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How can Sir Alex Ferguson show any greater disrespect to British people, standards, football and now British law.

Should not knights of the realm, bastions of the British nation uphold its culture and moral values – Should not those elevated and revered for their services to British life and enterprise show a greater respect for our morals, our national game, authority and for the law and those who uphold and govern our beleaguered national police force.

Fergusons  unholy, ureasonable defence of the talented, over paid, unfaithful and angry young man that is troubled footballing yob Wayne Rooney have seen him discard the robes of reason, respect, honour and a certain sanity. He steps from his sound position of Sir-dom to a quiet indulgence which borders on misguided madness. Further steps on this pathway of anarchy, unreasonable and inordinate defence of Rooney’s questionable personality and life choices might see Fergie setting up camp at one end of Old Trafford like Colonel Walter E.Kurtz in Coppola’s film portrait of Joseph Conrad’s novel ‘Heart of Darkness. who ruled an ammoral, alternative sub-community in Apocalypse Now’.

The scarier reality might be that Ferguson looks more at one with his self devised role than Brando did in his slightly hammy portayal of the decorated but corrupted Army colonel in the feature length cult movie.

Maybe now Sir alex should be warned that should he continue to flaunt authority and respect for the nation that honoured him with a knighthood that we could and should remove his Sir-dom and bring him down to earth with a certain bump.