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Posted: April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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K=DU befriender


K=DU brighter than a sailors buttons

Has been stepping out down a Golden Mile

of substance, subterfuge and subtteranean pleasure

where glowworms beckon, windows flicker

the streets wet and the homeless shelter hollow

Fluorescents, Led’s, digital parenthesis and leucotomy

challenge here both the marvellous mind of reason

and the morbid dark honour of thieves

the K=DU’s walk to stalk and scatter any seed of hope 

the terror of emotion set free, such Halcyon daze,

the incongrous made true and ferried, shuttled, herdied, rodeod

I am the antelope, I am the seer, I am the conscience

of an entire generation …..


the bright lights