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“In THe LanD oF gREEn And PinK”

On An EArlY TRIp to Can-ADA BaCK in THe dAYze WHen AerOPlanes Had pROpeLLERs My MutTer ANd I, We FLEw on a B0aC BriTaNnIa AeroPLaNe anD TOUchED doWN in The LanD oF GreeNLaND + In ThosE DAyZE K=DU wAS nOT ALTogEthEr Az GUd AS hE iZZ nOw aNd hE sNUkkED OFF foR a SHort TOUr OF THe NorTHErn TunDRa !!!

Fly me to the moon and let me swing among those ☆ stars ☆

AS a YOUNG K=DU i HAD hEARd Of A STraNGE CreaTURe i wiShED tO InvESTIgATE – IT waS thIs GeniUs oF InveStiGATioN  tHAT eVentCHEweRLy LED mE inTO thE WUndERFULl WuRLd oF inVesTigAtiVe JouRnOliSM…. I hAD viSitED tHe TUNDRa WhiLSt My mUTtER wHO nEVer Wurried ABout Me aT AlL – JourNEYed ON 0n TO Ca-Na-Da aNd i WAz LEft to TAke A trIp UP nOrtH To LooK foR the Future oF mY aNimALz IntEREstS aND yES I fOUNd THeSe sTRAngESt 0F CreaTUreS Do sTill LIVe in The LANd oF GreeN aND GreY & sNOw oF cOURse!! ZweePz 

Wild musk ox in Greenland, in defense formation

TheSE IZz CReaTUreS whICh ARe ALMoWSt pREhiSToriC wITH MattED wOOleN coaTS thAT reACheS d0Wn To THe fLOOr ~ tHEy L00k LikEs  NU-AgE HIppoS  – KINDa’? ~  The TUndRA whERE thESe BabiES aRe LlVIn IS moWSt UN-hosPItAL ‘aN VerY, vERy COLd = tHEY iZZ likIN to STICK toGethER lIKE in CLumpS cOs THey Izz WHat Is KnoWN aZZ GRigARioUS – ‘An One MalE GETS to Do ALL THe bREEdin WIth THe lAdieS – He hAZ to FEnd OFF the attENTIon OF othER wOulD-Be SuiTers Who CUmZ A caLlin’ aND thEY hAVe thE BiggESt fIGHts oN thiS PlaneT thAT is CaLLed ‘EartH”.

♘  ♞  ♘

Funny thing IZZ THe ‘GlasGow KISS’ iS sort Of aFFEctionate

~I  hAd Wun ONce – Kid BRowkE my K=DU SnOZZer in A puB in CRoydON ‘An I was Just bEing FrienDliES  – I BeeN a SnouTZer EvEr SincE  ZweePz – iT’S MURder finDing GlaSSes THat FIt –

 I haZz lOTSA StoriES likE thaT Wun >> gO to >>


PugiLLisM iZZ aFTer All  A DanGerouS BuZZIneSS !!!

ANYWazE thESe MusK oX thEY go HEAd<To>hEAd – To thE FiniSH  somETIme ANd I was SOrt OF imPResseD – SOrta’ SHocked – sORt oF SurPRiseD thAt THEy WOULd tAKE iT thAT faR … But thEN PeePs THe wORld OVer WIll Die FOr A cauSE … AN’ Well YOu gOttA beLIEve IN soMEthinG ZwEEpZ  dUn U ThanK …

WheN you FIghT Wiv Ya hEAd yOU are REallY RiskiNG it ALL, hoWEver STRong The HEAD pRo-TEKt-IOn You IZZ weARIng !!!…

Well WE hAZZ gOt 2 fACe uP to THe reAliTIes oF 2-DaY anD noT Be PRudilliSTs ZweepZ


aN’ tALKIn oF hELMet SAFety … You GOttA keEp IT on All THe TIMe ...

WheN My EARLieST cHILds Were GRowIN uP –  i’M wiSHin I haD taKen THem TO pUgIllISm CLassES – LiKE BoxINg 0R wREStliNGs ~ Cos I noW REaliSE hoW impORTanT THat STuff IZZ  ~ Not THat I wANteD theM to TUrn OUT liKE rOCKy MArcIAno, AtTilA thE Hun or SUgaY Ray RobINson You’LL uNDersTanD … O’ No … No wAY JosÉ … An’ No WAy BarrY McGUIgAn eIthER  …

But As MeaNS tO teACH pERSonALS dISCiPLINeS, SelF DefENcE aND PHySIcaL fItnESSeS tOO ~ aPParANtlY thERE iS nuTHin Better … BettER watCH thE BraIN boX thOUGh CoS’ ProFessioNAl BOXErS aRe HaviNG hABit oF loSIng EmoTionAL aN’ MEntAL eQUllIBriUM

~ NO whAT i MEan HArrY?!?! …

aN LarrY … cOs hE waZ a BOxER tOO – LArrY HolMES WAz!!… MikE tYSon BIT oF a LOONey TunE Too – EH? aND nOW evEN THE nICE Mr dAViD HAye doIn The FUNNIes aN 0vER reACtiN’ lIKe … AW WellS I’M taLKin ABout PERsonAL dIscIPlinE anD FItnESS wHICH uZZ K=DU’S aRE wELL in TO ZweePz !!

MIghT get YOU a PREttY GIRL Too!!!

Now JAkE LaMOTTa He cAME frOM thE wrONg SIDE oF the TRACks … DinnEE zWEEpZ …

An’ thAT nICe Mr ScorCesE MadE a X-PRo ClaSSic F>I>L>M ABout HiS LifE

sAYIn tHis U hAZ gOTTa SAy wHERe dId the REAl RobERt dENiro go? BaNaNaRaaMa CallED It …

BUt WHat Izz He waItiN  foR ??? – You OnlY GetS oNE stAB at This MelON oF lIFE …

WheN yOU iZZ looKin aT hiZ eaRLier FILMs ~ He  wAZ  REAL  KlaSS aCt – GoDFAthER II ◩ tAXi DrivEr ◧ An THIzz Wun >>>


JusT of LatE Mr MarTIn hAS bIn MakiNg loTSa D0cc-U’ s AboUT sUM inTEresTIng PEEps likE DylAN, RoLliNG sTonES aNd GeorGE hARRisON AnD 0tHerS – But – His lATest cONTRIbutioN IZz moWSt X-CellenT  ChiLDreNs FILLuM ~ ‘HuGo’ ~ Jam PacKed WitH greAT ☆★☆’S ~ thE lIkeS OF :~  Asa ButterfieldChloë Grace MoretzBen KingsleySacha Baron CohenHelen McCroryRay WinstoneEmily MortimerJude Law aND Christopher Lee.

M.S. hAD reALIzeD he HAD noT wUN sINGle FiLLuM hIS wEE GranDaUghTEr CoULd wAtCh anD so THis CREatIVE gEniUS WeNt ouT    …  AND HE mADe a KIds FliCK – aN’ itS SumpTouS ZweePz! ~ e-spECiaLLY iF You CAn WATch IT in THe BLU-RAy …  

JaKe LaMottA Was ONly FiGHter WhO ManAGed TO bEAt SugAR rAY r0bInsOn aN’ THat Was in HiZ  mOwST PuRPle PeriOD –

 SuGAr RaY – MANy Izz  SayIn hE Was THe BEst BOxER-Man EVer!!!

I juSt reCKon HE waZ pREtty KooL …

JakE LaMoTTa ~ thE ReaL thINg

PuGillISTs ArE vEry ResPeKtFul Of EAch oTher … AnD TalKINg oF DOccUMeNTAriES WhiCh We WAz – wEll It WAS ReaL gOod TO sEE La MottA speAkinG iN 0nE AbOut SUGaR-Ray So ResPeKtFul aN nICE liKE – An’ tHAT aFTer LaMottA hAd loST 4 TimES to SuGar wHich sOUNds FUnnIEst tHINg tO saY ZweePs … KinDA wIEEEErd!!!


Wept for me for thee for all,

When he was an infant small.

Thou his image ever see.

Heavenly face that smiles on thee.

Smiles on thee on me on all,

Who became an infant small,

Infant smiles are his own smiles,

Heaven and earth to peace beguiles

William Blake

Songs Of Innocence and Experience No.17

▦ ▥ ▣

S’FunnY zWeePz But WHen U-Izz LooKin at THe sMAll CHidrEN – SofT, innOcenT aNd sO gENtilE You Izz SAyin How Can WE bECOME ‘MasTerS of WAr’ And ConSidER tO TraiN OUr cHilDreNz in the MarShaLL aRTs bUt wE iZZ FigHTinG zWeepZ fROm THe Day We iZZ boRn UntiL thE daYz We arE dYIn

… BUT INNOCENCE Is nEVer ignorance zwEEpZ …

ThaTs wHY yoU TeaCH yOUr LittLe cHILdrEN thE GREEn CroSS CoDe – assenti!

… Soo00000 We K=DU’s is THinKIn’ BettER tO tRAin Our younG-FoLk On How TO dEal WiTh eneMieS thAN Let TheM falL eaSY pRey TO HuntERs, RoBBerS anD 0PPorTunISts WHo pLUndER uS aN’ eXPloIT Us  

~  Not ThaT Uzz AnTElOPEs Are DoiN loTSa FigHTin’ oR aNYthINg mY loYAl FoLLOweRS oF thE RoyAL K=DU – We iZZ aFter All PRettY muCh pEACe LuvvIN BrUTherZ…

( thIS  Izz  tARgeT sH0T areA FoR  K=DU  hUNterS  From HuntERS HoLIDayS BRo-ChuRE – I’m thNKin thiZ iZZ mOst c-R-U-eL )

NO, I I aMz Not ErnESt HemiNGwaY


>>>>> R=Dio AL – ZEEBRA <<<<<



You that fasten all the triggers
For the others to fire
Then you sit back and watch
While the death count gets higher
You hide in your mansions
While young peoples blood
Flows out of their bodies and is buried in the mud

You’ve thrown the worst fear
That could ever be hurled
The fear to bring children
Into this world
For threatening my baby
Unborn and unnamed
You ain’t worth the blood that runs in your veins

How much do I know
To talk out of turn?
You might say that I’m young
You might say I’m unlearned
But there’s one thing I know
Though I’m younger than you
Even Jesus would never forgive what you do

‘Masters Of War’ ~ Bob Dylan lyrics

So TO fiGHT oR nOT tO fiGHt IzZ noT reALLY a QueSTIon

COs WheN you iZz sTReet CruiSER lIKe tHe ‘K’ IzZ – You Izz traVELLin MucH woRN pATh

wheRe LUrkS thE FOes Of THis civIliSAtioN

BoTH bAD anD the GOOd wHO liVE iN THe NIGHt wINd

ThaT trAveLz DowN thIS sTOn-COld ALLEy

A RaW wIND thAt BitES, CuTS aND bURNs

wHERe wE fIGHt tO dreAM ouR drEAMs Or PrO-tEKT oUR fAMiLee

We cURSe thE hunTEr aND sTAnd 2-gEthER eYe tO EyE !!! 

I wIll FigHT thEE oNly IF yOu wRonG Me O’ sIr gALahAD

 The Royal Kudu 

ThesE Izz CUzZiNz Of mIne HAVin A wEE TéTe á TÉte oF thEIr OWNN!

An thiS? … SugAR rAY RoBInSOn anD La MottA gO HEad To HeaD