KUDU :  K=DU Magazine

is the Antelope/Brain Child of edenbray who edits 6 BLOG sites (getT a liFe mAn …) including this one. Three more are on WordPress.com listed below.

K=DU MAGAZINE and R=DIO AL=ZEEBRA are a twin attempt at a radical, off-the-wall ARTS page designed as a vehicle for an alternative, unstripped, tongue-in-cheek, view of life, entertainment, sports and news, whether current or historical. they used to call this SATIRICAL – It’s deliberately un-edited, mis-spelled and badly processed to give the idea of its coming from a third world country – which it IS – the Uk.

NOW – Did I really need to say all that co’ if I did then you are probably NOT going to enjoy it anyway BUT – BIGG BUTT – YOU NEVER KNOW !!!

These Titles ~ also allow the author, myself, to record a journal of my own human experience and observations in hopefully a more imaginative way. None of the video clips belong to the author and are included purely for pleasure and no financial gain.

edenbray – written articles, poems, essays and stories

eb’s beautiful game … pure footie blog unplugged

A Sassanach’s Guide to Scottish Fitba, Wumen n’Whuskey !… – essays, articles on theme of \’pure football\’

I remember when Frank Upton score from the halfway line – Memoirs and comment from a True Blue Chelsea Sheddite

You can reach edenbray @ e-mail  stepheneede@tiscali.co.uk and he would like to hear from you.

For a fuller description of edenbray please go to edenbray blog.

Thank you – have fun and please please please LEAVE A COMMENT – GOOD or BADD! YOu Bad ASS mUthER f***Y (thats FUNNY right?)



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