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LifE iS wHaT HAPPenS t0 YoU wHEn YoUr hAVINg fUn

oR pUT iN anOTHer WaY: WhEN YOu wERE nOT eXpeCTINg iT

THaT IS thE BEst KiD oF f f f Un !!!

aNd So thE RoyAL ‘K’ wAs cHECkIng oUT thE aCTioN on THe sTREEtS AS uSUaL ~ & JusT kInDa’ waNDereD inTO tHe l0caL cinEmaTiC eNDeaVouR,

PurchASEd a tICket anD saT riGHT doWN in THe stALLS witH c0Rn And CoKe, wITh tHIS HugE Guy And hIs liTTle friEnd (thEY wERE TReKKieS I reCKiE)

♫♬♩St★RtrECkiNg  acROss tHE unIVErsE♩♪♫

♪♫  On THe gOOd ShIp EntERPriSE   ♫♬  UNDer cAPtAin KIrK ♬♪

( WhY DoES thAT sOUNd LicK onE of THe oLD rUGby SonGS ???

thESE i HEArd WheN i WAS grOWinG uP bACk iN CapETowN ZwEEpZ

You KnoW…  ‘ tWAS on THE gOOd SHip VeNuS ……… ‘ )

We PLAY loRRA RuGGEr in SOUth AfRicA

UneXPEctEd !!!

boy Were THEsE 2 GUyS sURPrisED 2 sEE a K=DU in THe plUsh SEatS bUT theN i DId NOt plaN thiS aT aLL ANd I dO mAKe A loTTa noisE chEWing My cORn And SucKiNg mY CoKe


i SAt QuiEtLy iN my SEat To waTCH thE mooVee

& yEs zWEEpZ i Waz bLOWn aWay

bY tHE moSt entERtAinINg scI-Fi i HAve SEEn iN 20 YEars

i Was entHRAled By thE sUpERB caSTINg

– eaCH chAraCTer SEEmeD to CAtcH The oRigaNaL pERFecTLy

I waS speLLboUNd bY The cHARacterisaTIOns

– tHEy weRE rouNDed  aNd weLL deveLoped

 the acTINg Was tOp-nOtcH anD ImprESSivE –

aNd thE baDDie(S) ???  werE s0000 B.a.d

i Was enGAgeD by A supERBlY wrITTen scREEnplAY

– DramaTIc, s0 HUMouROus & s0RTa PoeTic

i WAS amAZed BY thE SpecIaL eFFectS

– aNd thIS waS thE 2D verSIOn noT thE 3D – EVeN!

thIS sUrE waS a TRekkY bUt IT madE seNSe – DaMN iT!

eVen The cOstUmeS weRe suBtlE, orIgiNAl aND gREAt


tHe pLOt waS faSt-moVing BUt inTelligEnt AnD nOt oVER-cOmplICateD

thE DireCToR J.J.AbraMs sEEmeD to Say

Let Me eNtertAIn yOU !!!!

… AnD i Was eNTERtaINed ~ lIKe a MoviE oF 30/40 YearS AgO ..

 thE musIC scOre bY mICHaeL GiaCCinO waS cOOl

– EveN thE enD graPhicS wEre sTraiGHt A’s ZweePerZ

tHis fIlm CauGHt thE staRTreK dreAM of GenE RodeNBErry borr0WEd a loAd oF hiSToRy aND trADitIONaL sTARTRek CRAp

 anD IT re-WRotE  thE actIOn on A NEW PaGe

sImoN PeGG waS St0rmINGly Funny as ScoTTiE,

simon pegg

ChrIs PINe a HUnk yOu couLD beLIEVe waS KIRk

aNd desPITE havINg the sTranGesT shOes To fIll – ZacHarY QuiNTo puT in A performaNce aS sPock

– bEnEdicT cUMBERbaTCH wAs beST, nAstiESt viLLain FoR yeArs,

KarL URBan sO kOOl (hE aLWAYs iS) anD … Great And … hUMOURouS aS BonEs,

ZoE sALDANa aS LieUteNanT UhUra lOOked ANd fELt thE paRT


AdmIRaL cHRisTOPhEr pIKe (BruCe GreenWooD) StELLa*****

… BruCe GReenWooD prObabLY tuRNed In the BESt perfOrmANce OF all !!! –


BelieVE me if YOu eveN milDly LIke SCI-Fi THIs IS a GREAT moVIE

anD ProBAblY (sHoCK HOrrOr ! ) beTTer thAN hE OriginALs

ダ LeonARd NimmoY’s aGEinG aPPeaRanCe aS thE oLDEr Mr SPOCK sETS thE seAL on THIs bEINg thE GenuINe tHINg ダ

AND youR RoYAl K=DU waLKed out of THaT CINemA fOYER

… WalKinG oN AiR zWEEpZ

bUt dOEs a££ oF tHi$ oNLy pROve ~

YOu g0TTa BE iN thE m00d

to FeEl THe gROOVE : ~ 

‘LiFe IS wHat HAppENs WheN youR HAvInG fUn’


hAvE tHe f-in FuN LoyAL zWeePERz!!




>>>>> R=Dio=ALZ≡≡BRA <<<<<


<*5 ZeebraS*inc.>

For YouR deLECtioN anD dELighT …

ZweePZ We iZZ goIN tO ThE MovIEs ~ AN’SOME

COS FEELING p0me In Me WAtErs ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

ThiS sIte Has ALWazE SoUGHt TO BrIng ClaSS cREatIVe mOMenTS aND pERFoRManCEs

To tHE aTTentIOn Of The RoYaL K=DU’s LoyAL fOlloWerS

At THE bEHESt OF thE ‘K’ HimSelf who likES tO pROmoTE QuAL-ItY oVER QuAN-TiTy (noT meaNing TO bE RuDE ZwEeepZ! cOs’ eVEn Fe-mALes K=DU hAViNg tHEm5 )

tHe QuAl-ITy we ARe taLKin IS thIS moST X-cellENt FillUM by ToM pIEtrASIk


wHicH teLLS iTs oWN TalE, WriTes iTS oWn scRipT aND tELLS uS A stREEt-LEveL VieW On thESE sMarT, ProuD gENtlEMenS aT thEIr SalON, SALooN ?? ... I dUNNo!

BraVO toM – DeceNT fILLUm! 

AND weLl DonE to ViRGin MedIA sHORts TOO zWeepZ!


SWInG bACk tH0Se WooDen dOoRs,

ClicK thOse SPuRS an’ SHuFFlE mR. DepUTee Man,

FliCk A sILveR dOLLar CoS’ thE K=DU iS iN tOwn 2-NITe’n,

DoWn oN The STrEEt WHerE U-LIVE!,

On tHe sTReeT,

On His K=DU fEEt,

fEEliNG rE-PLetE, inDIScReeT

tHE k=DU RenEgADe MasTer

SeeKinG to HelP THIS t0Wn aVoiD

aN0TheR MajoR dISAstEr

AmerICa’s TravAil, wHere The WilD wESt

mEEts ShaNTY tOWn an’ wHere THEy GET iT dOwn

No RoyAl CroWn oR dICtaTOrs FroWn

c0s’ tHe cUBan DisASteR iS oVEr

JfK anD g0rBAchEv’s BonES

lIE a MOUldRIng IN thE GraVE

aLonG wiTH MAuW tSe TUNG! …

… theY hAD tHEiR DaZE,

aS dId GhenGIs, AriSTOtlE anD kEatS

wHo wEre NEitHER thE ShEEp WitH thEIr bLEatS

nOr sILLy, nOR sOFt nor thE dOWn On tHe sHeeTs

WhO f0LLow ‘thE RAbbLe’ aNd pAUse

WhiLE tHe gUns Of nAvARoNe blAze

aNd tHe PosTMen sTOp cOUntINg tHeiR PaYs

juST hAPPy NOw

tO0-Cee oWt’ tHeiR DazE

In A jOB tHATs SecuRe

wITh a PenSIOn tHat$ PuRE

Not FEEdiNg a CasTRo, AmIN oR BlaIR

bUt iNvEstIng fOr thE g0lDen pEar.

HiGh sTEp THe TauPe K=Du

sO pR0Ud of The bAdgE he haTH earnt

tHe WATCHman, p0liCeMan, fEllOwMan, THiEF

wHo woRkS uNDerGRouND wIthIn thE FiLTh

wHerE r0Am R0Bin Tell aND WillIAm h00d,

WhYaTT EaRp aNd thE mAn WaTT TyLEr

bR0TheRS oF 10 mEN gOOd ANd TRue

wHo sTEp on The NeCK 0F grEEd

aS tHe r0yAl ‘K’ whO wALks The K=DU mILe

aNd eVer wEArs His K=DU SmiLE ..

REMemBER The TOlpuddLE martYRS – K=DU dId



MIcKy RourkE aS thE WreSTlEr … diffreNT cLAsS!

ThiS Is An osCAr wiNNing PerfOrmANce FroM a Guy Who TurNed His LIfe ArounD fROm SEMi-ObsCUriTy To pRoDuCE tHe ActIng PerfOrmaNce Of HiS lIfEtimE ~ K=DU Is gIvinG hIM a K*SCAR ZwEEpZ BeCAUse The NumTIes WhO DecIDe WhO Get THe AcADemY aWARd iN 2009 ‘GavE iT to The WronG GuY’ (ApoLS tO sEAn PEnN …) + iF yOU aGREes WitH The ‘K’ plEase LEave cOMMentS aT bASe OF thIS poST : tHANks FOr LIstENIng …


I am just a poor boy
Thoughmy story’s seldom told
I have squandered my resistance
For a pocket full of mumbles such are promises
All lies and jests
Still a man hears what he wants to hear
And disregards the rest

When I left my home and my family
I was no more than a boy
In the company of strangers
In the quiet of the railway station running scared
Laying low, seeking out the poorer quarters
Where the ragged people go
Looking for the places only they would know

Lie la lie …

Asking only workman’s wages

I come looking for a job
But I get no offers,
Just a come-on from the whores on Seventh Avenue
I do declare, there were times when I was so lonesome
I took some comfort there

Lie la lie …

Then I’m laying out my winter clothes
And wishing I was gone
Going home
Where the New York City winters aren’t bleeding me
Bleeding me, going home

In the clearing stands a boxer
And a fighter by his trade
And he carries the reminders
Of ev’ry glove that layed him down
Or cut him till he cried out
In his anger and his shame
“I am leaving, I am leaving”
But the fighter still remains

Lie la lie …

sung by Simon and Garfunkel

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

… the inTResTinG conCLusiON to ThiS poST IZz thAT mIcKey ROurKe ActUaLLy gAVe Up ActINg tO reTUrn TO hIS fIRst CarEEr As A …BOxEr … bECauSE he Had FelT aT tHe TimE hE was iN daNGer OF sElf DesTRuctINg In THe LIfe oF an actoR .. AFteR RetiRIng From BOxinG UndEfeATed .. . s0rTa .. .  He Then CAme Back TO acTinG …

SeeN The WrESTlER oR nOt? … WhaT dO yOu tHInk, –  LeaVe A coMMenT bEloW.. .