ToDay At 7:15 ~ Monday, 6th June, 2011 – My GreaT uNKle ORynXUs CAme TO cALL HeRe At K=DU ToWers, <SomeWherE neaR EaST LonDaN’S DocKland>- bY 8:37am ZweEpZ We HAd SiGneD UNklE to A 2 YeaR deAL FOr HIm To WRitE oCcasIOnal PageZ FOr uZ – EntITled SOmEthIng Like “THE THOTS OF REV ORYNXUS” – I am So PLEeZed ZweEPZ as I aM nOT qUITE sO HOt ON reLigioUZ asPecTS AS my UnklE who Is EXtrEMeLy WISE in A ZPiRitUAL waY nOT Az ZtrEEt-Wise As YOur RoyAl KuDu-ZelF But  He Iz VEry Wise – WoW thIS is X-celent Can’t Say WheN ZweePz BUt YOuze Will Fine ouR shaRply – And UnklE is Very HanSoME too – DUNN u think?

He IZz WerY wIZE!


… tHE dEal Was sigNEd sOmeWHerE NEaR LondONs DocKlaNd iN eAst LOdOn …

So, The Thots of the Reverand ORYNXUS – CuMing ZooN!!

Here izZ uNKle KonENteMPLaTing AS reVERanDS Du! 

The Thots of the Reverand ORYNXUS

                                                                                                   Friday, July 29 – 2011 11:27am

Today I am looking at the science of ‘posting’

What makes a good thought?

A good ‘thought’ should be straightforward, strategic and syncopathic … a b c

We have busy lives – caint’ be bothered with fuss – so be straight > forward – capiche?

Have a target – aim – fire and don’t aim to miss my friend

 it just gets messy, ask my cousin Reuben

finally – u should daub it – on a base coat of drumsn’bass

the stuff of life my beloved – where we eat and where we  ____ 

 but not in the same place!  – So-o-o-o

‘Do for others what you would like them to do for you’

howzthat? …………..   I am kickin….. !*?


MONDAY, 31st October, 2011 _ 00.12am 

Well my nephew has been reminding me of late,

of my commitments to  this page

I am considering today ~ our responsibilities!

Our responsibilities to each other,

Our responsibilities to ourselves

and our responsibilities to our art! 

the lost daVinci _ Salvator-Mundi daVinci

Governments of late have not been kind to the arts

and not been particularly supportive of our creative side …

It’s been more about counting the pennies & the pounds £ & p.

than preserving artworks for posterity and our national heritage …

‘… and now wouldn’t you know it, at such a time of artistic dearth,

from out of the woodwork … comes a work of real significance.

Salvator~Munti ‘The Saviour of the World’

If ever the world needed a reminder of what it has lost’

If ever the world needed a reminder of the place that art did occupy.

It is now  …  but the circumstances are more interesting

even than this, because, there is more controversy,

there are certain questions, uncertainty,

and a general surprise about

the whole ‘find’.

Which adds a kind of spiritual edge to the whole thinG

I mean ~ Jesus himself,’ the true saviour of the world was unveiled

in similar circumstances a certain controversy about his credibility

and yet ultimately he was found to be the ‘real deal’

although some people still don’t believe. 

Just like this daVinci –


Read more .>.  \’Lost\’ Leonardo da Vinci to go on display, say National Gallery


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