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“TriButE tO OtIS”

– OriGinAllY PostED on his 70Th BIrtHDAy!

I’ve been loving you, too long … caint stop now…

AnD wE hAVE bEEn mIssInG yOu OTIS …

SUffIcE IT tO saY . . .


~ OTIS REDDING was born 09.09.41

– he DIed 12.12.67

– He was jUSt 26 YeaRS olD

King Of SouL

ToDay OtIs wOUld HAve beeN 73 Years Old


OtiS REddINg Had The MOst nATuRAl AnD DisTIncTIveLy RounDed COnTemPorARy SOul VoiCe Of  THe 20TH CentURy

– SomETHinG liKE waRm MolLASes, DriZzled OVer FinEST BouRBon On THe ROckS !!!!

It Was A trAgedY tO mE WhEn I heaRD oF hIS deATh At The AGe Of Only 26.

–  I waS onLy 16 yEarS oF aGe wHen The NewS broKE – OtIs ReDDinG haD dieD in A pLaNe CraSh

Since ThEn I hAVe CarrIEd A fLame For OTis ReddING In MY HearT as INdEEd dO mAnY mUsIc lOVErs of alL aGes


– GreAT loVe SONgs< gREat JaZz-SouL sOngS – His Voice CausES a ShiVer DoWN mY sPIne – It Is t0TALLy EleCtric – Mr SouL~FUL – TherE arE othEr GreaT sOuL VoiCEs bUt FoR mE aNd MillIonS of otHERs OtiS IS tHE tRuE KinG oF sOul



oN R=Dio Al ZeeBRa

FOR   K♚nG   0Tis

 ………  MorE thAN a LeGEnD!