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grace again

In the depths of me

the sadness folds a linen cloth

a white sheet, a captains ensign

It seems like the colours have drained

as though we turned down

the colour on the tv

In a moment the fire will return

and again our cheeks will burn

for now its a cold and its a hard

The folded cloth could of course

be a flag of peace to fly

a flannel, a comfort for the tears we cry

This wind of change blows so rarely

you are glad it comes at all

tho’ it interrupts the rivers flow

the son rise is so assured

certain as the night is dark

clean with hope, a joy triumphant

Its hard to say what door grace finds

when so many walls have none

but grace is charming like a song.

written by eden bray ~ 27.10.98 ammended  20.04.11

3 days

in the crucible

in the testing fire

in the cold and dark

in the heat of battle

in the slow cooker

in the grey dread

in the days that end

in the depths of sin

in the hopeless morn

in the pain and shame

in the journey worn

in the mire and gall

in the jaw that bit

in all this we sit

in this empty hell

in this where nothing grows

in this the Saviour rose

                                                                                             written 07.0.1999 edenbray revisions 23.04.2011