BoaT tOO mUch – NevEr SeeN FiNLay FinANciAL InsTitUTe DOwn On Its LuCK MatEz – Not maNy SkiNNy ShaRKs Eh?

No, CorNeLLiuS Did NoWT’ to ALLay My fEARs Juss saiD’ i SHoulD havE moRe fAitH in HUMAN nATUre’

– Got To BE BusTinG mY gENiTallIA … RighT !!!

– K=DU sPeaK trUth Kemo Sabe – THaSS Y U liKEs mE rIGHt ?!?! -zWeePz!

The financial crisis was triggered by a liquidity shortfall in the United States banking system in 2008.[3] The collapse of the U.S. housing bubble, which peaked in 2007, caused the values of securities tied to U.S. real estate pricing to plummet, damaging financial institutions globally.[4] Questions regarding bank solvency, declines in credit availability and damaged investor confidence had an impact on global stock markets, where securities suffered large losses during 2008 and early 2009. Economies worldwide slowed during this period, as credit tightened and international trade declined.[5] Governments and central banks responded with unprecedented fiscal stimulusmonetary policy expansion and institutional bailouts. Although there have been aftershocks, the financial crisis itself ended sometime between late-2008 and mid-2009 

<< ThiS Is HoW WiKipaEdIa RepORTs tHe FinANciaL cRiSiS !!

~ WhiCh SeeMz As Good a DIscRipTIon AZZ aNy On M0ST ThiS PaiNFul TIMe AnD sUBjECt

THE MosT sERioUS fInaNciaL CriSes oF mOst Of oUR lIVeS

K=DU hAz aLwaZe haD hiS own UnsTRIppED, StrEEt-LEVeL vieW oF thINGs wIth no GNu-ShITT ZweePz!

 The TroUblE IzZ No One Is PrePareD TO AccEPt ResPonSiBIliTy AnD wIThiN the FinANciAL mARKetS aREna In tHe PasT TherE CertAINLy HAvE Not BEEn SUffICIent ‘CHeCKS aNd BalAnCEs’.

TheSe STocKbrOkerZ, FinANcIERs, … *aNKers hAVe BeeN aLlOWed To PlaY WitH ouR MonEYZ LikE kiDDz pLAYin WIth LEGO … They biN aLLoweD to LenD tO pEEpeRz Who DonT unDERstaND tOO mUCh abOWT MOniEs aND whEn It All goES wRONg You GEt iN dEBTs aNd YOur PenSIon FUNdZZ aND yO’ saVIngS Go WEst YouNG mAn!

and If THe eCOnOMy gOes BellY-UP iN thEse ShARk InVesTed WatERS thESE sAme *anKers, sMeLLinG ya’ Bl00D aRe waItiNg to FiniSh yOu oFF = tHey pUT yoU anD ouR ecOnoMY in THE DU=DU aNd tHen Who StiLL waLks aWay wiTh THEir PockETS linEd wIth THEiR UsuAl BonUsEs (sTuFFEd wIth NOTes)

cOs’ wHo Picks Up tHE taB … ?

moStLy The COMMON tAXPaYerS zWeePz !!!

iTzz tHE uZZ ~ tHe CommON pEEpS – UzE anD meeZ – wHo sEE ouR haRd-eARNed SavingS DeSSimATED pEEpZ

The CaPiTaliSt eConOMy AnD iT’S GovERNMenTs Are Sooo AfrAid tO sinGLe ouT coRRuptioN iN iT’S raNKs .. as iT tHrOwS a QuesTIon Mark upon The Very bEdrOcK oF ouR socieTy  … iT roCKs THE bOAt thOSE saME sHarKS arE cIRclINg …

– so it’s ….. The sCAbS WhO wALK aWay FREE

TheSe pEEps aRe aLLoweD to Play gAMes WitH ouR moNEy ZwEEpZ ANd wheRE iS thE aCCounTAbiliTY ?? A GooD gOVErnMenT shOUld … WouLD  … CouLd … StEp In – eNSurE RULes AnD LawS arE adHereD To – nEW onES iNStiTUTeD ~ sTUff THe sTUpID, THEiVINg RioTERS >>>

IT’s tHE REal CoMMon hArd-WorKing pEEpZ gOttA finD NeW waYs tO pRoTesT ~

BOY THATS a load OFF MY CHESt ZweePERz ~ i BIn joKINg foR agES saYinG ~ 0Ne dAy I aM g0iNG to cOllECT aLL my HARd eaRneD MoniES oUt of THe sLeaZY, CoRRupT bAnKs aND pUT it IN a BIg K=DU piLLow CAse ~ yoU knoW thE 0NE witH a niCE piCturE oF a K=DU on ItT aNd thEN stiCK it IN thE aTTic – WhicH is A bit LIKe A haYlOft ZwEEpS !!!




Has You NOtiCEd – No fiLM maDE REpReseNtIng WaLL  STRreeT oR tHe SToCk mArKet Or ANy AreA OF thAT sTUff HAs Ever PreSENtEd ThE wORlD oF hIGH FInANcE In aNy OThER WAy thAn AS :~

A NesT of VIperS,

A pIT oF bEARs,

A seA of SHarKS


‘For just one day I would like to ‘swim with the sharks’, be just a ‘spry’ in the wall street tank’


ANd SeE WhAT THey GetS up T0 ~ PlaYinG witH Our “£sd and E$o”

But ShoCK hOrrOr – SHoCK HOrrOR – Ya-De-Ya – Ya-De-YA!!

Its NOt RoCkET SCiENCE – JeePerZ cReePErz – U CaIn’T pULl THe FuR OVer The PeePerZ oF thE cOmmON WoRKinG mANs And WorKinG woManS aNY moRe CoZ I thInKS TheyS KnoWS ~ wE aLL kNOWZ!!!

WE HAve bIn SHafTEd ZweePerZ

ToTAllY sHAFteD!!!!

AnD thE cONsCIeNCE LAcKInG ShaRkS In OUR POol?!?

The No GOOd FinANciERs, The StoCKbROkERs, ThE s0-CaLLed fInaNcIAL WiZZ kiDZZ … Yes and THe WanKEr BanKerS ………… ?!?

ThaNX tO tHEM AmERiCA Has Had To DItCH ItS SPAce ProGRammE … sHame & PEePZ ALL oVEr The WoRLd IS tIGhTENinG thEiR beLtz, CanCeLLinG hOLiDazEAnd TheIr IzZ plENtY oF PeEPZ LosINg JoBS AnD SuMZZ WHo Are StrUGglING tO pAY THEiR biLLs. Not MAnY Of THoZe FInANcIal GuYZZ sTruGGliNg AnD thOsE BiG FiSh Who Eatz The LittLE fISh aNd hAVe tHe fAt BiG SalARy’S  > Yes FoR tHOse GuYZZ AnD i SUpPOSe LAdEEz >




card_fan_1DAMN gAmE oF thRonES – lIKe FINd THe LaDy – ZweePz


ThANKs TO mY INVesTigAtiVe jOURnaLISm CORRespONDenCE cOUrsE zWeePErs … thE  ‘K’  hAs bEEn tRAWliNG thE mEDIa wITH nEW viGOUr anD ImpROVed  SpELLinG alS0!!!  My lATESt PROjEkt HAs bEEn MEdiA bASEd anD yOURs TRUlY  “The CuLtUre VULtUrE”  hAS aNd ‘aS bEEn OverWHElmEd, liKE wE aLL has, By tHE aLArmiNG nUmbEr oF U.S. TV sERIes … TuMBLinG OVer ThE bIG pONd aND wAShiNG uP on OUR sHOreS … a VerITabLe SMorGASBoRD oF DiFFErINg ENterTAInMenT … SUm I ‘AS tO saY ~ THAt ARE dAmN gOOD!!!


The ATlaNTic CHANNel On sKy spORTs is LitERaLLy ovERFloWIng WIV’Em … ( THAtS Not WiTHAm AS iN thE rivER whICh iS whAT i WouLD bE IN If I dRppED oFF a LOcaL BRIDGE roUND HERe wHERe I aM liVING ) BUT WiV’Em As iN wITH THEm.


FamoUS aCTorS, DirECtoRS, pRodUCerS hAVe aLL bEEn dRAWn tO thE poTENtiAL of  THe TV seRIES dUE to THe DroPPing oFF oF thE CiNemA attENdanCEs aND thE onGoiNG reMMunERAtioNs onE geTS frOM thE ViEWING of ‘StaY-At-HomE wiTH a PIzzA anD A bEEEr’ TV viEWErZ … ZwEEpZ !!!


WEll SiTTINg oN thE SOFa wITH thE MiSSuS aS i WAs tHE uTHER KniGHT EnaBLED mE to ConSIdeR THIS nEw sOciaL PHENOMenA AND i sAVed MUNNIes oN hOOf lEATHer AND sTayeD IN thE wARMTH t00


Now I Am APPReciATIng This iZZ noT strICtlY iN liNe wITH thE roYAl K=DU’s mANifESTo tO crUIse THe sTReeTS cATChinG the ‘JiVe’ Of whATs gOINg DOWnS In SoCieTY at THis PreSENt TIme ? ? ?  … BUT … EVEn thE LeaN, GReeN ‘CuLtuRE vULtuRE’ hAZZ gOttA taKE a TimE Out ONCe in A WhilE ANd liVE liKE thE uTHErzz …


SpEAkiNGs of The UTHers … Who ARes THeyZZ   zWeePerz?? –  CoS’ When I MEEts THem thEY  iZZ gonnA Get pIEce O’ mY mINd !!!


WelL pEEpS is WatCHinG thE madMen, thE GaME oF thRoNEs, tHe BoRjAs, tHe S0pRaNOeS … eTCeTEra EtcETerA eTceTEra – “HuLLo YuL BrINNzEr” – U iNdEEd Izz THe kING &  I  .. d0T d0T d0T

~ iZZ n0T !!!


BUTT mY dEleCTAblE rEadEr oF the K=DU ArTs MaGazINe thERE iS OnLY 0Ne seRIeS wE shOUldS ALL bE waTCHinG IMAO  aNd iT iZZ   >>>


… OlIVer STonEs – UntOLD HisTORy oF thE UniTEd StaTEs – eVerYTHINg You WAnTEd To kNoW aBiTe mODern WuRLD hISTORy aND yoU werE aFrAiD tO aSk ….


K=DU Say wATcH It … aND i WAnt THIs f0R a CHRISSMAss PreSSiE …


WelL NoW! mY LOYAl ZwEEpERz I aM uNDERstANDiNG ThaT thE woRLd OVer – PeEpS aRE iN nEEd OF mORE thAN thEIr fAIr SHAreS Of tHEiR QUaNTiTY oF HeROeS anD LeGENdS – ItS SeeMINg ThAt wE AReS IN thE MIdST oF aN EpIDeMIC OF hUGE PersONifIcaTIon



I mEAN we Has ALWAyS HAd DoCToR ZHivAGo, CarY GRanT, MICky SpiLLAnE An’ ALan LAdd bUT nOW iTS sEEmiNG wE Are NEEdiNG lARGEr THAN thE LIfE HEROES aND LeGeNdS … tHe mORE thAN eVERS !!!

a300a17df925de222f9ce36f021d8931-d37rewjKuDu MaN

NOw THat DISNey Has BOUghT ouT STAN LeE aND hIS eMPirE At ‘MarVEl’ wE SEEs DC hITTINg bACk – n0t cONTenT WitH BatMan MOVies ALL ovER thE PLacE tHeY iZZ nOW MaKinG aNOTheR rEMakE of thE KRYPtoNitE KiD ~ thATs SupERManS To yOU AN’ MEEs ZwEEpERz Dun U No??


ANd fINAllY on THE ciNEma WALLS I sEE tHEy iZZ noT onLY haVINg IRoN mAN III bUT nOW eVENs ~ CumING s00N ~ aNd StaRRinG Mr. JoHNY dEPP Wa ARe hAVinG THE LonE RANgeR aNd hIS TonTO (mY yOUng K=DU LeGENd)

classic tonto-lone-ranger

– WHATevER NExt MY loYAl FRiENNs –

WhAT cAN wE SAY aBouT THIs PLAGuE oF sUPEr HEroES inVAdinG pLANet-MedIa – KEmO-SaBI – Is iTZZ A inDiCAtIOn oF Our MOrAl CliMatE oR I’M a ChiNesE fAst-FooD vEnDOr sTRAiGht oUT oF ridLEY ScoTt’s BlAdErUnnEr .. We ALL nEEd aNoTheR Her0 !!! whether its Loney RanGEr, SPidERMan, KuDuMaN or eVeN saM sP♥DeS … Bye thE bYe –

MalTESe FalCon bOUt uP fOr A reMaKe iNNiT?


OkAY!! – So HERe On K=DU MaGAziNE = tHe RoYaL ‘K’ Is DoiNg HIS lEVEL beSt ParT

– TO aSSiSt in THe INitiATiVE To gEt PeEpS bAcK tO ReaDiNG mOOOrE LiTEraTuRE. … THaTz t0 ReaD mORe B00Ks !!!…

CoURse IT iS sAId Of THe RoYAl ANterLOpe ~ ( i.e. thE K♚nG oF aNTERlOPERs )

– ThaTS uZZ K=DU’s, thAT wE iZZ lOOkiNG liKE we ARE weARinG REaDINg SPECtACleS ~ thATs ‘cOs We arE gREAt ReaDErs ZwEEpZ

MoST LiterARy AdVIsErs RecOmmEnD ThaT iF yOu aRE wRItiNG a NovEL oR a BlOG ~ wUrk From wHAT YOu KNoW


So tHE ‘K’ hAS dECIdED tO rElEASe HIs OwN PerSONal BEdtImE reADinG liST –

KU=DU iS a COMpULSiVE reADEr – sOMetIMes COnsUMMinG SevERAl VoLUmEs AT WuN tIME : ~


tHE DeaTh oF KinG aRTHuR ~ SiMon ArmITaGe

BrIGHtoN RoCK ~ GrahAm GreeNe

ThOR The MIGhtY aVEnGEr ~ MarvEL cOMIcS

PlayING fOR pIZZa ` JohN gRisHAm

GettING yOUR BooK puBLisHed ~ RacHaeL sTocK

SonGS oF InnOCenCE aNd eXPerIENce ~ WillIam BLaKE


TraVEllErs GuDE tO BuDApESt ~ ChARLes HEBBERt aNd DaN rIChaRDsOn

ModeRn ARt aNd THE DeaTH oF A CuLTuRE ~ H.R. RooKmAAkER

tRavELLERs GuIDe tO wARSaw ~ ChrIStiAN sWIndELLs

PaUl WEllER – cHANginG mAN ~ PauLO HewItt

H0RuS rISinG ~ dAn ABnETT

0N thE rOAd ~ JacK KerouAc

cRUeL BRiTaNNIa – A seCREt hISToRY oF T0RtuRE ~ IaN CoBAiN

6 x BlaCK LIBRaRy – BoOk REViEWs

tHE bOXIng MiSCEllaNy ~ JohN WhiTE


LaUREn BACall – bY mySElF aNd TheN sOMe


S0 IvE ShOWn yOU mINe

– nOW yOu sHOw Me yOURs zWeePz!!!

sO hERE aND nOWS zWeePZ mAKe THis MOOre THaN IntEREstINg

– AN PleasE reCOrd in The COmmENts B0X beLOw – YOur VerY oWn FUll bEDtIme REAdinG lISt oF bOOks YOu HavE ‘On tHE g0’ …

Don’T lEAVe ANy OUT nOw !!!

SliGhtLy ouT of FocUs SnAp OF mY chRIsTmaS dO … MRs ‘K’ dOne RAre Job WitH hoUse – iT lOOks bOOtiFul!!!…


KuDU iZ gEttInG seAsoNAl ZweePz SinGinG … ‘HavE yOUrsELf …’ ANd eVEn THouGHt ABouT a TRiP tO iCelANds OR SOmeWhERe ICy CoLD lIKe … … IcELanD ??? … bUt TheN DecIDed ThEre WerE MaTteRs ReQuIRinG My ATTeNTioN at HOmeS WiTHOut GalAVanTINg Off OvERsEas … ShAMeZ mR bLaiR dIDnT ThInk Ov ThiS DuRING hIS WAnDerInG DaZE, aS wIth MOnSiEUr CAmER-oN wHO dECIdEs tO cLeaR Off oVersEas WhEN thERe wAz TRouBLeS hEre At HomE wHEN tHemz KIdZ WAz RIOutOus … aN ‘IndISciPliNEd …

Our PolITiCIaNZ sHoULd CarE fOR tHEIrZ pEEpZ LikE GreAt stATesMen OF OlD – liKE BenJAmin DiSRaEli, AnEurI BevAN, WiLLiaM GlADStoNe, WinSTon ChuRChiLL, mAYbE JohN sMIth… Dun U thINK zWeEPz? … Well AnYWazE K=DU dECiDEs – HoW Can I DraW atTEnTIon TO SOmeTHinG reLevANt ANd OF sOCIaL ConCERnS … WelL i Waz ThiNKinG I mIGht GET aNImAL pERsPecTIvES on ThiNGS cHRIsTMaSSyLikE MaYBe sPeaKs wITh A dONkEY aNd THeiR vIEw oF thE cHRsTiaN NatIViTY and WhAT iT mEAnS TO AnImaLz liKe oxEN, aSsES & lAMbS  OR mAYbE i SHoUlD VisIt SomE NoRFolK TuRkEReYs aNd gEt TheIR vUes oF ChrIstMas … bUt THENz I waS thINKinS thE  ‘K’  iZz uSuALLy lIKing  ThiNGz A lITTle MorE lEftFieLD, ALtERNAtoiVe, OfF-The-WaLLs zWeePz! bIt COntROveRSiAL … AnD … SoZe I jOurnEYed To mIsTEr MattHEw BerNArdS OsTRICh FARm sOMewhERe nEAr BEAcONsFiELd iN BuckINgHAmShiRE iN LonDOn’s GreeNBelT …  

OsTriCh FaRms woZ ALl thE raGe In BRiTAiN fUe YeaRs BAk bUt JuSS reCEntLy NoT sO sURe – AnYWazE wHilST I wAS vIsiTIng MaTTHeW bERNaRds hOme I hAPPeneD UpoN ‘PaTHfINdeRS’ oSTericH fARm soMewhEre iN CheSHam WhiCh iZZ onLy 7 mile FRoM BeacOnsfIEld – ThiS izZ A real cOin-ciD-EnTal ZweePz ~ tO me ANywAze – LiKe a SigN thaT ‘K’ iS On riGHt trACk … wIth His JOurnAliStiC InVesTigATioNs!

( … OSTRICH FARMING: – A REVIEW AND FEASIBILITY STUDY OF OPPORTUNITIES IN THE EU It is believed that the UK ostrich population currently stands at 10,000-12,000 birds in total, including about 2,000 breeding females. Clearly the introduction of a separate June Agricultural Census category might be helpful in determining numbers of birds on holdings. )

OstEricH mEat iS MenT tO bE oK gUBba – Low In COleSToROl anD bETter FoR YouZe thAN OthER mEAtS lIKE BeeF sTEAks, PorK  aNd SUcHliKe =  WelL  K=DU reMeMBerS thAT iN SOutH AFriCA tHEy hAVe TheSE fARmS … InFActO ZwEEpZ ThAss WheRe OsTeriCh FarMs ALL sTArtEd  oUt – In RSA !!! … aNd nOt ManY pEePs No That ~ BOm BooM ~ CoURse LoTS oF My FRennS LivIng iN RSA toO as K=DU aRe prEtty extENsivE thROughOUt ARF.R.I.K.A.A … bUt U NuE THat NA’ DiN-U ZwEepZ?!?! …

Now If We WERe INto NAmInG aND shaMIng TheN ToDD DuN pREttY GooD jOB FoR hIMseLF As ALL THESE deTAilS fOLLowiNg >>> WerE rECORdeD By TOdd on The WEbS PagE – ‘THe HuntER rEPort’ – A nEWslETTer SERvinG The HUNteR WHO tRAVELSAPPaRANTLY TOdd GEts REAl ExcITed BouT KillING tHINgs … One GOOd THIng THIS O’ sO sAD piCTUre DOEs SHoW ~ IS hOW HuGE uS K=DU’s aRE – uP aGinST Hu=MANs ZweePz – We IZZ nORmALLy PRouD aNd ResPEKtFUl KrEATuRES zWeePErZ ~ WHEn We IZZ nOT dEAd! …

Hunter:Todd Dunaway  Species:Kudu  Date Taken:July 25, 2010  Taken:RSAMeasurement:49 inches  Outfitter   Company:Africa Maximum Safaris  Guide/PH:Jacques SenekalOutfitter Tel:011 27 71 579 4850Outfitter Website : Outfitter E-mail:

ANyWAzE wE weRz TAlKinG HAppIer ThiNGS ZweePz WhaT WIth CHrISSmASS An ALL … An all … WhENz Sum OF uS dO thINkS aBOUt THe ChrISt~MAs SToRY wHicH eWe-z00-a-LLy FeaTUreS aNimALZ WhICh I thINk IsS a REsULt OF thE rePorTOf THE bIRTH oF jESUS As fOUnd IN thE bIbLE BOOk oF LukE – WHo WAs A PHYSICiAn ANd tHerEFoRe PRoNE tO rECoRDiNG iMpoRTAnT dETaiLs … In His GoSPEl He STatES tHAT thE BabY JeSuS wAs LaiD iN a ManGEr – WHiCH iS AniMALz FeEder TraY AnD sO pEEpS hAVe SOrt OF ImaGinEd ThaT aLL thE BriTisH FarM-sTOcK anImaLz WEre LikE GaTheRed ROunD – wHen TheM SHePheRDs aNd WiSE-Men CAMe A’ CallINg .. I’M thINkiN JoSEPh MaY nOt hAVe wANteD smELLy ANimALz hANGinG RouND bAby JeSUS THo zWeePz! … ARe yOU lEaviN yoUR thOUGhtS dOwn BEloW zWeePz ??? plEazE dOO …

~ CouRSe JosEPh, He WOulDN’t HAVe MinDed KuDu’S bEin’ TherE bUt I’m NoT sURe We EVer MadE iT tO bETHlEheM ZweePz – NO, DUn ThaNk WE DuD eVer?!?


When Mary bore Jesus, twas’ in a cow stall,

With wise men and shepherds and animals and all,

And high from God’s heaven a star’s light did fall,

and the promise of ages it then did recall,

(3rd verse – I wonder as I wander … trad.)

Is’POse ToDAzE – K=DU ‘s FeeLinGZ R’ sTRaIGht Up FOr AnIMAlZ ~ wHat WiTH OstERiCH, aN TuRKey KillED fOR thEIr mEAt aNd BuLL KuDu, mY fRENnS JusS kILL’d foR TheIr tROphY hORNs – But the ‘K’ Izz JuST tALkiN REsPEKt … zweepz R.e.Z.Pe.C.T


Iff wE iZZ lIViN in CREatED W0RlD ??? …  thEN aLL LivINg THINGs MuSS DeseRVe @LeaST=thAt YeSSir/Mad-AM ~ DoNE jUSS ‘BAnG IT’MisTa’ ~ U sEEn ‘THe DeeRHunTEr’ ~ Cos ThaT sAYS iT aLL … aNd hE wAZ so bEAUUUTTIFUL ! So WAZ mY fREnN!… B4 Tod hAS hIS pICtuRE TAkEn Wiv’ Im …

Hu’mANs HavE JusT lOST  thEIR sEnsITivITy …

JJ CALE sIngIng ‘The SenSItIVe KInd’ – ThiS a beaUtifUl sOng ` GoTta Look AftER yEr Wo=Man zWeePeRz

AnYWazE I lEArnEd QuITe A lOts BouT oStEricHeS anD dEcIdED tHeY waZ biT pRejUDicEd AgAiNsT & I WoULd LIke To InvIte a FamILy oF oSterICh To mY cHRIstMas Do aLonG WiTh aNothER fRENN WhO iZZ WiLD aSs … So I hAd’Em ovEr aN’ we DuN thIS PHoTo sHooT U cAn sEe At The vEry Top oF tHiS pOst …

NiKolAsS iZZ reAllY a FinE soRta ANImaL …  lIKe NUn iHavE mETZ B4 An He PUt FORwaRd GooD aRguMEnt AS tO th IMpoRTAnCE of THe ChrIStmAsS StOrY … We HAD lIKE qUITe AN iNteLLecTUaL deBATEz – I SAiD ‘HeY, ‘tHis IZz AlMOwST LikE bEinG iN The ChuRCH oF ENgLAND’ – wIth DiFFreNT SoRTs OF aNIMAlZ cHucKinG in THeiR 4 drACmaS WoRTH … BuT NikOLAsS His POinT WEnT SomETHinG likE THIS –  

“EEEeee-HaaaaaaWWWW!!! – WelL, it doesn’t really matter if there were no domestic animals at the Christs birth place or not. What matters is that if Jesus truly was the Son of God, born into a poor family of refugees or immigrants this tells us so much about the true personality, purpose and power of God …” NikOLAsS  SAY mY uNKlE OrYnXus COuLD hAVe HIS nOTes ON thE suBjEKt If He WANteD to DevELOp THem FuRTher FoR a SERmON …  CoS hE saID aLL hIS pOIntS bEGan WIth A ‘P’ AN thAT wAZ GooD He REcKon.  He ALsO rECCo SomEWhERez UnkLE coULd DOWNLoaD ‘4 StePS tO wrITinG a 3-PoinT SERMon’ whIcH waS DecENt OV Him …

You can download free 3 point sermon outlines and how to write a sermon outline with ease by clicking on

Free 3 Point Sermon Outline.

HoW tO mAKe COMPleTE h0RseS Ass oF yOURseLf

I aM LuVVin bRonZEd sCuLPtuREs AnD hEre Izz ONe I’fOunD  WhiCh IZz BeaUtiFUl … THEre IS oneTHIng wRONG witH Itt FOr Me Tho’ An ThaT iZz CasSiUS C…. oOh SOZzO zWeePz ~ MuHammEd ALI … AnD hE DoN’T eVen LoOks BlacK WhiCh IzZ NoT GooD sEEinG aZ ALI cOunT hiMSelF sUCh AN iCOn OF thE ‘FreeDOM of BlaCk pEEps MoVEMenT. ThiS arTIST Dun TuRNEd ALi iNto Sum WHiTE bOY – AHEm

MuhAmmED Ali ...

SuMz PeePz MAy Be ThiNKin – °°°° ° °  °   ° WhEre IzZ aLL tHs GOiN an what izzie like ?? °°° °  °   °   ° YouZe MAy BE bIT lIKE mE zWEEpZ  IN tHIs !!! … BuT sOme Of USs AnTelOPEz Are lIke gOAtS aNd Sum GoAtS aRe lIKe uSs      anTEloPEs … We lIKE tO rUTt … THaSS wOt WE maLe AnTs dOozE … thATs jUst STreEt FIghTIng zWeePz … We iZz pUgiLISTs … BoxERs/ WreSTlErs/ fIghTERs … HarD tO thINK oF uZZ lIKE thIS i KNow … cOs We LOOks So pEACefUl, RegAl & SerENe … BuT iT’S FemALes ThaT DO iT To Us K=DU’s ZwEEpZ .. We fIGht TO wIn The LAdiEs … To BE PoPulAr, To BE thE N0.1 .. In The GRouP … THaSS Y I aInt No ChAUviNistIC bUt LADY fIghTErs DuNN rEAllY hAV IT 4 Me ZweePerZ ~ HOw cAN We evER hAVe LadY fiGHterS wHo iZZ likE rOCky MarCIAn0 … sUgaR RaY LEAnARd … eZZarD cHArlEs … WiLLie Pep … BennY lEoNARd .. ChaRLey BUrlEY … MUhaMMed ALi … RobErto DurAN … suGar Ray RobinSon … ( ‘SlAterS’ 10 gREatESt FighTERs’ ZweePz … ) …

 .. No, NO. SoZ swEEt lADiEZzz = PugIllISts … fIghTErz U iz NOt! … THey Izz Men – EnD oF! … It’s ONly MaLES wHo RUtT ... ConSUlt NAtURe … U wULd No IF yOU RegULAr ReaDEr Of K=DU thAT He aINt No wOMen HatER aNd aS faR aZZ rACiALLy iNTEgrATed … K=DU iZZ HomE rUN, LevEL-HEadED, NEW aGe, UNiveRsaL HiPPy FreEDom RIDer – K=DU sAY thEre IzZ a LOt WE cAn lEArn FROM nATurE = BuT naTurE wiLL noT NecESSarILy  GivE yoU FaitH … FaITh Izz The GifT oF GoD … JeSUs Had FAITh ~ FaiTh THAt wHEn HIs BoDY wAS bEATEn … eVEn cRuCIFiED, THAT JEhoVaH WAs ABLE To RessuRecT hIm Cos He AloNE hAD dUn n0tHinG wRonG … The mAn dIed, BuT GoD rAISEd tHaT mAn fROm The dEAd … I lEArNEd tHIs FroM mY uNKle ORyNXus Who IS a GREat MAn OF F.a.I.T.h … All Mens & Wo-MenS We mIght Say – aRe bORn TO dIe ~ i.e. You are DyINg frOm The DAZe U R BoRN zwEEpz buT FoR JesUS cHRisT so mUch THe More S00oo … ThaTs WhY He wAs A mAN oF SoRROWs … K?

<< Isaiah 53 >>  ~  American King James Version

Who has believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?

For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he has no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

Surely he has borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was on him; and with his stripes we are healed

AlI/FraZiER ~ thE grEATesTAND sO To BOxiNG daY … thEre IS nO dOubT BOxINg IS a NoblE sPort, An ARt !! ~ The SpoRT of gENtlEMEn aNd SomEThinG thAT aNTeLopES lIKe K=DU cAn RElaTe tO moRe thAN sUm HumAN eXCHanGE … Yes, At THe tIMe oF thE ruTT – We aLsOw iZZ pUGGilISTS, aND fIGhtErs … Well ZwEEpZ sUM maY bE wOnDErinG as THey IZz WandERing oUT UndER thE SkY hoW tHIs FiTS wITh OUR cHriStmAsSy tHEMe AN’ CoURSe K=DU iZz nOt GoNNa Say It IZ aLL tO dO wItH ‘BoXinG dAY’ NoSSiR tHo’ THAt WOULD bE quiTE fUnnY ~ It iZ tO dO wITh HOw JeSuS lAId dOWn HIs LifE – SubMittED tO deATh – He APpeARed TO loSE thE fiGHt iN tRUsT… tHIs WAz nOT pACifISm zWeePz – ThiS Waz f.A.i.T.H – You NEEd tO gET IntO cHUrCH tO Get ALL thE FACTS mY loYAL zWEEpZ – ThiS IzZ Not ReliGIouS TraCT oR gOSpEL lEafLEt eITher … IT iZZ K=DU’s iNTREstiNG aRTs PAGe ThaSS ALL ..



YoUR rOYaL K=DU wENt oN DoWn To LonDoNiA tO sEE tHe qUeeN

KeRRy WalSH jENNiNgS ~ 2uEEn Of BeACh VoLLeYBaLL ~ 3 sTRaIgHT gOLdS @ 3 StrAIGht 0-LYmPIX !!!

… aNd nOw HE JuSS wANtS m0Re N’MoRe … MOrE LYmpIX zWeePz!!!

SiMplY Red

WhEN tHesE mANcHEsTer BoYs WEren’T haLF BAd …

YessUM ` I WAnT tO Go T0 tHe bOll! 

m0NSter BaLL ...

sO KooooL iT iS … SmoKinggggggggg!!!……

The UltImaTe stReEt cRuiSer Waz LuvvIn The AtMoSpHertIcs iN Ole LunDon ToWn DuRinG tHE OlyMpiCs FoRTNiGht aNd AmAZed By WHaT tHEY Azz DuN tO tHe INFraSTruCTureS oVer iN tHE eAST eND oF lOndOnIA … I ACtCHeWErLy RemEMbEREd ThaT pArt Of TowN fROm The YeaRS aGo AS A YOUNG K=DU ~ wHeN iT Was JUss GRImEy sTrEEtZ zWeePz!!! AltHOugH iT ‘Add SOoo mUCh ChaRactEr … hOPe ThaSS nOT gONe – Now All The FInaNCiAL INstItuTioNS HAVE mOVeD iN

THESE IS SnApS K=DU tOOk HimSelF oN reCenT tRiP tO lONdONia dURinG ‘LYmPiX 2012

SkYlINe Of LonDoNs nEW DoCKlANd ArEA !!!

FiNAnCiAl CenTRe oF LondONiA ~ BanK OnE anD HSbC

ArTIsTS ImpRESSioN @ StrATFOrd – IntERnaTIonAL OlYmPIc STadIUM – WoW

R=DiO AlZeeBrA




eNjOy …

R=DiO z≡≡Bra lUVViN tHosE cOCteAU tWIns cOs’ THEy REAllY mAKE-An-EvENt!!!  

ANd …

SooN tO sTarT At LonDoN pAraLYmPIx ZwEEpZ iZZ wOt Ya’ StREeT-WiSe K=DU hAs BEeN CrACkiNG oN aBoWt’ (cAnaDIaN iNcePtiOn fOr mY tOrOntO BruVVerS)

#bEt YouWas’Nt KnoWinG WhOLe COmmUniTY oF StREEtWisE K=DU iN TORONTO, ONTARIO, cAN-A- DAAAA ~ 0′ Yes Go TherE aND yOU wILL sEA wIth YouR OwN i’SE …


iS tHE nAMe oF thIS gAMe!!!

WhiCh Is CatChy, SpRINgY TiTle FoR pEEpS in WheeLChaIRS pLAyIN rUGBy soRTa GamE

brIlL – EEE – AnT !!!!!!

WaTCh iT ZwEEpZ aNd Join My CAmPaiGn tO maKe THis PopUlAR cITy-WiDE sPECTatOr sPorT We wOulD hAPPILy Pay TO waTCh oUR loCAl TEam (wIll iT be aS biG aS fooTBAll? NO) wE caN gO tO aNd CHeeR aND bUy NicE hoT doGS (onE wIth TasTy fRanKFuRTER thAT gOes DoWn HolE iN thE miDDle)

yes TheY aRe Da’ WuNS …

K=DU JuSS lOVes HoT DOgS !!!!

AnD tHIs A MOnSTER …..





The ‘K’  iZZ t0-DaY  X-pLORIng  tHE  WuRLd  Of … AcaDEEmIa .. HE  – AlIAS ‘I’ izz WEAring HIS (My) morTArbOArd ~  WoT  You  MIte  PARapHRAse ~ tHE iNTellIgENtSIa zWeepZ ~ AnD tO PROviDe BacKgROunD iNFOrmATioN I wENt AloNE  tO  thE  WiLdeSt  Of  PlacES  –  iN  tHe  DeePEst  tROpiCal  JunGLes  Of BoRNeO  tO  dISCUss  the  ProBluM  wITh  A  gUy  nAmeD  gOrgEOus  GEorg-iOUs … No WelL  rEAllY  tHE  gUY’S  NamE  IS  gEOrgE …  gEOrgE RiZLa wHiCh Can Be sHorTeneD oF cOUrSE tO ‘GORriLla’.

… GeORgIus fUll nAmE aCTChEWerLy  rEMIndEd Me  oF  a  PreVIouS  lIFe

tHe RiZlA gIrLIeS …

No NOt tHE gIRLs SiLLY !!!

HavE You NevEr Had THE cAusE tO pUrcHAsE thEsE sORta pApErs ZwEEPz : RIZLA PAPERS that iZZ … ThiS ComPanY hAve MAde A tOn oF mONeyS oN thE bACk OF a Big ChUNk OF pROHibItiON aND thEY aRe oF CouRSe aS SquEEkY cLEAn aS a KudU’S TOngUE!!!

CouLd Not FinD pICtuRE oF K=DU’s TonguE so DownlOAded THis sPecTacUlaR PicTurE oF a MalAYaN sUn BeaRs ImmENsE tHINg … wow … w0w and WOW!!!

AnyWAZe bEloVEd ZweePerZ …

WheN i FInAllY gOt tO mEEt GorGIous GEorgiOus  I reALIsed WhaT thEY SayZe ABouT thESE gUyS iS M0rE thAn tRUe – cOs tHEy IZZ p.R.E.E.t.t.y dAMn cLevER ZwEEpZ 

AND it Is PRetTY cLeaR thAT DamoN AlBArN Is A PrEttY cLevER cHAPPiE tOO ~ He StaRTeD HiS cAREER WiTH The PoP gROup “BLuRR” bUtT bItT lATer He uSED hIs FamE aND sUCCess To HuGe eFFecT bY eNDulGinG in A raNGe Of X-PerimENTaL PRo-jEX ~ 1STlY … & seConDLy hE hAS pRodUCed AnD cONtrIBuTed tO a VisuAL aNd mUSiCal PrOjeCt eNTitLED ‘GoRIllAz’ – THE braiNChIld oF dAMon aNd JamiE HoWleTT In WhiCH A ‘vIrtUal’ bANd were DevELopeD anD creAted tO fROnt a fUsiOn of aLteRNatIVe, r0cK, Hip hOp, ElEctROnicA, DuB aNd p0p mUsiC crEAteD by AlBarN, tHE oNly cONsiSteNt PerFormEr anD a sELecTioN oF oTHer MusIciANs … tHe pRojEKt wHicH inCLudEs thE GoRillAZ oWN wEBsiTe hAs bEEn a huGe sUcceSS bRinGinG reCoRD sALes anD seVEral AwarDs to The oRIgInaTorS!!!

 DaMoN AlBarN  AnD jAMie HewLeTt sTarTed iT uP !!!

FiTTinGly GoRiLLaS thEMseLveS eNjoY mOre thaN thEir FaiR sHare Of CreATIVe inTELLIgENce

… AnD wiT !

~ mY iNterVieW wiTH gEoRGioUS bRouGHt sOme SpecTacUlaR iDeaS fOrtH cAusing Me to NEEd rEStS aT frEQuEnt IntERvAls Cos mY bRAin wAs HurT-iNg – WaZ FUn tHO … !

GEoRgIaS hAD thAt TellIng eCcENtrICiTy tHat Is CommUn’ wIth thE MoRe iNTeLLEctUaL AmOngSt uS ~ He tOOk To ScrAtchIng His BrOw aNd tHEn fuRRowIng iT … whICH iZZ a WUrD I Do NoT uSE 2 OffEN …

CouRse qUitE a Lot of pEEpS aRe SayINg tHAt ApEs aNd GorILLaz Are IN fACT mAns CLosESt RElATiVes UpoN tHE pLANeT eArtH BuT tHey CErtAInLy AiNT lIKE mAn’s mAteS Or ANyThiNg arE ThEy? …n0T liKe tHE DoGS famiLY WhO tHey u$eD tO saY Waz MaNs BesT fRIenD … So You ThiNk hUMaNs cLosESt RelAtIVes WoULd ALsOw Be THEiR bESTESt fRieNDz … PerSonALLy I sMeLL a rAt on THe wHolE shEBanG … I mEAn iM tHinKing N0W tHe AntELopE iZZ reALLy mANs cLosEst RelAtiVe An’ WoMAnKinDs FreNN – ThaTs WOt I RecKon AnYHoo … But THEN NobODiES tOld MAnKinD yEt hAvE tHey !!! …

And On A reCEnT vIsit to THe HistORic CiTy oF liNCoLn

I waNderED aImleSSLy (aS K=DUs aRE pROne To Do …) IntO a UniVerSIty GraDUaTIon DaY RECepTIon MarQuEE teNt….

It Was BuIlt In tHE gRounDS of LInCOln CATHEdrAl aND Its LigHT, aIRy aNd CanVAs wALLS Were FiLlED wITh  ……….. ‘LIghT ?…’ AnD thE aiR waS FillEd wITh enTHusIASmS and JoY anD LauGHTer … AS thE yoUNG, oPTimIStiC gRADuaTES, SpoRTiNg tHeiR GraDUatIOn GowNs, hIReD MorTar BOArdS aNd wEarIng GAilY cOLOuRED sASHeS All RepRESENtinG dIFFErinG FaCulTieS SucH as HumANitIes, ScieNCe, ArtS, LaW aND TeaChiNGs eTc. eTc. eTc. reCeiVed tHEiR dIpLOMmaS aNd rEcoGniTioNs …

… I’MsE StiLL uNCerTAin HowS I Was AbLE tO gAIN aDMittANce To tHIs OPTimISTIc EveNT ~ I wAs OffERed eITher A gLasS of rED Or A gLAss Of WHitE Or A gLass OF oRangE JuiCes PluS a VoL aU vENt oR tWo. AParT frOm tANgLINg oNE Ov MY ‘ORNs iN A TRaiLINg WIRe wHIch HuNg FROM thE ceILing I wAS sO enTHUSed BY thE SMIlinG FaceS ANd HAppY BanTEr of ThesE youNG pEOPles THeRe wiTh thEIr pARentS An FreNNs For A spECialS dAY … I waS bUt heARteNed By tHIs ScenE of enTHusiASMs anD freSH spUnk ..

iNNaGaDDaDaViDa oR ‘In Da TENt DriNkinG wIneS wIth EntHUSiaSMs’

… on LeaVinG thE mARquEE The COrnERs oF my EyeS daMP, I wAs aCCosTED by A yOUng MAn wIth A caRriEr Bag aNd A bLacK aNd WHitE ‘One-Of-A-kiNd’ BitCh cAllEd CinDy … He AskEd iF i Had 50p For A cOffEE aNd oF coUrse i tOld Him Us K=DuS dOnt ACtCHewERly DrinK caFFeinE baSed dRinkS aLthOUGh we DO eAt it iN sUm oF thE faUna anD vEgeTAtioN bacK in mY nAtIVe SoUth AFriCa!!!

And SO iF a MalE iS in NeeD Of A gOOd MeaL …

… dOEs thIS maKes-Im a gO0d HUNgARIaN zWeePZ ???

aND if ThiSS iZ irONy tHeN Do stEEl wOrkerS cONstItuTE a DEaD LooooooNg                                 wAiT??? … w.a.i.t ? …

I NoW hAd cUriOUs fEEliNgs Of iNADEQuECY aNd dISorIEntAtiON ~ My EmoTioNs pOLarEyEsEd bY aCadeMia, iNteLLigEnSe, yOUths DediCatiON aNd ALs0 tHe dIsALLusIOnMenT Of THaT yOUng Ex-GraDUaTe wHo Had askEd Me fOr m0Ney fOr a cuPPa’ … iN thIs 21sT CeNTuRY, I thOUght,  hOW cAN wE sTiLl bE sO UnoRgaNisEd aNd pROFFliGAtE wIth The DreaMs aNd aSPIraTIonS oF 0uR yOUTh … I amS MoRe thAn a LITTle ConCERneD aBouT my OWn OffSPrinG, KeDe’S, fUtUre ProSpECTuS …

GeOrGiAs Had reSOrtEd n0W to pIckING b0tH hIs NoStrILLuS ANd sEEmED sOmeWHat DisTracTEd wHich NEver gavE me COMplEte aSSuraNce In thE DaRWinISTic ViEw tHat GoRILLaZ  ARe  lIke MaN’s HalF bRoTHERs oR SOmMAT LiKe tHAt .. SuRelY cHARlES D. wAs kiddINg uS aFtER aLLs bUT fOR aLL thAt GiOrgIus wAs HavinG DamN gOOD brAIN zWEEPz aNd mAkiN tHeee mOst DeliCioUS coNVerSatIon …

‘… I mEAn iM tHinKing tHe AntELopE iZZ reALLy mANs cLosEst RelAtiVe …’

So thE ‘K’ iZZ SpEAkIng to HIm Of His ViEW oN DesCarTE, R.D.LaINg, VoLTaIRe aNd JeAN pAUL sArtRe aNd ALL GeORgiUS CouLD cOME uP wIth Waz ThiS fAIrLy aMusING lITTLE dItty … YeS GiORgiOuS i HeARd ThaTT !!! …

‘To be is to do’ – Socrates, ‘To do is to be’ – Jean Paul Satre, ‘Do be do be do’ – Frank Sinatre


aKaDemIa GivEs Us A rOyAl FeeLinG lIKes WatCHinG BamBer gasCoiNe ON uNIveRsiTy ChaLLenGe Or LisTenng To PatRicK mOOre TALkiNG aBouT thE uNivErse oR sTEPheN hAWkiN reADing EXtrACts FroM hIS BooK oR lISteNinG tO mELVyN BraGG oN sOUThbANk SHoW Or tHaT SkOTTiSh LaydEE WHo TalKs ABoUT bOOKs An No I dUnn MeaN aNN rOBinSOn – STuCK uP bInt! … d0 U nO tHE 1 i mEaN ZweePz ?!

I DECiDre tO eMbArK oN a coNvErsaTion wItH GeOrgIus d’Ans La FRAnCaiS aS thIS sEEmeD a LittLe mORe inTellEctuAl But GeoRgiUS reSpoNdes VoUs dANs La LanGUaGE dE iDiOcY mAkiNG oNLy VoWEL sOUnDs aNd GruNTiNg LiKe aN aPe Or  gOrILLa …

mAn’S bEst FreNNd oR iS iT aPe’S BeSt fRenn AfTer ALL  …

an SO As I cOnClUDEd My InVesTIGaTIon IntO tHe MeriTs oF InTELLIgENse I c0ncLUdE  in The arEnA oF tHe bRaiN thERe Is No sIMpliSTiC oVerViEw aNd tHERe ArE aS mAnY tHinGs tO ?uEstIon aS tHAt mAy uLtiMAtELy sAtIsFy oUr ResTlESS cUriOSiTy … One ThiNg FoR CerTAiNs tHOUgH zWEEpERZ tHEM GoRIllAZ aND aPeS aRe nO HUmANs wHAtEVer Mr ChALES dARwIn SAYzzzzzzzzz

d0N’t bELIEve eVerYthAnG yOU reAd b0y … gal !!


– K=DUMAgAzINe inVesTigAtES tHe eXciTIng WuRLd OF MURDER BALL anD tHe ‘K’ gETs IN a WHEElCHaIr FOr THe 1sT tIme

AnD neXT mONth : ~ the’K’ GOeS dEEp IntO thE mYstERIouS wUrlD oF HyBRiD AuTOmoBIleS

tHe ‘K’ DEciDes




“In THe LanD oF gREEn And PinK”

On An EArlY TRIp to Can-ADA BaCK in THe dAYze WHen AerOPlanes Had pROpeLLERs My MutTer ANd I, We FLEw on a B0aC BriTaNnIa AeroPLaNe anD TOUchED doWN in The LanD oF GreeNLaND + In ThosE DAyZE K=DU wAS nOT ALTogEthEr Az GUd AS hE iZZ nOw aNd hE sNUkkED OFF foR a SHort TOUr OF THe NorTHErn TunDRa !!!

Fly me to the moon and let me swing among those ☆ stars ☆

AS a YOUNG K=DU i HAD hEARd Of A STraNGE CreaTURe i wiShED tO InvESTIgATE – IT waS thIs GeniUs oF InveStiGATioN  tHAT eVentCHEweRLy LED mE inTO thE WUndERFULl WuRLd oF inVesTigAtiVe JouRnOliSM…. I hAD viSitED tHe TUNDRa WhiLSt My mUTtER wHO nEVer Wurried ABout Me aT AlL – JourNEYed ON 0n TO Ca-Na-Da aNd i WAz LEft to TAke A trIp UP nOrtH To LooK foR the Future oF mY aNimALz IntEREstS aND yES I fOUNd THeSe sTRAngESt 0F CreaTUreS Do sTill LIVe in The LANd oF GreeN aND GreY & sNOw oF cOURse!! ZweePz 

Wild musk ox in Greenland, in defense formation

TheSE IZz CReaTUreS whICh ARe ALMoWSt pREhiSToriC wITH MattED wOOleN coaTS thAT reACheS d0Wn To THe fLOOr ~ tHEy L00k LikEs  NU-AgE HIppoS  – KINDa’? ~  The TUndRA whERE thESe BabiES aRe LlVIn IS moWSt UN-hosPItAL ‘aN VerY, vERy COLd = tHEY iZZ likIN to STICK toGethER lIKE in CLumpS cOs THey Izz WHat Is KnoWN aZZ GRigARioUS – ‘An One MalE GETS to Do ALL THe bREEdin WIth THe lAdieS – He hAZ to FEnd OFF the attENTIon OF othER wOulD-Be SuiTers Who CUmZ A caLlin’ aND thEY hAVe thE BiggESt fIGHts oN thiS PlaneT thAT is CaLLed ‘EartH”.

♘  ♞  ♘

Funny thing IZZ THe ‘GlasGow KISS’ iS sort Of aFFEctionate

~I  hAd Wun ONce – Kid BRowkE my K=DU SnOZZer in A puB in CRoydON ‘An I was Just bEing FrienDliES  – I BeeN a SnouTZer EvEr SincE  ZweePz – iT’S MURder finDing GlaSSes THat FIt –

 I haZz lOTSA StoriES likE thaT Wun >> gO to >>


PugiLLisM iZZ aFTer All  A DanGerouS BuZZIneSS !!!

ANYWazE thESe MusK oX thEY go HEAd<To>hEAd – To thE FiniSH  somETIme ANd I was SOrt OF imPResseD – SOrta’ SHocked – sORt oF SurPRiseD thAt THEy WOULd tAKE iT thAT faR … But thEN PeePs THe wORld OVer WIll Die FOr A cauSE … AN’ Well YOu gOttA beLIEve IN soMEthinG ZwEEpZ  dUn U ThanK …

WheN you FIghT Wiv Ya hEAd yOU are REallY RiskiNG it ALL, hoWEver STRong The HEAD pRo-TEKt-IOn You IZZ weARIng !!!…

Well WE hAZZ gOt 2 fACe uP to THe reAliTIes oF 2-DaY anD noT Be PRudilliSTs ZweepZ


aN’ tALKIn oF hELMet SAFety … You GOttA keEp IT on All THe TIMe ...

WheN My EARLieST cHILds Were GRowIN uP –  i’M wiSHin I haD taKen THem TO pUgIllISm CLassES – LiKE BoxINg 0R wREStliNGs ~ Cos I noW REaliSE hoW impORTanT THat STuff IZZ  ~ Not THat I wANteD theM to TUrn OUT liKE rOCKy MArcIAno, AtTilA thE Hun or SUgaY Ray RobINson You’LL uNDersTanD … O’ No … No wAY JosÉ … An’ No WAy BarrY McGUIgAn eIthER  …

But As MeaNS tO teACH pERSonALS dISCiPLINeS, SelF DefENcE aND PHySIcaL fItnESSeS tOO ~ aPParANtlY thERE iS nuTHin Better … BettER watCH thE BraIN boX thOUGh CoS’ ProFessioNAl BOXErS aRe HaviNG hABit oF loSIng EmoTionAL aN’ MEntAL eQUllIBriUM

~ NO whAT i MEan HArrY?!?! …

aN LarrY … cOs hE waZ a BOxER tOO – LArrY HolMES WAz!!… MikE tYSon BIT oF a LOONey TunE Too – EH? aND nOW evEN THE nICE Mr dAViD HAye doIn The FUNNIes aN 0vER reACtiN’ lIKe … AW WellS I’M taLKin ABout PERsonAL dIscIPlinE anD FItnESS wHICH uZZ K=DU’S aRE wELL in TO ZweePz !!

MIghT get YOU a PREttY GIRL Too!!!

Now JAkE LaMOTTa He cAME frOM thE wrONg SIDE oF the TRACks … DinnEE zWEEpZ …

An’ thAT nICe Mr ScorCesE MadE a X-PRo ClaSSic F>I>L>M ABout HiS LifE

sAYIn tHis U hAZ gOTTa SAy wHERe dId the REAl RobERt dENiro go? BaNaNaRaaMa CallED It …

BUt WHat Izz He waItiN  foR ??? – You OnlY GetS oNE stAB at This MelON oF lIFE …

WheN yOU iZZ looKin aT hiZ eaRLier FILMs ~ He  wAZ  REAL  KlaSS aCt – GoDFAthER II ◩ tAXi DrivEr ◧ An THIzz Wun >>>


JusT of LatE Mr MarTIn hAS bIn MakiNg loTSa D0cc-U’ s AboUT sUM inTEresTIng PEEps likE DylAN, RoLliNG sTonES aNd GeorGE hARRisON AnD 0tHerS – But – His lATest cONTRIbutioN IZz moWSt X-CellenT  ChiLDreNs FILLuM ~ ‘HuGo’ ~ Jam PacKed WitH greAT ☆★☆’S ~ thE lIkeS OF :~  Asa ButterfieldChloë Grace MoretzBen KingsleySacha Baron CohenHelen McCroryRay WinstoneEmily MortimerJude Law aND Christopher Lee.

M.S. hAD reALIzeD he HAD noT wUN sINGle FiLLuM hIS wEE GranDaUghTEr CoULd wAtCh anD so THis CREatIVE gEniUS WeNt ouT    …  AND HE mADe a KIds FliCK – aN’ itS SumpTouS ZweePz! ~ e-spECiaLLY iF You CAn WATch IT in THe BLU-RAy …  

JaKe LaMottA Was ONly FiGHter WhO ManAGed TO bEAt SugAR rAY r0bInsOn aN’ THat Was in HiZ  mOwST PuRPle PeriOD –

 SuGAr RaY – MANy Izz  SayIn hE Was THe BEst BOxER-Man EVer!!!

I juSt reCKon HE waZ pREtty KooL …

JakE LaMoTTa ~ thE ReaL thINg

PuGillISTs ArE vEry ResPeKtFul Of EAch oTher … AnD TalKINg oF DOccUMeNTAriES WhiCh We WAz – wEll It WAS ReaL gOod TO sEE La MottA speAkinG iN 0nE AbOut SUGaR-Ray So ResPeKtFul aN nICE liKE – An’ tHAT aFTer LaMottA hAd loST 4 TimES to SuGar wHich sOUNds FUnnIEst tHINg tO saY ZweePs … KinDA wIEEEErd!!!


Wept for me for thee for all,

When he was an infant small.

Thou his image ever see.

Heavenly face that smiles on thee.

Smiles on thee on me on all,

Who became an infant small,

Infant smiles are his own smiles,

Heaven and earth to peace beguiles

William Blake

Songs Of Innocence and Experience No.17

▦ ▥ ▣

S’FunnY zWeePz But WHen U-Izz LooKin at THe sMAll CHidrEN – SofT, innOcenT aNd sO gENtilE You Izz SAyin How Can WE bECOME ‘MasTerS of WAr’ And ConSidER tO TraiN OUr cHilDreNz in the MarShaLL aRTs bUt wE iZZ FigHTinG zWeepZ fROm THe Day We iZZ boRn UntiL thE daYz We arE dYIn

… BUT INNOCENCE Is nEVer ignorance zwEEpZ …

ThaTs wHY yoU TeaCH yOUr LittLe cHILdrEN thE GREEn CroSS CoDe – assenti!

… Soo00000 We K=DU’s is THinKIn’ BettER tO tRAin Our younG-FoLk On How TO dEal WiTh eneMieS thAN Let TheM falL eaSY pRey TO HuntERs, RoBBerS anD 0PPorTunISts WHo pLUndER uS aN’ eXPloIT Us  

~  Not ThaT Uzz AnTElOPEs Are DoiN loTSa FigHTin’ oR aNYthINg mY loYAl FoLLOweRS oF thE RoyAL K=DU – We iZZ aFter All PRettY muCh pEACe LuvvIN BrUTherZ…

( thIS  Izz  tARgeT sH0T areA FoR  K=DU  hUNterS  From HuntERS HoLIDayS BRo-ChuRE – I’m thNKin thiZ iZZ mOst c-R-U-eL )

NO, I I aMz Not ErnESt HemiNGwaY


>>>>> R=Dio AL – ZEEBRA <<<<<



You that fasten all the triggers
For the others to fire
Then you sit back and watch
While the death count gets higher
You hide in your mansions
While young peoples blood
Flows out of their bodies and is buried in the mud

You’ve thrown the worst fear
That could ever be hurled
The fear to bring children
Into this world
For threatening my baby
Unborn and unnamed
You ain’t worth the blood that runs in your veins

How much do I know
To talk out of turn?
You might say that I’m young
You might say I’m unlearned
But there’s one thing I know
Though I’m younger than you
Even Jesus would never forgive what you do

‘Masters Of War’ ~ Bob Dylan lyrics

So TO fiGHT oR nOT tO fiGHt IzZ noT reALLY a QueSTIon

COs WheN you iZz sTReet CruiSER lIKe tHe ‘K’ IzZ – You Izz traVELLin MucH woRN pATh

wheRe LUrkS thE FOes Of THis civIliSAtioN

BoTH bAD anD the GOOd wHO liVE iN THe NIGHt wINd

ThaT trAveLz DowN thIS sTOn-COld ALLEy

A RaW wIND thAt BitES, CuTS aND bURNs

wHERe wE fIGHt tO dreAM ouR drEAMs Or PrO-tEKT oUR fAMiLee

We cURSe thE hunTEr aND sTAnd 2-gEthER eYe tO EyE !!! 

I wIll FigHT thEE oNly IF yOu wRonG Me O’ sIr gALahAD

 The Royal Kudu 

ThesE Izz CUzZiNz Of mIne HAVin A wEE TéTe á TÉte oF thEIr OWNN!

An thiS? … SugAR rAY RoBInSOn anD La MottA gO HEad To HeaD